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  1. On 6/15/2019 at 3:26 AM, DespotMilan said:

    It looks like Alternate WW1 wins so after that (unknown maybe) project ill make next one to vote

    1. Infection Scenario
    2. WW3 
    3. Alternate WW2
    4. Explaining How Hitler Could Win WW2 With His Axis Members
    5. Europe in a nutshell
    6. Alternate Future Of Europe
    7. Some AOC2 Video
    8. Welcome Channel Intro = (Explaining About My Exisiting What Will I Do And Why  I Started Mapping....)
    9. Robot Scenario
    10. Alien Scenario


  2. 18 hours ago, Lucas L said:

    I agree with you.I edited ww1 and ww2 maps for balance the game,removing the most parte of Russian provinces.

    So that's the main problem,but all the other things are great.

    Maybe the mod would be better with other little things and changes like that the happiness in the Modern world map could be the standard,but as I said before,ourselves can edit it.

    Even in the modern day map Russia is too powerful

  3. 24 minutes ago, Suzema said:

    I've taken this map from one mod for EU4 and make some changes

    This is, for example, the levant in 1200


  4. Please fix:

    -Canadian province borders (allow the borders of the Canadian provinces)

    -Mexico and Greece could use a few more provinces

    -Israel needs significantly more detail to match historically and even today

    There's probably more to do

  5. 16 hours ago, Suzema said:

    1200 year scenario, all towns is done, 0.1B will be released in 13 June 2019


    I can't wait! Did you do your own research or did you just rip the map off of the one in the earth map?

  6. 193 provinces, yeet.

    I'll admit that I won't make an exact HOI4 map as Yucatan, for example, is only 3 provinces. I believe that this is unfair and I will add additional provinces where needed. There are three provinces that already broke that rule anyways...


  7. Any problems with the growth rate map for the british isles? I decided the growth rate for each individual province


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