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  1. It looks like the map is having problems with the events, so im gonna have to remove them and just leave the importants in peace (like, war declarations, zombie invasions, etc.). And its gonna take a bit long to post the map since test week started, but im still working on the map

  2. the editor isnt opening, can someone help me pls?
  3. does anyone know why my editor isnt opening? i need help pls ;-;
  4. Just a warning, the map have a lot of events, its recommended to play in spectator mode

    Maybe im gonna do a map with only the important events and zombies invasion. Anyway, Just a warning

  5. eu já tentei dominar a França uma vez, mas... n quero falar sobre isso...
  6. already finished europe (tell me if there is any territory error)
  7. forgot to announce that countries had won, i already finished both americas tell me if there is any territory error (repost)
  8. i just want to know, so i can add the most voted on the next uptade
  9. this is my first map, with the time, i will uptade the map (i know its bad and small and looks lazy, but i will add countries in the future, and since the map is in the future, some territories will be different) Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Lou4u9WFK5qTAMOHaTEwk8OQnoNbFjS3
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