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  1. @Duchy of Darkis and Fungus fix the google drive link when I click on it, it doesn't work says file doesn't exist
  2. I wonder the same thing too I mean its not that hard to add the new version of kaiserrich onto ones scenario
  3. Understandable only time will tell then anyway I wish you luck for your mods
  4. Understandable the scale of the Mod itself is huge
  5. Look I don’t know how or remember how to change the title since I haven’t used this site in so long and I’m also on moble okay I also just woke up
  6. If I can’t figure out how to remove Turkish from the title then I’m just gonna delete it and recreate it I sure hope there’s a way for me to do it on Moble
  7. But since I’m on Moble I’m trying to figure out how to change the title of this particular forum
  8. Well I did make this back in May when this was a specific issue but I’ll change the title so concerned people stop being concerned about the title
  9. But I’m sure there are some pretty good mods made by Turkish people but I feel like moving past this issue
  10. Though I forgot to point out at the time that are some original Turkish modders even if some of the mods quality are questionable though I can’t blame them I mean an actual Turkish user ITurkish already knew what I was going at since I also have a Discord life as well.
  11. I just have half the mind to delete this post since I’m already getting racist remarks though I apologise for getting a little steamed
  12. I see this is still relevant look you all should have a brain to know I’m referring to the Turkish people of Turkey plus how is it racist I’m not using racial slurs against them I’m pointing out that many of the recent unoriginal modders have been Turkish not surprised if you all file claims against me after all I apologise if I wasn’t specific about what Turkic nation was doing the crime but it’s not my fault that some Turkic nations call them selves Turk in their literal name of their nation I.e. Turkey and Turkmenistan so I can understand the issue but if you have a brain you can clearly re
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