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  1. I feel that the map should be posted when you’ve made the final touches that need to be made but that’s taken care of then it can be posted right now.
  2. It’s nice to hear that the map is finally done and those mistakes I say add character to the map and I am aware that a replication of something isn’t always going to be exact it’s like printIng the same but using its copy each time.
  3. What is the mod that he is developing?
  4. Thank you in fact one of the prevailing users in the Español forum krauser3ful has noticed my scenario and has tried replicating it into the PC though I haven't heard much of him.
  5. Hola, así que he estado trabajando en un scemario llamado 1815 en el que se ha trabajado desde la mendicidad de los chats en los que se puede encontrar el original al final de mi artículo. Usaré este juego para ampliar mi mismo escenario con la ayuda de las comunidades españolas. En la sección de español de mi escenario. http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/580-1815/?tab=comments#comment-16032
  6. How is my 1815 replication map going?
  7. It not just Indians but now its the Chinese scamming

  8. I've seen the scams as well though it started with Indians scamming Ielts and now the Chinese this crap must be taken care of or the forums are going to become nothing but a scam haven for these arses.
  9. Central Africa is just a waste nothing much goes on there. Here are some clear plain screens in possible Areas of concern that you stated in your first sentence.
  10. Central Africa is just a waste nothing much goes on there.
  11. The Holy Roman Empire does not exist in 1815 it was dissolved in 1806 by Napoleon in its place is the German confederation but still leave the small German States and there is no feature in the game that has German confederation. For Spain I put regular Spain just to mirror the flag changes in History the spanish X flag or the Burgundian flag stopped being used in 1785 so Leave Spain. Include Native tribes in the mid West United States as well as Northren New Spain and Canada also the Cherooke in North and South Carolina. Native tribes include Sioux, Navajo, Pueblo, Pawnee, Inuit, Blackfoot, Sailish and Much More though I only included one's that exist in the game and in the the scenario just keep clicking the provinces in the mid West US to eventually put Natives just try each modern Is state to find each native tribe. For South America Patagonia and the Amazon are wastelands also in Southern Chile put the Mapuche. For Polynesia all I got is Kingdom of Hawaii, Rapa Nui, and Spanish Claims just a bit West of the Philippines. I will provide screenshots of the missing places you mentioned. To mention this is a rather long paragraph I typed.
  12. That's good you two keep working on the map
  13. I see progress and I say continue on and I hope that the talk goes alright and if you or EliasC17 need help from me let me know and I will provide screenshots of my own map.
  14. Well here's Europe and North Africa sorry if the shots are dark.
  15. Even though The U.S. Claims the territory of Louisiana the Unorganized territory I feel should have natives as well as the Amazon Rain forest in Brazil.
  16. Never thought I had to do this but if I want to do something about an Indian man scamming the chat then this needs to be stated a user by the name of tonybenley is trying to sell IELTS here's the URL: 


  17. Clickbait
  18. In empty areas of British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, and Western Australia should be filled with native tribes
  19. Don t forget about the Caucasus region can be misinterpreted as Russia owning it all. Also fill the blanks that Merina doesn't fill.
  20. Thank you very much for making this map alive for the community. I also screenshot parts of the map that are likely to go unoticed by people meaning I didn’t screen shot Europe, China, Japan, North Africa, or most of the Americas since these are areas that we are familiar with.
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