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  1. Oh, when i delete some government,that error occurred.
  2. I will update formable_civs. I think that is aoc2 system.
  3. Japan is very weak now, Persia,Iraq-Syria and Anatolia economy is 200000 but Japan is 100000. Japan is unified but Europe split apart into separate nations. You don't install Civilization_editor folder.please reinstall.
  4. Thanks. Later, perhaps next scenario is 792 or 772.
  5. Default government type of formable civs is D(democracy). Bulgaria in 1206 is some different. I want to change that but I can't. I will fix that
  6. Thanks. I don't know what I will make next.but I will make 622~888
  7. I fixed that, Thanks. What do you think about balance?
  8. I dont have information about Silesia.
  9. my civilizations have some typing errors like french bloris. this scenario has more than 600 custom civilizations. I will correct that.
  10. Plus Government List Christian: Empire, Kingdom, Duchy, County Islamic : Caliphate, Sultanate,Emirate Japan : shogunate, Daimyo Tibet : monastic Fedual Truks: Ottoman, Turks I will update that after 2 week. If you have ideas please tell me
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