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Found 7 results

  1. Unfortunately, I found a problem with the letters of the civilizations that are on the map. When a lengthy search on the Internet and game files, I found a loophole in the structure of the game and by specifying languages that depend on linking their letters in one line that cannot be linked in the names of the civilizations on the map, for example the Arabic language: To solve this problems I hope @Łukasz Jakowski First: Solve the problem of U+E60xx letters not sticking and flipping Note: I use U + FExx type letters Second: It is working on the names of civilizations printed on the map and improving their writing to suit all languages I don't want to dig deeper because only the developer (Łukasz Jakowski) can handle these problems Thank you Currently I will make the language like this until an update is released for the game Update The English language has been relied on as a language for reading civilizations, and the reason is the lack of sufficient support for the Arabic language in the names of civilizations and may cause problems in creating scenarios, cities and civilizations. The opinion of Arab players and channels on YouTube was taken, and the result was 3 votes to make civilizations in Arabic against 38 votes to make Civilizations are in English and these views were taken from many platforms, YouTube, Discord, Twitter and Instagram And the Arabic language will be ready on the Android and PC platform within two days, and the language files to add to your mod after two days as well. Thank you
  2. rara

    Age Of Islam mod

    السلام عليكم واخيرا بعد اكثر من 4 اشهر عمل اكتمل احد المشاريع الطموحة والتي تعبر عن نهضة الاسلامية في العصر الجاهلي والذي اتانا نبينا محمد عليه افضل الصلاة والسلام بدعوة الى الإسلام بحيث هذا المشروع يتكلم عن الفتوخات الاسلامية واريد ان اشكر شكر خاص ليس شركاء بل اصدقاء الذين ساعدوني في هذا المشروع خالد اشكرك من كل اعماق قلبي لأنك ازلت حمل ثقيل علي وصنعت السيناريوهات واشكر فتاح ليزوم كثر خيرك اعطيتني افكار وعاونتني في التصميم الله يحفظك خويا واخيرا سمبا كيف اقلك وقفت معي سوينا سيرفر مع بعض دعمتني شجعتني الله يسعدك وينجحك في دراستك انت والباقي والله لانك شخص كفو اسطورة الله يسعدك وابغى اقدم شكر لك انت الي يتابع هذا المنشور شكرا انك حملت المود واتمنى انه موناقص في شي وانه سويت مود يتكلم عنا كمسلمين ويرضى عليه الكل واخيرا اقدم شكر لليوتيوبر مزاجي وعبدلله KSA و تونزك انا الحين في الديسكورد هذا الرابط الي يبغى يتناقش او يتكلم معي https://discord.gg/76Cb37KP رابط قنوات المطورين khaled_games:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKoVu7a1L3u8bW6asT1ChDQ fatah tito:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDbFq7gA6Vxk-gVQY_mt0Xw/featured انا:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC01lTUyGE2lVIDbqZBeL_ig رابط اليوتيوبرز الاساطير سامبا https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWcDV3TovEYIMq3T_N6oAQ عبد الله KSA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC30eO8XApnyUgUs4OUgnc-A مزاجي https://www.youtube.com/c/MAZAJIGAMER تونزوك https://www.youtube.com/c/TonzekGamer وهاذي روابط التحميل للبيسي والجوال --- للجوال:https://www.mediafire.com/file/39kcapl7ikrsja7/Age-Of-Islam.---/file PC للبيسي:https://www.mediafire.com/file/8e86x3dvq0lz7jr/Age.of.Islam.rar/file وهذا رابط الاعلان للعبة:https://youtu.be/nwNOpwVhCm4
