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  1. Bro are you that retarded to not know that this is not a Runescape forum but this instead is AOCII I'll understand your mistake if you were trying to type this on another forum and accidentally typed on the wrong forum but still
  2. hey bruh can you join my server : ) https://discord.gg/UW36fF

    1. davidtjk


      yes or no

  3. Well if you all aren't aware there is a Korean spam bot that's just being a nuisance on this site and would be appreciated if the user behind this to be banned at once and to not only that address the issue of these spam bots at its core to ensure that this crap doesn't happen again.
  4. Fuck off stupid Korean boi this site is not a place for you to advertise scams.

  5. Well I'm sure that will work like the many times before though I guess it wouldn't hurt to try
  6. Well the man responds woith laughing and Corona emoji
  7. Hm a new club that never happens but I joined since I still play the game from time to time wish I could get rid of the h in Rhomaion
  8. If only we had the source code then it would be possible
  9. Strange the only scenario that didn't show up was the 395 scenario I also wonder if anyone else experienced a similar issue though Im certain that some issues will be addressed in the next update
  10. Well since he's Russian it's probably around either 6:50 AM to maybe 9:50 AM for him
  11. It's just a matter of time before he posts the download links
  12. One more day until we experience this masterpiece
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