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  1. clica na provincia que voce quer dominar, e aperte "colonizar" mais precisa ter dinheiro suficiente
  2. Maybe he wants you to split the Monarchist ideology into two different ideologies? (i.e: Constitutional Monarchy, Absolute Monarchy)
  3. hmm, have you tried turning autosave on and making the game save every [max amount of turn delay here] turns?
  4. i felt like you didnt specify with what you meant by "trade is broken" and "fix border gore"
  5. border gore is pretty bad i think that the game should limit the AI so it can only take border provinces, also the AI never makes vassals, liberates countries in the peace treaties, the AI accepts any war trade request (even if it is war against their Lord)
  6. why would you even play with 2000 countries lmao, also why would you play for that long 5000 bc-1600 ad (6600 years??)
  7. We should have an Infamy system just like in Vic2, and if your Infamy goes over 20 you would get coallition'ed by other countries, Infamy would work depending on ideologies, meaning that if you declare war on a Tribal state you dont get much infamy, but if you declare war on a civilized (monarchy, democracy, republic, facist, communist) state you get more infamy than what youd get by declaring on a tribe. I also think that turning, communist/facist should give you some infamy, switching ideologies should have a delay of 50-70 turns and that democracies, republics, and monarchies should burn infamy faster than the other ideologies. Well then? That only makes Democracies, Republics and Monarchies OP doesnt it? Well I think that if you're a republic or a democracy you shouldn't be able to declare war on someone unless you have a relationship of -50 or less with then. Monarchies should be able to declare wars whenever they want however they burn Infamy a bit slower than the democracies and republics (slower by -25%) In the End the Infamy burning system should look like this Democracy: Declaring War: +5 Infamy Infamy Burn per Turn: -0.25 Infamy Republics: Declaring War: +6 Infamy Infamy Burn per Turn: -0.35 Infamy Facists: Declaring War: +6.5 Infamy (If there is no Democratic/Republican Great Power in their Continent) +8 Infamy + Diplomatic Relations Suspended with Non-Facist neighbours (if there is democratic great power in continent) Infamy Burn per Turn: -0.2 Infamy per turn Communists: Declaring War: +7 Infamy + Diplomatic Relations suspended with Non-Communist Neighbors (unless non-communist neighbors have relations above +25 or have non-agression pact) Infamy Burn per Minute: -0.16 Infamy per Turn Tribal: Declaring War: +0.5 Infamy (if war declared against another tribe) +10 Infamy (If war declared against all other governments) Infamy Burn per Minute: -0.6 Infamy per Turn Horde: Declaring War: +2 Infamy (if war declared on tribes) +7 Infamy (if declared against other governments) City State government would work like a Monarchy. but for now I think that the most important thing that should be added to the Game is BETTER AI at the moment the AI will accept any trade request for declaring war on someone (if their ally or lord) as long as they are offered money for it. the AI also never forms alliances (i've only seen it form once)
  8. Para Compartilhar o Cenario voce tem que ir no editor pegar a tag do cenario (normalmente um monte de letra tipo asuibdasfha2365235) depois voce tem que ir na pasta onde o jogo esta instalado ir em "map" "earth" "scenario_editor" e ache a tag agora e so dar "ctrl-c ctrl-v" se voce tem civilizacoes customizadas voce tem que achar a tag delas tbm
  9. Nice update but I think that what @BrakeCoachStudios meant with "lower canada" and "upper canada" was this: Lower Canada had mostly British population Upper Canada was mostly French Upper Canada flag: (modern day ONTARIO) Lower Canada: (Modern day Quebec) (yes i do realize that they had the same flag) also when you added the formable civ "Northern Canada" you wrote "northern" like "northen" I also don't recommend Lower/Upper/Northern/Southern Canada being formable by the actual Canada. You could make it formable by a colony instead in a scenario where Britain has colonies in North America. I also have some suggestions for formable civilizations: New France: Louisiana: (make Louisiana a formable nation for Louisiana itself and for states that were located in Louisiana) (you could call the Louisiana I showed you "greater Louisiana" great mod btw!
  10. whats the invite link for the discord?
  11. is it normal boners to last more than 3 days? because this has been happening to me ever since I found this mod
  12. I think that the Ranking System is ok and that it should be in the game, but it needs to be worked on such as special features for great powers (like Vic2's Crisises and Sphering) and there should be other factors for being considered a great power (such as Army ,etc) I also think that you shouldnt be able to see the ranking of every nation. you should only be able to see the top 10 great powers.
  13. hey idk if this is too much to ask but can you send me the image for the map background
  14. this is only for PC, there is already a EU4 soundtrack mode out there
  15. pedrowo

    Idea for fashion

    the cold war mod 11:59 does that and gives the player a panorama of major cities like nyc, la, paris, etc
  16. did you properly replaced the vanilla music folder with the victoria 2 one?
  17. preview (excuse lag lol it wasnt that bad when i recorded the video 😕) download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8mu906rmwz14qzi/VictoriaIIAoc2.zip/file replace the "music" folder with the one that you downloaded
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