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  1. Hello, my dear AoH players, I bring you bad news, and that is, the mod will be canceled, I have had many problems lately, which have discouraged me a lot, and I do not want to work on this mod, at least for now, so I know It will cancel, I do not know if I will resume it in the future, but for now it will be a goodbye, the mod will continue to be available on its download page, but there will be no more updates.
    I wish you all the best, I hope you do super well, and bye !!!

  2. Hello, my dear AoH players, I bring you bad news, and that is, the mod will be canceled, I have had many problems lately, which have discouraged me a lot, and I do not want to work on this mod, at least for now, so I know It will cancel, I do not know if I will resume it in the future, but for now it will be a goodbye, the mod will continue to be available on its download page, but there will be no more updates.
    I wish you all the best, I hope you do super well, and bye !!!

  3. Hello hello, a brief update.
    The next update is about the British Isles, all island civilizations, and also Norway and Normandy, will have events, and mechanics created with events.
    The departure date is not ready, since it is a lot of work to do all this, and very difficult, not to mention the constant errors that cause everything to be delayed. Well that's what I wanted to tell you, if you want more information about the update, you can go to the link where I explain everything in more detail. Bye!

    link of the news with the update information.

    News about the Next Update. - News - Age of History Games (ageofcivilizationsgame.com)

  4. First, and first of all, I want to clarify that the next update does not have a departure date yet, since there is still much to do and there are also many errors that delay the departure date, so I just ask for your patience.
    Thank you for your attention.


    Events for the 1054 scenario

    We are working on an update that aims to have events for scenario 1054, it will only be for this scenario, for the moment, perhaps in the future there will also be others.
    The main idea is to add events to all the civilizations on the stage, no matter how small and insignificant those nations are, events will be given to them anyway, this way the player can choose any civi and enjoy the events in the same way.

    So that you do not have to wait so long, since there are many civilizations and creating events is not an easy task, the idea is to release the update by parts, to be more exact by regions, so, even if the update is not complete, you can enjoy of this anyway.

    Currently, and the first part of the update, it will be about the British Islands, having three important countries, England, Normandy and Norway.

    Unfortunately we still cannot show images about the events, so that you can give a little idea of what they will be like, since all the events are in Spanish, which is our native language, and when we translate them into English we will publish them a couple Of images, even so, I will describe the events without much detail.
    They may change in the future.

    We plan to add all types of events, but maybe some cannot be, and others have to be changed so that they can work.

    Generic Events

    First, it is planned to add generic events, events that can give life to the world in which we are playing and perhaps make some change in our civilization, but always something not so significant.

    Monarchical decisions

    This would be a mechanic made entirely with events, the player could make decisions for the benefit of the kingdom or for himself. Also give orders to the Council, among them "Butler", "Chancellor", "Marshal", "Master of spies", "Chaplain".

    Formable Civilizations

    As previously said, the idea is that all civilizations have events, including formable civilizations, and now, the system of forming civilizations will be different, the "classical" window will no longer be used but will be done through mechanics. of monarchical decisions.

    Technology and nation events

    During the game, our civi will have events where we will choose which technological or national approaches we will take, it is not a complex mechanic, but it can be a lot of fun.

    Those would be the events that are currently for some of the civilizations of the British islands, but we want to add more mechanics and events as for example.
    -Crusades, we have the idea of being able to participate and call crusades
    -Antipope, if you have negative relationships you could finance an antipope and put him by force
    -focuses, it would be a mechanic for role-playing where our monarch would take role-playing routes, perhaps with consequences.
    -Achievements, after completing certain requirements, achievements would jump, which alone would be aesthetic or to raise the ego.
    -Secret events, depending on what we have previously decided, we could unlock secret routes that help us or harm us.
    - Marriages, I do not know how I would do this, if you have ideas, please say them, but I would like to enter marriages and thus create alliances or unions.

    Those would be some of the ideas, maybe we put all of them, or maybe very few, it all depends on the limitations of the game when creating events.

    I hope you like what we have in mind, and if you have something to say, you can comment on it, greetings and goodbye.

  5. On 1/11/2021 at 5:49 PM, RandomWarior said:

    I might, i have lost the project files sadly enough, i will most likely make a whole new aplication, if i ever get to that though i will most likely, i have learned a lot sinse i last worked on this project

    It's a shame to hear that, but I wish you good luck with your next project, I hope everything goes as planned.

  6. On 12/24/2020 at 6:25 PM, Varguista Anônimo said:

    I was searching some civilizations in game and i found some colonial civs and other union civs, can you make scenarios about the age of discovery until the napoleonic wars and add the union civs(or even more formable civilizations) or it will totally destroy  the mod purpose?

    uff! you mean you checked the civis i added to the game?
    Well ... if so, you ate a spoiler. Can we add scenarios and civilizations from that era? Yes, completely.
    I want to add scenarios from that era?
    No, not for now, first I want to focus on finishing the Middle Ages scenarios, after that we will work on a sequel with that time, but it will take a long time, or so I think.

