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    unconscious got a reaction from PierreFin in Can anyone create " Islamism " ideology ?!   
    Islam should have ability - Jihad
    -20 relations
    +30% attack
    -25% money per turn
    -20% cost of recruiting
    +15% recrutable population
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    unconscious reacted to Frio in West Germany vs East Germany (Half Version)   
    The capital of West Germany was Bonn, close to Koln.
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    unconscious got a reaction from Beter Griffin in Bless the Rains   
    Can you add some pics? I am currently on phone and even in general overview is useful. 
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    unconscious got a reaction from aunitydevteam in Age of Civilizations border fixes   
    This map is brilliant! As perfectionist I not rarely felt little eye pain beacuse of not well made borders on Modern Day. 
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