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  1. i dont know if im reading these wrong or not, but i tried everything here and it didnt work for me, currently doing a sort of Denmark Civil War of a scenario im making but there is still 1 or 2 provinces left of the other Denmark
  2. https://mega.nz/#!TGoUUKxR!wqZFB90bwUZhxC59OQJqE4gOod0pxJzYfvIzOqcbW6Q My very first Scenario I'm uploading here. It's the AOC2 Modern World scenario but with the 1440 Europe. I didn't change any borders of Russia so the countries bordering Russia are a tad bit smaller than the 1440 scenario. Nor did i do any changes to the Middle East/African area so the Ottoman Empire is smaller as well. There are no puppets/vassals in this scenario. So you can play as Masovia or Holstein and not be ruled by Denmark or Poland. I haven't mess with the Leaders so all of the leaders in Europe will be the default leaders from 1440/Modern World Since this is basically Modern World scenario with 1440 bits there aren't any events. Please let me know if I messed up any borders somewhere. I had to remake the entire Modern World scenario and 1440 Europe. If there is a quicker way to put in countries with its borders let me know. Screenshots:
  3. Native tribes are surprisingly easy for me, at some point i declared war on Ming and i was done for, but before that i was doing good, decent economy, rising population, i could have easily deployed over 1,000 troops without my income going down too much, i dunno
  4. Japanese currency is literally nothing at this point
  5. funny thing was i wasn't playing as spectator nor was i in Total War didnt even mess with the AI Aggressiveness, its just i accidentally created an unholy unstoppable alliance. though ngl it would be interesting to see what would happen if the United States were actually in the war and didnt just have over 10,000 troops sitting in Cali
  6. right so there is no way to put what just happened into words so ima just use > these, alright lets begin. >opens game so i can test a mod (it adds all kinds of ideologies and such into the game, once done i will think about posting it) >begins Modern Day Scenario >sandbox mode so i can quickly get to the required technology level to change ideologies >plays as the United States >remembers i messed around with the MD scenario before and added NATO and CSTO >aight then, anyways ideologies are looking good >decides to mess around with Sandbox mode, i have never played sandbox before so i might as well >gets notification, Latvia (or Lithuania i forgot) is about to go to war with Russia >what are you doing?, well, i guess >accepts preparation for war, its in 2 turns and i wont be able to do anything because none of my troops are in Europe or anywhere close to Russia >2 turns later >war is declared, the entirety of NATO and CSTO are at war >WW3.exe >1st peace deal already, not sure what happened, heres were the fun begins >literally the entirety of Europe (except for Ukraine, Austria and Switzerland they were chilling through out the whole thing) are in Russia at this point >Europe is pretty much half way through Russia until another notification appears >China wants to go to war >OhNoBabyWhat!IsYouDoing??? >China is now in the whole mess >the massacre is still going >even more peace deals keep popping up, i keep accepting but it wont stop >Mongolia is having a lil too much fun with Russia >its almost over, every country has pretty much a bit of everything, Hungary has northern parts, i can see a bit of Poland and Croatia here and there >China is almost gone >after a bit of waiting and Russians stuck on little islands later, the peace deal finally popped up >itsfinallyover.jpg >the countries gave Russia another chance and released them >still doesnt help the fact that the European Countries still have chunks of Russia here and there and thats just about it, sorry for all of that i just wanted to share my experience with a possible (not really lul) WW3 scenario. here is the result after the peace deal (China and NATO are apparently still at war, i dont know when thats gonna end). the peace deal doesnt make it seem as bad, but imagine whats going on in China now but 100x worse and its almost every single European country. also sorry for the bad quality. i will keep playing the scenario and post updates close ups and so on in the comments if you all want.
  7. yeah, pump up the AI aggressiveness, turn on Total War, sit back, relax, and watch as everything burns
  8. maybe add an option to change the countries leader to some other leader that is set the country, for example changing George Washington to lets say Abraham Lincoln, or someone else you have set leading the country, or maybe even get rid of the leader in the specific scenario
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