  7. On 12/24/2020 at 6:04 PM, That_mAntis said:

    I hope you know what you're up to when doing events, I do not know much about them myself but I've heard they can be quite broken. Many mods has been canceled due events messing something up.

    Thank you for your concern and yes, I can confirm that the events are broken, but my partner and I spent a long time testing things and we believe that we can add events without destroying everything, at least that is what we intend.

  8. 8 minutes ago, St.Chmnd said:

    After all this time, I thought that this mod was dead. Glad to see I was wrong hahaha.

    I hope to soon see the fruits of your work, and the way you hype it up with how ambitious it is already excites me.

    In the end, I'm sure that you'll bring even more things to an already fantastic mod, and I congratulate you for your work! Have a nice day!

    Thanks a lot!
    and I know the mod looks dead, but it's not really there!

    And as a thank you for your support, I will tell you what the next update is about.

    It will bring events to stage 1054! We will start with the British islands, but the objective will be to put events in all playable civilizations on the stage and also events for formable civilizations !!

    We also want to release an "Expansion" that adds settings from the Carolingian era!

    First we want to get the events, then the scenarios.

    This will take time, so we ask for your patience, but I promise it will be worth it.

  9. Hello everyone!! First of all, we apologize for not being so active in posting things, but we are still working on correcting bugs in the mod and other details !!

    But that is not what we wanted to tell you.
    We are working hard on a great and ambitious update, which, the objective will be to put events to all playable civs of the 1054 scenario, including formable civilizations !!

    There will be historical events, part of a "Campaign", and generic events, not to mention some new mechanics created with events that I know you will love!

    Please, I ask you to bear with us because doing this is not easy for us, but we try very hard to deliver a good mod!

    that's all I can tell you for now, in the future I'll try to post images.

  10. On 12/6/2020 at 4:18 PM, Lim10 said:

    Will the Mod Continue?


    Yes!! Completely, we are not very active publishing things, but every day we work on the mod, now we are adding events to the 1054 scenario !!! It will take time, because it is not easy for us to do this, but I will try to accelerate so that you can enjoy a part of this ambitious project!

  11. Hello everyone! sorry for the inactivity, but! we are actually very active, we don't constantly post like other mods, but we work every day that we can.

    Now comes a very great idea! Events, after some time learning, we are working on events, and I know you will like many, I will try to hurry so that you have a little taste of what is coming, but I do not promise anything, the project is very ambitious and will take time.

  12. On 10/7/2020 at 12:27 PM, That_mAntis said:

    For longest time i ignored this mod due thinking it is not interesting, I gotta say now that i have played it that i was wrong, this might as well be the best AoC mod ive seen so far. It may not have as much content as others but the atmosphere of middle ages is top notch! It really feels like playing whole different game! there are little scenarios yet these scenarios has so much attention detail with each state. Even the map is fantastic looking!

    Absolutely fantastic work! 10/10


    Thanks a lot! Sorry for the delay in responding, but we've had issues.
    If you like me, you will like what is coming, it will take a while, because we are only two people who do everything and we are not experts but we put our hearts into it.

  13. 14 minutes ago, kokakolabrooooo said:

    Well in the normal map editor you can get the provinces and their data from aoc2 map,but idk for aoc1,maybe we can mention lukasz so he can give it (if he sees this)

    It would be wonderful, because I don't know how to get the coordinates of the AoC1 map and I have tried everything.

    Anyway thank you very much.

  14. 10 minutes ago, kokakolabrooooo said:

    Sure you can,at first you need the provinces of the map,but without a data,just coordinates of the points,you will also need to have them in one text file so they will appear in the map editor.

    So,there are keys for doing such a stuff as replacing points,but that's kinda weird made,so when you replace the points of one province,they are getting replaced just in the map editor data file.The way to do that isn't that hard,for example you edited the 0 province,you should go to the map editor data file and copy the first two lines,then paste them in the 0 province,but there is one difference,in the map editor data there are two lines for one province,so in the province files it's all in one line,but there is ";" seperating two different lines for the data file,so when you paste it,go to the start of the second line,click backspace and add ";".

    Then you can move that same province in the "update" and "updatePB" and update it.

    (Note that there are keys for deleting a province,removing points,adding points,etc.Also if you move points of connected provinces,you have to update them both.)

    I understood everything perfectly, thank you.
    But do you know how I could get the province without data, or at least the coordinates of the provinces of the AoC1 map that comes in the original game?

  15. Does anyone know if I can edit an already created map and how?
    Let me explain, I want to edit the AOC1 map that is already in the game, but I don't know how to do it, could someone help me?

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