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    CyclistSteve reacted to Pap in Nazi Germany 2.0   
    I'm from brazil 
    this is why the name of the countries are diferent 

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOO. You could've done a hammerman joke! 
    How did this happen?
    Along time ago, the legend of the hammer and how it began to grow
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    How did this happen? 
    A long time ago, actually never, nothing is nowhere. When? Never. Makes sense, right? Like I said, it didn't happen. 
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    I shall revive this dead post.
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    1 province?? xd
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    Okay,now this is thicc

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    dude its austria not australia xd
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    CyclistSteve reacted to DerpoRex in Big boi thicc Huron   
    started off from huron, 1444 start date
    Edit: The big no u
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    CyclistSteve reacted to NormusNibe in How the tables have turned   
    I saw this when watching in spectator; Poland is now the vassal and Masovia is the lord

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    CyclistSteve reacted to MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace in A New Germany (WW2 Story)   
    1933, Germany's population was divided, on one side you had the communists, led by Ernst Thalmann, of the KPD (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands)

    On the other, you had the fascists, led by Adolf Hitler, of the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)

    The elections were to take place in the 5th of march, 1933, Hitler had threatened multiple times that if the communists won, civil war would've surely ensued, he not only had a huge support from the german population, but also a strong army to oppose Ernst.

    These were the results of the elections, with KPD winning, and NSDAP being in the second place, of course, even though the communist party had won, Adolf Hitler and his followers weren't happy, and wouldn't just accept their loss..

    "The elections were clearly rigged agaisnt us!" A quote taken from a speech by Hitler, in Dresden, 1933, a few weeks after the results were revealed.
    And after many years of peace, Germany was in war once again, in 12th of march of 1933, this time it was a civil war, the communist side was receiving support (Equipment, volunteers) from the Soviet Union, while the fascist side was receiving support from the italians, it was a battle to see who would set their influence over Germany, at first it was a battle between communism and fascism, but then eventually turned into a battle between the capitalist powers and the communists, with Adolf Hitler recieving equipment from both the United Kingdom and France.

    (German soldier fighting for the communists, photo taken at unknown date.)

    (Russian troops preparing to aid their german comrades, 7th of may, 1933.)
    After a few months of fighting, Berlin was seized, and Hitler was found in one of his bunkers and executed, along with his officials

    (The exact room where Hitler was found.)
    Without a leader, the fascists slowly started to lose, untill there were only few territories still under their control, many of these encircled, getting constantly bombarded by planes and artillery, and with no access to basic supplies such as food and water, these troops started to surrender, untill there were none left.
    The war officially endend in 8th of january, 1934, the communists now were in power of Germany, and finally put an end to Hitler's plan, but not without a cost, Germany was in ruins, the war brought massive destruction to its cities and fields, and many men had died, could Ernst make Germany rise once again, or is it doomed to fail?
    In the next chapter we will be finally diving in the game, and we'll see the path that Germany will take.
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    CyclistSteve reacted to GyLala in Area 51 (Provinces 407) (Sce: Storm Area 51)   
    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UjvQUFD61yONkD56FNPcVZRl7X1JXpu-
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    CyclistSteve reacted to NormusNibe in Area 51 (Provinces 407) (Sce: Storm Area 51)   
    This is wonderful
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    CyclistSteve reacted to ElGiganteMexicano in Cold War   
    Release Date: July 27
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    CyclistSteve reacted to Rolol11 in Zombie Apocalypse (ALPHA and first map)   
    Yeah, I like it
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