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  1. Here's a list of country that I want to complete relationship with other countries: Bold = Finished Primary: China Italy England USA Russia Brazil GCU EAF Ulm Secondary: Japan Australia Canada Saudi Arabia Texas Kazakhstan Bolivia India Argentina South Africa Persian Empire France Tertiary: Germany Poland Turkey Mexico California Indonesia Korea Algeria Castile DR Congo Last on the list: Egypt East Turkestan Thailand Cuba Argentina Quebec Portugal Indonesia Serbia Aragon NZL
  2. Those are some interesting ideas
  3. School starting tmr, my speed on projects might slow down

  4. You could try to collab with other talented people maybe? just saying
  5. Just finished my first event! Cascadian Independence.
  6. Always wanted a scenario like this! Somehow I'm just obsessed with colonizing lol
  7. "How low do you want to be?" "Yes"
  8. How did the African Union exist..
  9. Uh I think you messed up Eastasia and Eurasia in your description
  10. I'm currently working on events, when I finished a few of them I will upload it.
  11. Uhh, actually, cancer can spread through the internet. Recently there's an "innocent" game called fortnite that is supposed to be for kids, but then people find out that if you play a round of that game and if one of the players in that round have cancer, the everyone in that round of game will get cancer.
  12. Bolivia wants to gain back old lands. They invaded Paraguay and completely took over. They later invaded Chile to get a coastline(which is also Bolivian old land.)
  13. If you are wondering why so many independent nations in Western Europe and the US: They made some massive political changes that lead to the citizen being unhappy, and thus independence movements.
  14. An unrealistic scenario made by me. (Part of)Europe zoomed in: Installation: fall of west - future age.rar 1. Download the file. 2. Extract the file. (Make sure the destination path is the game file. "Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Age of Civilizations II". Also make sure there's no folder in scenarios called "futureage") 3. Done WIP: 1. Events (Chinese influence, independence movement etc) 2. More diplomacy changes You are free to suggest in the comments.
  15. sorry if it's insulting but please make some scenario that isn't merging lots of countries together.
  16. Castile-England flag was actually really cool compared to others. Wow.
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