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  1. krauser3ful

    Map Editor 2.0

    Okay, I would appreciate it.
  2. krauser3ful

    Map Editor 2.0

    It would be wonderful, because I don't know how to get the coordinates of the AoC1 map and I have tried everything. Anyway thank you very much.
  3. krauser3ful

    Map Editor 2.0

    I understood everything perfectly, thank you. But do you know how I could get the province without data, or at least the coordinates of the provinces of the AoC1 map that comes in the original game?
  4. krauser3ful

    Map Editor 2.0

    Does anyone know if I can edit an already created map and how? Let me explain, I want to edit the AOC1 map that is already in the game, but I don't know how to do it, could someone help me?
  5. I understand, do you want a map with the territory in a greasy white? it's not like that?
  6. Ah! ya veo! Tu mod esta quedando cada vez mejor, ya quiero verlo terminado.
  7. I like the map that we put in the mod since the idea is to simulate seeing "Maps" in a book. But give me an example to understand what you mean.
  8. Ufff esta re bueno! como lo hiciste!! que buena!
  9. The android version is now available to download
  10. I am happy to announce that the android version of the mod is now available, I hope you enjoy it! https://www.moddb.com/mods/aoc-ii-the-kings-of-dynasties/downloads/aoc-ii-kings-of-dynasties-android-version
  11. At the moment the android version is not available, but if I intend to do it, at this moment I am working on it, but I have not yet launched it because it gives me certain errors, when I solve them I will upload the version for you to download it .
  12. Me pasaba lo mismo con las provincias que estaba haciendo, si quieres te puedo ayudar
  13. hahaha late but at least I was able to get it out
  14. I'm really sorry for the delay, but the mod is already available and you can upload it to your channel, but could you put the link of my channel and the mod, please?
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