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  1. Who's in 2020

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    2. ITurkishmapping
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    4. Beter Griffin

      Beter Griffin

      I too joined the club a few minutes ago


      The only ones not in it yet are random aleutian and pacific island people

  2. Your support of Future Mapper and his recent HUGE likebotting spree makes me want to switch sides

    1. ITurkishmapping


      Shiite = My Friend (i first met him on the forums)
      Future = My Friend (i first met him on 2015)

      1-dont worry future cant be in top 2 while im here (cuz i want classic top 2)
      2-Im the one who stopped future
      3-honestly, you are the one who started this.
      4-I still dont know why you are suddenly started this

    2. Beter Griffin

      Beter Griffin

      Imma withdrw from this drama so I can do my roman world map

  3. Help future mapper is straight up massively likebotting

    1. Irish empire

      Irish empire

      beter you know points dont matter right?

  4. wtf

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    2. Beter Griffin

      Beter Griffin

      like seriously delete those accounts within 3 hours or you're getting reported

    3. Future mapper
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      no report needed 

  5. Are you kidding me, 1 alt was enough

    1. Not Really Future Mapper
    2. Beter Griffin

      Beter Griffin

      What do you want to do become #1 or something?

    3. Not Really Future Mapper

      Not Really Future Mapper

      No I just want third place 😄 

  6. Happy birthday to the fourm!

  7. You know 100000x100000 would probably overload anything but supercomputers right?
  8. Congrats on the fabled 1,000

    1. Shiite


      By his own words, he doesn't want to go on this website ever again.

    2. Beter Griffin
    3. Shiite


      I feel like this is a good memorial to his time on here though

  9. Beter Griffin

    Nova Roma

    NOVA ROMA Part I: the invasion of Croatia The Roman Empire spanned from 27BC to 476 AD, and for the eastern half, to 1453 AD. It was the first country that you could consider Italy. Since then, Italy had been divided for 1,390 years longer. That was, until, the Kingdom of Italy was founded. Then, Mousillini hijacked it and tried to restore the great empire of the past. He was unsuccessful. Since then, no attempts to restore Rome had been made. That was until a 39 year old Italian man named Giovanni Belino won the 2017 election. He campaigned for a restoration of mare nostrum, or as he called it, Nova Roma. He had won the election getting 61% of the popular vote. On January 10 2018, Belino had begun his first term. He took control of a corrupt and economically unsound nation. It's current situation wasn't all that great, but Roman restoration was far from impossible, as Trump had disbanded NATO a few months back. It was time to get to work. First, the taxes were soared up. This made people unhappy, but they stopped caring after a couple weeks. Belino also called technolagy "The best path" and brought it up well. Belino immediately ordered the army to prepare a naval invasion of Croatia. According to a poll, about 58% of the people objected to this act at the time, seeing it in ways that range from cruel to jumping too fast. Either way, 90% of the army followed his orders while the rest stayed home. By March, the Italian army was ready to invade Croatia at a moments notice. At this time, only 31% of people opposed his decison as he faked an insult from Croatia. Croatia tried to deny it but it was too late . It was time for the beginning of Nova Roma. Soldiers were then ordered to pour in along the Croatian coast. The Croatian government was in chaos, fearing annexation. Their fears were correct. The First Regiment quickly ran over Istria, while Those invading Rjeka were captured and taken prisoner, although they did knock most of the Croatian army there out. While south Dalmatia was also steamrolled, the Third Italian Regiment was too narrowly destroyed by the Croatians. It was clear that reinforcments were needed. After a massive Croatian army recaptured Istria, Belino raised the Sixth Italian regiment from Pescara. They invaded the Rjeka area. By this time, war fever was in full force. The Italian army, despite losing nearly half of their army, was successful, capturing Rjeka and surrounding areas. What they did not expect, although, was for the army that steamrolled Istria to return, a move that destroyed the Sixth Italian Regiment. This really turned on the war fever, as Belino recruited nearly 5,000 volunteers from Pescara alone. They were ready to attack just as 81% of Italians supported the war. A week later, Croatia tried to invade through Pescara. This won't end well for them! Unsuprisingly, they were repelled. Belino then ordered the Seventh Italian Regiment to invade from Istria. And the plan worked. An invasion of Rjeka then commenced. This then was forwarded to Dalmatia and also straight towards the capital, Zagreb. The Croatian government fleed, exiling to Hungary. Now, the capital was captured, all that was needed was to occupy the east of the country. And so, the entire rest of the country collapsed. Belino made a speech in occupied Croatia to not worry and that they will all be fine as long as they accept their new cause. And with that, the entire country was occupied. The Croatian government-in-exile reluctantly agreed to their countriy's entire annexation. And so, the war was over. After about six months of fighting, the nation of Italy had annexed Croatia. That is all for today. New episode tomorrow!
  10. Omg they're tied


    1. ITurkishmapping


      well thats happened many times before

  11. Don't forget about the British-Swedish Empire and the city of Sand
  12. And me
  13. CALLING ALL HOMO SAPIENS! Shiite and Iturkishmapping, the two most liked users here, are both being accused (with confirmed/substansial evidence) of having an alt that liked all of their posts and stuff. I nominate myself as a more humble person than that, and would like to have as many fake internet points as possible! But that would be selfish, so I nominate Lukacsz to be liked into the #1 spot. He should be the face on the leaderboards!


    Who's with me?!? Nobody? Ok...

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