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    Files on Android.

    Use --- extractor
  2. I'm creating my new map for a new mod but can't seem to get the shore Providences to move troops in the water does anyone know how to fix it?
  3. just trash 404 don't make something just to have it only 404
  4. Is been a long while since anything happened to this game (exclude the new map and one but fix) @Łukasz Jakowski will there be any future for AOC2 or will it remain like this? Will there be any new maps besides Europe? Did you move on from the game? Hope there will be a response from you -Nighttime Skyy
  5. I cant wait for this map im making something out of this
  6. Will there be the map editor for it like aic 2 one?
  7. All that will be available in January 2020 Hopefully it will be
  8. planning to rework this trying to recreate my mod on this one will have more Conquests for it later
  9. yeah i did i think its still there
  10. aunitydevteam

    A year

    Nice great but playing it after a couple hours just spoils it it was fun to play but until the bugs nope
  11. open source or any  news please😑

  12. hello you there bud?

  13. who deleted all comments here also good job can we keep this up?
  14. nothing much yet ill work on it
  15. im working on a default aoc2 launcher for normal and mods
  16. http://chng.it/kQ4Q5bgPPm the link is there
  17. Lukasz im spamming your dms now for staying silent

  18. I don't know why but we can't post in information's anymore lukasz explain please
  19. Also side note I think everyone feels the same way
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