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  1. If only we had the source code then it would be possible
  2. Strange the only scenario that didn't show up was the 395 scenario I also wonder if anyone else experienced a similar issue though Im certain that some issues will be addressed in the next update
  3. Well since he's Russian it's probably around either 6:50 AM to maybe 9:50 AM for him
  4. It's just a matter of time before he posts the download links
  5. One more day until we experience this masterpiece
  6. So as of recently there have been new Turkish modders who have been coming on and not only that they even tried stealing someone's mod more prescise 11:59 so I want all of us to get to together and remove all the Kebabs from here who's with me?
  7. Damn Suzema is such a Chad that he even went as far back as the Bronze Age
  8. After all he did tell us it was going to release in May I do predict sometime between May 20th to May 30th
  9. Well without min army to attack a provence you can use less than 10 troops to take a provence in a war in this update
  10. Might've been a bit hard but at the same time I do agree that we should be patient though honestly I more a less just check up to see the progress.
  11. Is it pun intended? Or is it for real can't tell?
  12. Maybe it's the fact that Poland and Hungary are very close friends
  13. I think no one listened when I said let him work at his own pace
  14. Dang it sorry I meant to say that to the Hungarian nationalist
  15. Mate I'm a Byzantiopile and here you are calling me a pro Romanian supporter damn
  16. Well Romania itself is divided into 10 historical regions well the current counties don't represent the historical borders but these historical regions are divided into counties and I think he's referring to the historical counties of Romania
  17. Look I honestly advise not to push him and let him go at his own pace
  18. I'm probably predicting either late March early April or the latest mid or late April though Early may be likely.
  19. I think he's probably working on it or maybe something else is going on.
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