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  1. Here's a list of country that I want to complete relationship with other countries: Bold = Finished Primary: China Italy England USA Russia Brazil GCU EAF Ulm Secondary: Japan Australia Canada Saudi Arabia Texas Kazakhstan Bolivia India Argentina South Africa Persian Empire France Tertiary: Germany Poland Turkey Mexico California Indonesia Korea Algeria Castile DR Congo Last on the list:
  2. Those are some interesting ideas
  3. School starting tmr, my speed on projects might slow down

  4. You could try to collab with other talented people maybe? just saying
  5. Just finished my first event! Cascadian Independence.
  6. Always wanted a scenario like this! Somehow I'm just obsessed with colonizing lol
  7. "How low do you want to be?" "Yes"
  8. How did the African Union exist..
  9. Uh I think you messed up Eastasia and Eurasia in your description
  10. I'm currently working on events, when I finished a few of them I will upload it.
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