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  1. Alguien sabe como hacerlos? Pues me gustaría hacer algunos, pero no se como hacer mapas xD asi que me quedaría algo horrible como sacado de Paint super mal hecho xD y me pregunto si alguien tiene en mente hacer uno, o si ya lo hizo.
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    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows, if there is any tutorial or guide that helps to understand the operation of the events in the game in order to use them correctly? First of all, Thanks.
  3. Están muy buenas!! Me gustaron mucho!
  4. Algo es algo xD Jjajajaja cierto! Nos falta un poco de Amor, Comprensión y ternura xD
  5. Al menos nos tenemos a nosotros XD jajaj
  6. Bien! y tu?! y Ah! ya veo XD la de siempre jajaj una lastima xD pero bueno, es lo que hay nomas
  7. Hola!! Como has estado?! y a que te refieres con "Arreglo de Bugs"??
  8. Después de mucho tiempo volví, y siento como si fuera una generación diferente xD jajajaj que cuentan? algo nuevo a lo que deba saber?
  9. Hello everyone! I'm back! Sorry for not giving news or anything, but I was very tired and decided to give myself a break, but I have returned and I intend to continue with the mod as of now. I must admit that at this time looking for the family shields of many of the civilizations of the years in which I am currently working is very difficult, and many families have no records on their family shields, so there is nothing left but to create one, and this It takes time, so the thing will be delayed a little because of this, but, I will not give up and try to move forward as fast as I can, I hope you understand me and have patience.
  10. Gracias! Junto a mi compañero nos esforzamos mucho en hacerlo y esperamos terminarlo pronto.
  11. When the mod comes out, I hope it will be soon, you will have full permission to upload this mod to your YouTube channel, as long as you give me credits and do not use link shorteners.
  12. No, unfortunately I still do not have a PC or Android link, too, I do not know how to make a mod for android, if you know how to do it, I would really appreciate it if you tell me!
  13. Si quieres usarlas, úsalas, no hay problema, y yo siempre estoy en búsqueda de nuevas banderas tanto para civilizaciones existentes como ficticias, así que puedes preguntarme a mi si necesitas una, y si no la tengo, puedo crearla.
  14. Esta buena, yo había hecho estas. Esta es la primera versión que hice. Y esta es la segunda versión, esta ultima es la que estoy usando actualmente.
  15. El imperio no tiene bandera, pero para mi mod utilice la bandera de Francia y la del sacro imperio para hacer la bandera del Imperio Carolingio, así que podrías hacer lo mismo.
  16. Sorry for not bringing updates or images, but I gave explanations of why, even so, I can tell you that the 1180 scenario is already 100% and we started working on the 1143 stage, I also have to say that many are missing maps to finish the mod, but I have thought of finishing three more maps and release the mod, launching the mod with 6 scenarios and go adding more over time, even so I do not want to be delusions because this is not confirmed yet .
  17. I want to make a version for android, the problem is that I still do not know how to make a mod for android devices, if you know a way, I would really appreciate it if you told me.
  18. for what? a mod? Of course, there's no problem, just use it.
  19. Do you still have the project? or did you decide to leave everything?
  20. I still do not know, my friend who works with some textures has been very busy with studies, and that delays us.
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    Pregunta :v

    Quien me ha invocado?
  22. Seriously? that's unfair, it's never happened to me, because I do not like modern maps, so I do not play them, but if that's not a bug, it's programmed to be that way, so the only solution is that you conquer the fastest ones possible to Russia, or from time to time you ask for peace by taking away the provinces little by little.
  23. It is editing all the flags of the game, so they look much better! At this moment the formable civilizations that we had already liked are being corrected. A new list is being made with more formable civilizations, such as, for example, western France, France, Middle France, Eastern France, formable civilizations for Native Americans, among many others! A few small examples of how the flags will look!
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