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  1. Are you sure that you didn't make this account just to comment this?
  2. Also why isn't this post stickied
  3. This is the only time that someone can say L E M O N here without punishment.

  4. I'm not including those ridiculous 130 year olds, just those who I can confirm their age and aren't unrealistically young or old.
  5. Congratulations, you're the second youngest known person here, just 13 days older than me.

  6. If you Like all of my content I will do the same to yours (status updates/replies, posts, events, etc)

    1. ITurkishmapping


      lonat like lukasz contents first make him pass me again

    2. Lonathan


      Damn I can't do that I have to study I will like as much as I can before I go I don't have time my exam is tomorrow! 

    3. ITurkishmapping
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  7. Haha i liked all of your content first and you had 10x as much

    1. ITurkishmapping


      NOOOOOOO you make pass LUKASZ THE GOD but thanks

  8. So, I've collected the data, and out of those willing to give their exact birth date, I am the youngest person on the forums, at 13 years old. Chexier is a few days older than me. The oldest forum user is Slavic Comrade, he/she is 28 years old.
  9. Beter Griffin

    Happy 100000!

    Humans will be gone by then
  10. germany died reeeeeeeeee
  11. Beter Griffin

    New Year 2020

    new year
  12. If you ever say the n word, just say no racist.

  13. You have a good banner

  14. Version 1.1 - The Dark continent for my 2120 scenario is out now!

  15. The only effect that lingers for more than a decade is nuclear winter, and even at that the land by then is at least slightly arable. If you actually researched nuclear fallout dissipates completely after a couple weeks. And I said the mid 2060s. I've added nearly 100. Thank you! Later I'm uploading an update that will make it even more interesting. You are free to add this to the game should you notify me and give me credit.
  16. Wait how does mafia work again?

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