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  1. Most people in the last poll wanted me to do the American Revolution, so here you go. I tried to make the borders as historical as possible, also there's no events since that will take forever to fully understand. Enjoy The American Revolution.zip
  2. Interesting. After I finish the most favored scenario (seems to be the American revolution) I'll give it a shot
  3. damn. can I get an F? F
  4. This took a long time to make since my game kept crashing and had to delete and reinstall the game 😞 BUT HEY! I FINISHED IT! This is how I view the world in the future of 2100 Ya'll know this is NOT realistic, right? Yes? Good. No? go away The Future of the World.zip
  5. yes. by deleting and reinstalling the game
  6. This is a 2-1 scenario. I forgot to post the african one before making the oceanic one, so why not post both? The African Future.zip The Oceanic Future.zip
  7. after some time, i will attempt that. thanks for the feedback. well, in the future, its more likely for countries to unite rather collapse, or you have a different view, other opinions are ok ^-^
  8. I will halt all poll activity until I'm finished with the future scenarios Anyways, here's South America: La Plata isn't wasteland its just the colors look similar The South American Future.zip
  9. asian invASIAN
  11. Finally an imperial nominee won. I welcome you: The Empire of Canada (insert statement saying how this isn't realistic) The Canadian Empire.zip
  12. As expected, Asia won, so here you go This isn't realistic blah blah blah, you know already. The Asian Future.zip
  13. everytime i try to load the game once it reaches 100% loaded it auto crashes
  14. Welp, Future Europe won the poll vote (sorry Canadians), so here you go. Like last time, this is completely unrealistic, but I thought I would get creative. Enjoy The European Future.zip
  15. Unfortunately, I did not think of events when making this. I will try to add events in the future once I can understand the basics.
  16. OK, let me gets this out of the way: THIS IS NOT IN ANY FORM OR WAY REALISTIC. I was just bored and decided to make this This scenario takes place in 2100 and the economy/population has grown. New states have been formed, others destroyed, North America different basically. The North American Future.zip
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