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  1. uff! you mean you checked the civis i added to the game? Well ... if so, you ate a spoiler. Can we add scenarios and civilizations from that era? Yes, completely. I want to add scenarios from that era? No, not for now, first I want to focus on finishing the Middle Ages scenarios, after that we will work on a sequel with that time, but it will take a long time, or so I think.
  2. Thank you for your concern and yes, I can confirm that the events are broken, but my partner and I spent a long time testing things and we believe that we can add events without destroying everything, at least that is what we intend.
  3. Completely! Now we will work to add events that can give the game a new touch, but it will take time.
  4. For android gamers! you can now play the mod with music! enjoy it! Downloads - AOC II: The Kings of Dynasties mod for Age of Civilizations II - Mod DB
  5. Thanks a lot! and I know the mod looks dead, but it's not really there! And as a thank you for your support, I will tell you what the next update is about. It will bring events to stage 1054! We will start with the British islands, but the objective will be to put events in all playable civilizations on the stage and also events for formable civilizations !! We also want to release an "Expansion" that adds settings from the Carolingian era! First we want to get the events, then the scenarios. This will take time, so we ask for your patience, but I promise it will be
  6. Hello everyone!! First of all, we apologize for not being so active in posting things, but we are still working on correcting bugs in the mod and other details !! But that is not what we wanted to tell you. We are working hard on a great and ambitious update, which, the objective will be to put events to all playable civs of the 1054 scenario, including formable civilizations !! There will be historical events, part of a "Campaign", and generic events, not to mention some new mechanics created with events that I know you will love! Please, I ask you to bear with us because doi
  7. Yes!! Completely, we are not very active publishing things, but every day we work on the mod, now we are adding events to the 1054 scenario !!! It will take time, because it is not easy for us to do this, but I will try to accelerate so that you can enjoy a part of this ambitious project!
  8. Hello everyone! sorry for the inactivity, but! we are actually very active, we don't constantly post like other mods, but we work every day that we can. Now comes a very great idea! Events, after some time learning, we are working on events, and I know you will like many, I will try to hurry so that you have a little taste of what is coming, but I do not promise anything, the project is very ambitious and will take time.
  9. Thanks a lot! Sorry for the delay in responding, but we've had issues. If you like me, you will like what is coming, it will take a while, because we are only two people who do everything and we are not experts but we put our hearts into it.
  10. Thank you very much, I hope you enjoy the mod and it doesn't make it difficult for you to download it.
  11. Sorry, that's because the android version has no music, we did it like this so that android players can download the mod without problems, but don't worry, we will prepare an android version that has it.
  12. wow can you really do that? how did you do it? unfortunately I don't know anything about java, I would have liked to be able to help you.
  13. Do you plan to add the option to change the texts and images?
  14. It would be wonderful, because I don't know how to get the coordinates of the AoC1 map and I have tried everything. Anyway thank you very much.
  15. I understood everything perfectly, thank you. But do you know how I could get the province without data, or at least the coordinates of the provinces of the AoC1 map that comes in the original game?
  16. Does anyone know if I can edit an already created map and how? Let me explain, I want to edit the AOC1 map that is already in the game, but I don't know how to do it, could someone help me?
  17. I understand, do you want a map with the territory in a greasy white? it's not like that?
  18. Ah! ya veo! Tu mod esta quedando cada vez mejor, ya quiero verlo terminado.
  19. I like the map that we put in the mod since the idea is to simulate seeing "Maps" in a book. But give me an example to understand what you mean.
  20. Ufff esta re bueno! como lo hiciste!! que buena!
  21. The android version is now available to download
  22. I am happy to announce that the android version of the mod is now available, I hope you enjoy it! https://www.moddb.com/mods/aoc-ii-the-kings-of-dynasties/downloads/aoc-ii-kings-of-dynasties-android-version
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