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  1. unconscious

    2.0 tehnology

    What is zapotecs?
  2. unconscious

    Speed in game

    It should work just like this
  3. i guess you can't. i downloaded addon and all files probably needed to be replaced. i'm sorry
  4. i was banned for spam not for arguing with dictator
  5. yes it was, but even it isn't its still dictator
  6. Islam should have ability - Jihad -20 relations +30% attack -25% money per turn -20% cost of recruiting +15% recrutable population
  7. Großdeutschland - this is how it should be
  8. I wonder where it can be on world map...
  9. unconscious

    Speed in game

    It changes date twice as more. It doesn't speed up performance or something.
  10. Change size of maps. Should help in performing.
  11. This map is brilliant! As perfectionist I not rarely felt little eye pain beacuse of not well made borders on Modern Day.
  12. I uninstall game few times and as I remember all times it is safe.
  13. I uninstalled mod scenarios are still here! However, there aren't ideologies so Afterlife and Improved WWII is removed. New civilizations have corrupted nicknames.
  14. Mode is here for few months. Idea is cool but it's not developed.
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