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  1. Look I don’t know how or remember how to change the title since I haven’t used this site in so long and I’m also on moble okay I also just woke up
  2. If I can’t figure out how to remove Turkish from the title then I’m just gonna delete it and recreate it I sure hope there’s a way for me to do it on Moble
  3. But since I’m on Moble I’m trying to figure out how to change the title of this particular forum
  4. Well I did make this back in May when this was a specific issue but I’ll change the title so concerned people stop being concerned about the title
  5. But I’m sure there are some pretty good mods made by Turkish people but I feel like moving past this issue
  6. Though I forgot to point out at the time that are some original Turkish modders even if some of the mods quality are questionable though I can’t blame them I mean an actual Turkish user ITurkish already knew what I was going at since I also have a Discord life as well.
  7. I just have half the mind to delete this post since I’m already getting racist remarks though I apologise for getting a little steamed
  8. I see this is still relevant look you all should have a brain to know I’m referring to the Turkish people of Turkey plus how is it racist I’m not using racial slurs against them I’m pointing out that many of the recent unoriginal modders have been Turkish not surprised if you all file claims against me after all I apologise if I wasn’t specific about what Turkic nation was doing the crime but it’s not my fault that some Turkic nations call them selves Turk in their literal name of their nation I.e. Turkey and Turkmenistan so I can understand the issue but if you have a brain you can clearly read and see that his topic is about modders stealing mods that already exist and during the time I made this some Turkish guy on the forums who deleted a version of 11:59 that was in Turkish after we found out he was trying to steal it from the original dev of the mod Vis.
  9. That sucks after all the scenario 395 is missing cities aren't fixed and there's a scenario feudal madness which is not complete.
  10. Bro are you that retarded to not know that this is not a Runescape forum but this instead is AOCII I'll understand your mistake if you were trying to type this on another forum and accidentally typed on the wrong forum but still
  11. Well if you all aren't aware there is a Korean spam bot that's just being a nuisance on this site and would be appreciated if the user behind this to be banned at once and to not only that address the issue of these spam bots at its core to ensure that this crap doesn't happen again.
  12. Fuck off stupid Korean boi this site is not a place for you to advertise scams.

  13. Hm a new club that never happens but I joined since I still play the game from time to time wish I could get rid of the h in Rhomaion
  14. If only we had the source code then it would be possible
  15. Strange the only scenario that didn't show up was the 395 scenario I also wonder if anyone else experienced a similar issue though Im certain that some issues will be addressed in the next update
  16. Well since he's Russian it's probably around either 6:50 AM to maybe 9:50 AM for him
  17. It's just a matter of time before he posts the download links
  18. One more day until we experience this masterpiece
  19. So as of recently there have been new Turkish modders who have been coming on and not only that they even tried stealing someone's mod more prescise 11:59 so I want all of us to get to together and remove all the Kebabs from here who's with me?
  20. Damn Suzema is such a Chad that he even went as far back as the Bronze Age
  21. After all he did tell us it was going to release in May I do predict sometime between May 20th to May 30th
  22. Well without min army to attack a provence you can use less than 10 troops to take a provence in a war in this update
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