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  1. What about Bishop Rock ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. For some reason, almost all the provinces, except France, Italy and Sweden (as well as future provinces :P), have cubic borders. I do not think that I have a desire to redraw all 190 provinces because of this problem. Sorry :D
  3. I am new on map making, so I don't want to make a huge map :P (I use the translator, I'm sorry for the mistakes and the blood from the eyes :>)
  4. Hello everyone! I'm starting to develop a map of "Europa Universalis IV"! You ask - why!? Because I can 😎 (P.S. Only the provinces of Europe) Progress: Provinces: 301 Cities: No Map: No Scenaries: No
  5. The next scenarios is Kievan Rus, Mongol Empire, USA and Brazil
  6. VERSION 1.1!!! I created for you few scenaries for a map from AoC1: USA Brazil Cold war Soviet Union World War II World War I Victorian Era Napoleonic wars Fall of Mongol Empire Kievan Rus' --> DOWNLOAD FOR PC <-- How-To-Instal: Unzip the zip file Move the files to the "game folder / map / Earth_AoC1 / scenarios" How-To-Update: Replace past scenario files with new ones. If you have ideas for a scenario or see a mistake - comment! 😛 UPDATES Version 1.1: 4 new scenarios
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