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  1. Might've been a bit hard but at the same time I do agree that we should be patient though honestly I more a less just check up to see the progress.
  2. Is it pun intended? Or is it for real can't tell?
  3. Maybe it's the fact that Poland and Hungary are very close friends
  4. I think no one listened when I said let him work at his own pace
  5. Dang it sorry I meant to say that to the Hungarian nationalist
  6. Mate I'm a Byzantiopile and here you are calling me a pro Romanian supporter damn
  7. Well Romania itself is divided into 10 historical regions well the current counties don't represent the historical borders but these historical regions are divided into counties and I think he's referring to the historical counties of Romania
  8. Now those are some nice screenshots
  9. Look I honestly advise not to push him and let him go at his own pace
  10. I'm probably predicting either late March early April or the latest mid or late April though Early may be likely.
  11. I think he's probably working on it or maybe something else is going on.
  12. I ask will this bigger map of Bloody Europe be the next update of Bloody Europe?
  13. I guess all that's left is just Africa along with the rest of Arabia
  14. Heh thanks I am known for making great scenarios once my mind is set on making one.
  15. Heh can't wait to get bashed by Turkish nationalists since well if you look at Turkey it aint looking so good
  16. Also I have gotten screenshots of my most recent changes more a less I still had screenshots from an older version of map
  17. Now I have made a scenario though Bloody Europe II called A More Lenient Victory since the whole point is to not be as harsh on Germany Austria and Hungary the Ottomans and Bulgarians suffer pretty ,uch the same fate as in our timeline but they lose slightly more land this scenario also has a Middle East not really colonised by the Europeans. A multitude of alternate history scenarios like What if Turkey lost the Greco-Turkish War, What if Egypt managed to gain complete independent from the UK in 1922, What if thr Bolsheviks lost the Russian Civil War, and a few others with help of the community on Discord I managed to make a Map and scenario that's unique and I'll happily take and ideas to improve this scenario.
  18. It would be a nice mod so we can make the gay border gore go away mostly
  19. Hey @($Jake$) I was wondering when you complete this mod if it will be available for download for Android users? if not that's alright since I've taken interest in this Mod and that I am a Android user.
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