  3. السلام عليكم في الكثير من الكلام الي ودي اقوله اولا انا رارا او Rara هذا اسمي في مواقع التواصل وانا من الجزائر اتكلم اللهجة السعودية لان معضم الناس يفهمها وهي لهجة ممتعة هذا المشروع لتعريب اللعبة اخذ مني شهرية وثلاث اسابيع عشان اعرب اللعبة حرفيا شهرين كنت قاعد اصلح مشاكل اللغة والحمدلله صلحت المشاكل بس في ثغرة موجودة في اللعبة وتكلمت عنها في منشور سابق روحو شوفوه عشان تفهمو المشكلة و الثغرة وملاحظة كتبت المنشور بللغة الانجليزية ولي يسأل ليش كتبت بالانجليزي هذا عشان مطور اللعبة يفهم كلامي واذا كنت تريد تفهم المنشور فااا مترجم جوجل مو مقصر مع احد واريد اشكر جميع الداعمين لي واشكر ايضا المصوتين الي خلوني اتخذ القرار في جعل اسامي الحضارات زي ماهي وهذا الكلام موجه لكل العرب شكرا شكرا شكرا من كل قلب والروابط تحت Android mediafire : https://www.mediafire.com/file/9m2taqq6ongwqa2/Age-of-History-II+++arabic+Language+Android.---/file Android google drive : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u5JkAROlfkm9N3WNLV3czZ2NLyuAzrka/view?usp=sharing PC mediafire : https://www.mediafire.com/file/a9gki1gftpwlbec/Age-of-History-II+++arabic+Language+PC.rar/file PC google drive : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wFj-vPRLjZyEkgr4NClbus18tQ8W5JKA/view?usp=sharing If you want to support the Arab community in your mod, these are the Arabic language files, and thank you for supporting us arabic language files Android : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ib4tWanl8Tgr-pLarNrMjMnOqT1w6tmr/view?usp=sharing arabic language files PC : https://drive.google.com/file/d/16-L6ips2zGYcng6yE82aGMR1-3O6LoVe/view?usp=sharing :::::::::::::::::::NOTE::::::::::::::::::::: I think you already know how to add a language and here I want to give you an important note If you have a custom font for your mod, make sure to support it in the Arabic language then Go to Game>Languages>Bundle_ar Open it and scroll down until you find font and font2 and then change the values after the equals sign to the font name assigned to your mod then save youtube video: https://youtu.be/g9CoMaU2kPY
  4. Hi I have great news for the Arab community, and I am among them. I am honored to announce that finally I was able to add the Arabic language in the game. I fixed the lack of letters and their reflection and a lot. It took about three and a half months to work on it. I hope I helped my Arab community for this wonderful strategic game. I only have the translation of messages It will become available and I will also put the Arabic language files if anyone wants to add it to their mod. Thank you all update What you thinkو ش ايكم Update تحديث The Arabic language has been added to all the lists in the game, the remaining civilizations and loading, and then a comprehensive examination to discover any errors in the language, and then the game will be ready. After two weeks or a month, I will upload the Arabic language files to the mod makers. Thank you
  5. Add Arabic Please do not ask you to translate it. I just want you to add all the required files so that the language appears inside the game and be from the right to the left and leave the rest for me from a translation of the game \ I found a file for the Arabic language in an old version of the game and there was an Arabic option In the "Change languages" section, what is your response? We want an answer because there are a lot of Arabic speakers using your game @Łukasz Jakowski
  6. Guest

    Egypt scenario

    just a little scenario that feature ALL the states/governorates within Egypt (+ they all can form egypt, no matter who you play as) egypt scenario.rar this played just like united states and brazil scenario. and don't ask me why i made it, i just did.
  7. i have seen ones with middle east already, but like, there ain't the other ones, you know: The African one. so i made a scenario featuring only countries from middle east and north Africa only. you're welcome. note: and no, i ain't feature any European country cause of refugee crisis and dumb jokes, this is a pure, accurate version of the Arab world, i made this for fun, not politics may 19 update: i wastelanded one provinces and give 4 more for turkey, should be accurate now. may 25 update: i made three new scenarios, one about fascism vs communism, two about world war 1 and 2. thearabworld.rar
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