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  1. Hi! How are you ?

    Your mod is very good! Thank you very much !

    If you think about the next version of this medieval age scenario , i think you should make another  events in this mod ,instead of another age scenario.


  2. Page 1.Sorry,I forgot to correct the date
  3. I will update 8/14. No Colonial nation, this is age of Discovery. Actually i want to delete 1440 scenario, but deleting 1440 is cause of bug.
  4. New ideology pagan is good idea, tribal is the weakest government.I will add Pagan(Slavic,Romuva,Germanic,Suomenusko) and Persian Emprie government. but I dont know southeast asian history.
  5. I will make 1453, 1492. 711(visigoth umayyad war)scenario, 750 scenario's event, new leader
  6. it's a little strange. In my case, data created in previous versions did not disappear.
  7. This app will install like another mod.
  8. Update, If you find bug please tell me
  9. That is good,But I make this scenarios Soon. I am making 750 scenario and adding France, Seljuk Papal leaders.
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