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  1. Too bad, I'll see what I can do.
  2. Oh, I understand, when it is more advanced I would like to try it, good luck!
  3. I would try to do something, but I don't know anything about java, I'll see if I can learn, I hope I can, because I would like the game to have more content. Do you know if someone has already tried to touch the code?
  4. Do you mean that the names of the cities change according to the language you use? If so, you could edit the language file. for that you write in the language file the name of the city and then a "=" followed by the name that you will now use. Example. Lisbon = Lisboa Lisbon is the name she has in the game, and Lisbon is her name in Spanish.
  5. It is an interesting idea, but I don't know how this could be implemented. Have you been looking for how to do it?
  6. Simply beautiful! I wish you the best of luck and may the force be with you.
  7. Did you modify some things in the game? Some java stuff? How did you do it? Because I would like to implement a system of religions to the game, but I don't know about java, I will try to learn, and any help would help me.
  8. Perdón por responder tan tarde, pero gracias por tu respuesta, y eso hago pero quería una forma mas natural, pero parece que es dificil una forma natural. Gracias por tu respuesta.
  9. mmm... eso no me da mucha confianza xD jjajaja es que he intentado un montón de veces pero nunca puedo xD jajajaj jajajaj xD verga, bueno, perdí todo esperanza xD jajaj
  10. I recommend that every time you upload a scenario, you also upload images.
  11. Bueno eso, xD jjaa es que, he intentado hacer uniones, cosa que nunca las hacia y no puedo, alguien sabes como facilitar esta tarea?
  12. Alguien sabe como hacerlos? Pues me gustaría hacer algunos, pero no se como hacer mapas xD asi que me quedaría algo horrible como sacado de Paint super mal hecho xD y me pregunto si alguien tiene en mente hacer uno, o si ya lo hizo.
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