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  2. I feel like the community has all subconsciously decided to start coming back

  3. Beter Griffin


    Merry christmas
  4. Even in the modern day map Russia is too powerful
  5. I'd highly reccomend balancing the growth rate map. Russia is always highly overpowered.
  6. When I wake up tomorrow, I will be able to download this
  7. This is, for example, the levant in 1200
  8. Please fix: -Canadian province borders (allow the borders of the Canadian provinces) -Mexico and Greece could use a few more provinces -Israel needs significantly more detail to match historically and even today There's probably more to do
  9. I can't wait! Did you do your own research or did you just rip the map off of the one in the earth map?
  10. He did react to my post today so he's clearly alive
  11. I can see why considering you've worked hard on this for 2 weeks
  12. Theres no point because you can get the game on steam on pc and windows phone died years ago
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