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    ya viste si no tenian los nombres cambiados? tambien puede ser alguna configuracion grafica de tu juego
  2. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    Look, I'll explain why I did all that. My intention was not to make this mod to simply add new governments, but so that each player has the option of having the government that pleases them most for their civilization during the game.
  3. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    Thank you very much, I have not seen this scenario before so I'll take a turn to meet you.
  4. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    I do not know what flags to put, so if you have suggestions please tell them please!
  5. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    Of course there is no problem, use them, but send me the link of the stage to see it please!
  6. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    Because it is doubly great, nah lie just joke xD. It is because according to the language that you use the mod has errors but now that I returned I corrected it.
  7. krauser3ful

    Mi mapa 0.2

    seri bueno que pongas imagenes tambien
  8. krauser3ful

    GTA 3 liberty city map

    How many provinces does the mod have?
  9. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    I already know all that, in fact it is the most logical. But ... why are you telling me? I can not understand your goal, I'm sorry.
  10. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    I want to do that for the next update, but I will be honest, I do not know what flags to put, besides that every day I have less time to devote to the game unfortunately.
  11. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    Simple, because they are completely different things, if they have similarities but their objectives are different.
  12. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    Sorry but I did not understand you.
  13. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    Thank you!! I'm glad you like it.
  14. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    Sorry, but this time I can not understand you.
  15. krauser3ful

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    Okay, zrobię to w następnej aktualizacji