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  1. 9 hours ago, SnowHalation1 said:

    Bolivia quiere recuperar tierras antiguas. Ellos invadieron Paraguay y tomaron el control por completo. Luego invadieron Chile para obtener una línea de costa (que también es tierra antigua de Bolivia).

    I see, so that's what happened.
    And if I know they were Bolivian lands, I'm Chilean, that's why I asked.

    By the way, maybe it's good to see once again the resurgence of fascism. You say that the massive political changes have generated unhappiness in the population, so I do not see why fascism would not emerge once again.
    You could put fascists in Argentina, Spain and other countries without replacing them.

    Also in the Middle East it would be great to see a Muslim union that has collaborated with the fall of the West.

  2. I do not know if you want ideas for a historical map or not, but maybe you could make a fallout map like the one in the EU4 mod, but more ambitious, not only with the United States but with the whole world or a large part of it.
    You could also make a map of iberia.
    of the Latin American independences.

  3. Español:

    ¡¡Hola a todos!!
    este es el segundo escenario que él ha creado en este juego y me gustaría compartirlos.

    Es un escenario con el cual el objetivo es la colonización de América, se centra en el imperio español y la creación del virreinato de nueva España, pero también se encuentra en la colonización como Inglaterra, Francia y Portugal. 
    El escenario no es tan correcto, pero se acerca a eso. Cualquier error o sugerencia, por favor póngalas en los comentarios para sacar nuevas y mejores versiones del escenario.
    Contiene un que otro evento, como la llegada de Portugal a América.

    Nombre del escenario: Conquista de América
    Año de inicio: 1519
    Autor: Krauser3ful

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------


    Hi all!!
    This is the second scenario that he has created in this game and I would like to share them.

    It is a scenario with which the goal is the colonization of America, focuses on the Spanish empire and the creation of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, but is also found in colonization as England, France and Portugal.
    The scenario is not so correct, but it comes close to that. Any errors or suggestions, please put them in the comments to get new and better versions of the scenario.
    It contains one other event, such as the arrival of Portugal to America.

    scenario name: Conquista de América
    Year of initiation: 1519
    Author: Krauser3ful

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

    Imágenes / Imágenes

    1542899862_javaw2019-01-0218-40-21-08.thumb.png.ea6e1ae349d3d3bf4ab7f813dc4ebaf4.png 718935535_javaw2019-01-0218-42-07-38.thumb.png.2b8426a1073aa7f0d11a5bf6bc6aea26.png1235371616_javaw2019-01-0218-42-42-34.thumb.png.33714fb3da078e6e479a5d9e09a1b9f7.png824362731_javaw2019-01-0218-43-06-55.thumb.png.3df0ef340917a2f62a01385e0989e51e.png77241236_javaw2019-01-0218-43-11-10.thumb.png.89573387d52c99b5e129d2b99ea4a681.png


    Descargar / Descargar:

    Conquista de America.rar

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