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  1. Bruh if all keep saying this then there will be no Mod to begin with oh yea I have an unpopular opinion deal with it.
  2. And also when you go to war or when nation's go to war with each other that really devastates the economy and yea I feel ya
  3. Yea I noticed the the issue too made it hell to make a custom scenario when it comes to cores but I managed to make one.
  4. But I really think he's working on that keyboard for us probably.
  5. Also the Google definition of Tentatively means in this context subject to further confirmation. And the dates presumed are not definite or final but you know it's close so my predictions of an early January release are probable but don't take my word for it I mean translating Russian to English especially with all those city names and civs is a lot of work as well so the best we can do is be patient.
  6. It's l probably likely he's gonna release it someone at the end of this month
  7. The Amazon doesn't have it be made a wasteland anymore when scenario making I see this as a win
  8. Man the Russians are sure providing I'm just in awe
  9. The community never ceases to amaze me
  10. What an interesting way to say I'm gonna keep modiftying the code
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