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  1. one way to do it is to add a new nation where you choose a nation but at the top it says a add nation click that add them then set the outcome to annex land and then select new nation and set it to take from the old nation it should work i got it to work in mine where it decolonized england but its hard to explain ask any questions and i should be able to clearify.
  2. Also something i forgot to mention i gave a general release date in the video
  3. Im not 100% sure the next thing i have been working on is making the AI auctually join alliances which is set up for us and mexico now and wont take much longer for the others but i want to add atleast the baltic Union, Meidzmorze, United American federation, and war alerts before releasing. so expect the first release to be in a month or two. also the reason i want to add those specific ones is because they are smaller events and it will make the games alot more exciting. Then after that i will probably begin work on border gore.
  4. thanks ill post on here and make a video of updates and let everyone know when its ready
  5. Hey guys I just wanted to pop onto here and say that I made a video showing off some stuff I have added to the ww2 scenario and what will be added like the AI auctually joining alliances creating big alliances and a bunch of major events . It is not downloadable yet but will be soon once a bit more gets added. The Video ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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