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  1. sorry for not responding sooner it worked! thank you!!
  2. i already have the game on steam yet it still crashes when i try this b r u h
  3. this is called motivation
  4. the title explains itself i need the map without the ocean for a mod i'm doing if anyone has it please send it to me thanks!
  5. you can actually do that but you can't make custom name for those ideologies
  6. ok soo the first thing i have to say is I'M SORRY FOR THE TERRITORIAL INACCURACIES i'm super bad at making scenarios this is the first scenario that i'm actually trying to finish it
  7. yes!! there are other things in the bundle archive you could send a spy you could dissolve a union (which i don't know if it's possible currently in the game) and probaly much more but we need to find a way to active this stuff
  8. oooooh if we could find a way to idk reactivate the system ? we could try to add this nuke thing to the game that would be soooooo cool
  9. i was busy conquering south america and when i look at africa this is how the continent looks like scramble for africa v2 maybe ?
  10. sorry for making another post asking for help i'm trying to add my own provinces to the game i followed lukasz tutorial doing everything he did but everytime i open the game when the loading screen reaches 50% the game just close i don't know how to fix that can someone help me please ?
  11. hi! i'm trying to add a new government type in the game (Federation) i followed a tutorial but my game end up crashing i wonder if there is another way of adding your own government to the game do someone know how to do that ?
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