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  1. (descuida no pasa nada) Genial! así me vas diciendo los errores que tenga cada vez que vaya mostrando avances del mapa. NO soy muy bueno haciendo escenarios pero la verdad es que me esfuerzo, mi mayor problema son las banderas ya que no conozco las banderas de muchas civilizaciones. ya hice uno basado en la conquista de américa en el cual se centra en España, aunque también contiene otros países europeos.
  2. voy a comenzar a hacer un mapa de 1066, por si es que alguien quiere unirse
  3. ok, do not worry, take your time. Me while I try to do the 1066, but I will focus on civilizations and not their leaders.
  4. wonderful!!! I'm not Spanish but I wanted to play in a scenario like this.
  5. krauser3ful

    1700 scenario

    I just asked you, I wanted to be sure, you do not have to bother. You downloaded it right away!
  6. krauser3ful

    1700 scenario

    Is the map historically correct?
  7. then you could make a map about the Greco-Persian Wars and from the years 846 and 1066. definitely play without doubt in those scenarios.
  8. This is my great empire, it is called "Germano Krauser Empire", the "Germano", it is not only because it believes it is unionized by Germanic peoples, but, that my real name is "Germán". At the moment I have five viceroyalties but I intend to create more. Called: Viceroyalty of the New World Viceroyalty of Central America Viceroyalty of Gran Colombia Viceroyalty of Brazil Viceroyalty of South America Germano Krauser Empire Viceroyalty of the New World Viceroyalty of Central America Viceroyalty of Gran Colombia Viceroyalty of Brazil Viceroyalty of South America
  9. que tal va la idea? han avanzado algo? la idea es buena y ademas podríamos darle la oportunidad al jugador de formar otras naciones como el imperio/república del cono sur, la confederación peru-boliviana, entre otras naciones que aunque no existen, en algún momento de la historia pudieron haber surgido o al menos suenan interesantes.
  10. the one that eases you out although the truth I would like to see the flags before anything else. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. I see I think your map is very good! It shows that it will be entertaining.
  12. I see, so that's what happened. And if I know they were Bolivian lands, I'm Chilean, that's why I asked. By the way, maybe it's good to see once again the resurgence of fascism. You say that the massive political changes have generated unhappiness in the population, so I do not see why fascism would not emerge once again. You could put fascists in Argentina, Spain and other countries without replacing them. Also in the Middle East it would be great to see a Muslim union that has collaborated with the fall of the West.
  13. it can be difficult to form joints in the juice. and I would like them to be a little easier, maybe a marriage system could be added with which I can help facilitate the unions and thus be able to form new civilizations.
  14. yes, although I would also add one that helps with the technology
  15. You could add some Muslim invasion to Europe. and by the way ... Why Chile lost territories in the north? What happened in your timeline?
  16. It seems very interesting, but I thought you had done something like that.
  17. It looks very cool !!! since your empire is in the south you should try to create the southern cone empire. I uploaded that civilization in the civilizations section so you can download it and use it. You could use it as a union, joining Chile, Argentina and your empire.
  18. This is one of the most beautiful publications I've read.
  19. I do not know if you want ideas for a historical map or not, but maybe you could make a fallout map like the one in the EU4 mod, but more ambitious, not only with the United States but with the whole world or a large part of it. You could also make a map of iberia. of the Latin American independences.
  20. Personally, I think you're on the right track. and add the Asian civilizations that were at that time.
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