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Age of Civilizations


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  1. PLe2

    1337 Years

    Europe West Asia East Asia Diplomacy NO Event,Diplomacy,Development,Core 1337.zip civilizations_editor.zip
  2. PLe2

    1299 Years

    Yes, this age is age of feudal
  3. PLe2

    1299 Years

    No Event, Diplomacy,Development,Holy Roman Empire 1299.zip civilizations_editor.zip
  4. PLe2


    Updated political,development,dipomacy
  5. PLe2


    No event, diplomacy, HRE, core 1546653595167sftviioa.zip civilizations_editor.zip
  6. PLe2

    Copy and Paste Events

    This is very important. this ability reduce time of making event. (Starcraft map editor has this function.it is very useful).