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  1. Due to me updating the game I lost the original map so I remade it within an hour and a half.
  2. Took pictures of the map before I knew how to screenshot on my tablet and then again I never knew that people found this until now. But of course you can make a PC version of the map though it will take a minute for me to get things ready meaning I have to go into the game and screen shot the map.
  3. I feel ya about Android and not being able to post a download link but I encourage you to keep working on the handmaids tale.
  4. I just don’t try and eventually I get noticed without even trying.
  5. Now I have another device to play the game (When the IOS gets released) and may you continue with the progress Lukasz congratulations.
  6. Late Victorian Era or early 20th Century is my preferred time period to live in.
  7. Madagascar though it's not in the game as a formable nation you can add formable nations to the game and even though Madagascar may not get the spotlight that it deserves I believe it should be added and the claimants should be any Madagascari Kingdom that exists in the 1440 and 1200 scenario.
  8. I just realized that Garibaldi’s nightmare wasn’t name it was the to the alpha 0.6 update to Kaiserreich the actual name should be Voltaire’s Nightmare.
  9. I have test played this a few times with the nation's of Austria, Papal States, and France.
  10. Since I am on Android I can’t really give a download for the scenario at the moment.
  11. I decided to create a second scenario after playing the Acient Greece scenario since I got a hold on the idea of small warring states competing for dominance and I am aware that the idea isn’t a new concept since I had seen a mod on EU 4 called by the same name that foucouses on the HRE but instead of foucousing on the HRE I branded into France, a bit of North Africa, a small chunk of the Dalmatian Coast and Eastren Iberia in total there are 109 different Civilizations that you can play as not all them are one province minors some may be pretty big while some are small and the scenario starts in the year 1400 in February since the map looked like to me it had a late feudalism feel.
  12. Plot twist I got my West Virginia Back
  13. I lost West Virginian Empire to a game crash press F for respect
  14. Is it just me or this a cult if it’s a cult I’m in. ALL HAIL ŁUKASZ
  15. I can’t show all the maps due to the GB limit.
  16. Sorry if the maps are sideways and that I couldn’t post a proper map like the PC folks.
  17. Good ol nappy will rise eventually Viva La France nappy.
  18. Since I am on Android with my tablet I may not be able to post the actual l map but I have taken pictures of the map close up in some areas on my phone.
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