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  1. On 6/15/2020 at 12:52 AM, Megaomgchen said:

    They did not consider the spacebar warriors. If you did not RuneScape gold read the dialogue Zaros' puzzle will always remain! It's why I'm so sure that Saradomin and Zaros are still popular. Back in the day, I would've ranked them such as... Guthix, then Zaros, subsequently Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin, then Bandos. Not that there is anything wrong with Zaros - I only believe his ideas are faulty and his ego is too big. His philosophy is adequate.

    It is so sad but I can not stop believing Jagex doesn't give a shit about lore anymore. Refusing to gate in the bare minimum with all fundamental quests and creating RuneScape's lore even more inconsistent. I would really be fine with Zanik function as digsite manager IF you decided not to kill her permanently during Nomad's Elegy. It would have really been hilarious if players that decided to kill her would have Zimberfizz ashes as a digsite boss instead. At least it'd make more sense.

    But hey, this is exactly what happens when Jagex plain refuses to request players to complete the bare minimum quests to get a LORE DRIVEN SKILL. Nope, can't ask players to complete a moderate length pursuit with 13 Agility, Thieving and 17 Mining reqs since it is too much. Gotta go back in AoD, you know? I only desire Osborne, Orion, and/or Raven would have been included in this skill, at times it feels like they're the final mods that truly care about RuneScape's lore.

    I have to agree. Archeology having quest-locked content just makes sense. You're uncovering history. History is lore. Quests build lore. And of course pursuit requirements would have likely suppressed the alt accounts folks made only to collect mats plus they never would've had to buy RS gold nerf the exceptional weapon piece drops that functioned only to screw over the frequent participant. Now that you have stated it I agree. Possessing a skill that involves quest locked content actually makes a lot of sense and would provide more motivation for people to do questing.

    Bro are you that retarded to not know that this is not a Runescape forum but this instead is AOCII I'll understand your mistake if you were trying to type this on another forum and accidentally typed on the wrong forum but still 

  2. Well if you all aren't aware there is a Korean spam bot that's just being a nuisance on this site and would be appreciated if the user behind this to be banned at once and to not only that address the issue of these spam bots at its core to ensure that this crap doesn't happen again.

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