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  1. Hey I live in the same time zone though who cares kek
  2. North America United States of America Southern California
  3. The Mapuche a tribe has managed to adapt to Western technologies to survive kinda of like Japan but the country isn't developed but it's a republic. Yes the country in between Bolivia and Brazil is an Amazon Rainforest tribe
  4. The Netherlands in this timeline after losing all of their colonies lost Indonesia during the Napoleonic Wars when the Netherlands were occupied the Indonesians that lived within Dutch territory managed to revolt and push out the Dutch while the British with Australia made an agreement with the aborigines of Australia.
  5. I'd start it around at the end of the 18th century seeing that the U.S. didn't manifest Destiny much.
  6. A scenario I have been working on is what I like to call the Nativity Scenario a Scenario where recent colonization doesn't occur meaning that Africa, Asia, and some other places aren't colonized. The idea came into my head thanks to what if Scramble for Africa never happened etc... where I wanted to apply this to the whole world in some way but it's not.me just pasting other maps together into.one I also made some slight alternate changes to some places to reflect the different timeline.
  7. It's fine I only made this portion of my scenario so I could at least keep it alive with the Spanish speaking community on the forums.
  8. 1989年天安门广场抗议

  9. 6月4日天安门广场大屠杀

  10. 6月4日天安门广场大屠杀

  11. It's just a user was concerning me that's all.
  12. Si a ustedes les preocupa que yo responda en inglés en un foro secundario, le responderé en español sobre cómo se siente eso.
  13. I don't know if this is how you recommend a scenario but this scenario is based in 1816 with the Americas centered as well as their conqurers in Europe where you either make everyone bow or bleed the choice is yours.


    1. EliasC17


      You can also convert most of the American civilizations to the current civilizations

    2. Basileia Ton Rhomaion

      Basileia Ton Rhomaion

      I was giving basic jists of the scenario I wanted the features to be experienced through trial and error and wanted the masses.to find out on their own I was just giving an interesting comment to entise the people to download the scenario since I realized it was a great scenario.

  14. I feel that the map should be posted when you’ve made the final touches that need to be made but that’s taken care of then it can be posted right now.
  15. It’s nice to hear that the map is finally done and those mistakes I say add character to the map and I am aware that a replication of something isn’t always going to be exact it’s like printIng the same but using its copy each time.
  16. What is the mod that he is developing?
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