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  1. Tal como lo dice el titulo. y al cuestión es... por que? Acaso somos muy metiches? estamos buscando atención desesperadamente? es el fin del mundo que predijeron los mayas? o simplemente somos personas sin vida social? Presenten sus teorías xD
  2. Por cierto... he visto a Yorch por todos lados xD
  3. que? que? y esto por que?
  4. es cierto, tienes toda la razón!
  5. It will run perfectly, I play the AoC 2 on Windows 7, 4gb, and 32 bits.
  6. @Shiite by the way is a joke
  7. I think I will report you xD
  8. that's racist and nobody I talk about in this post is Mexican.
  9. A very curious idea, but it can be very funny!
  10. It is very interesting
  11. what?? What happened to Chile and Argentina? what is the lore?
  12. He is absolutely right, he does not speak Spanish ...
  13. jajajajaj creo que tienes toda la razon xD
  14. there are many maps of the great war, what is the difinitive? your map starts right in the first world war or before this one?
  15. Looks good!
  16. Solo lo hace para llamar la atencion xD, la envidia de que @Ramiro007 sea emperador xD
  17. I'm doing a mod of dynasties and I would like my mod to be compatible with your maps, would not that bother you? I will leave you a link of what I intend to do, it is in Spanish because I put it in the Spanish-speaking community but then I will post a post in English. (it is not necessary to read the comments, the Hispanics started talking about other issues, nothing to do with the xD mod)
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