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  1. My first scenario that I have created is called 1815 and the scenario map is completed and takes influence from the Wikimedia Commons map of the world 1815 and I have also taken influence from the 1440 scenario when it came to adding tribal civilizations in empty areas and I am willing to accept help for any map day errors or fixes from the community as well as event help to make it more historically accurate.
  2. So I am going to start with my 1815 scenario the map itself takes influence from the Wikimedia commons map and I will say I have completed the whole map already but am still going to modify it I also took influence from the default 1440 scenario that's already in AOC II and also I am willing to fix any mistakes with help from the community.
  3. Hello I am Basileia Ton Rhomaion and I consider myself an authority in Geography and European History as well as North African and Middle Eastern history as well.  Ever since the game came out on Android I have played as one main games since before that I had to use a photo editor to create my maps now I have the ability to use the scenario creator. 

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