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About Me

Found 19 results


    Naprawa buga z wczytaniem gry

    Siemka może ktoś z was natknął się na taki problem podczas próby wczytania gry gdy klikacie wczytaj grę gra się wysypuje można to naprawić bez reinstalki gry :] Usuwamy wszystko jak na ss stracimy zapisane gry ale zyskamy możliwość wczytania nowej gry Mam nadzieje że komuś pomogłem ja ten błąd miałem kilka razy i zawsze takim sposobem szło naprawić. Pozdrawiam
  2. Lexus

    Diplomacy view

    When I load save game kick me to main menu then I load save again and it works this Time but when I choose diplomacy map mode the game map start flashing and Then diplomacy mode turns map black
  3. Adx97

    Corrupted save file

    After I load save file it return back to main menu and I load it again but when i try to open diplomacy menu this happen ( attached pic ). Idk why this happen, before I save the game nothing unusual happen. On another game ( same nation, 1440 scenario and delete save file because I can't play it ) The screen turn dark after a few turn after I unpause the game. I restart the app and then... I can't load my save game (turn 425).
  4. AbdoSabry

    Trading bug

    I have never made until now a successful trade even though I gave them provinces for one 1 gold they always refuse ..why is that??!
  5. İsfendiyarBey

    Defeat Bug - Yenildin Hatası

    sonraki tura geçmeyi denediğimde yenildin hatası ile karşılaşıyorum ama resimde göreceğiniz üzere yenilmeme imkan yok. yardım edebilir misiniz? I press the next round button and I'm getting ''defeated'' error. But there is no way to be defeated. Can you help? Yeni Bit Eşlem Resmi.bmp
  6. Mic

    Event Bug.

    Hello Lukasz! I was creating a Cold War scenario with events, in this scenario there are many events, when I went to test, some events did not happen ... I checked several times to see if I found any error that was preventing the event and found nothing, so I assume it is a bug, from time to time it goes, and sometimes not, the event was to leave an independent country in such date, but it did not occur, this is hindering me to create the scenario and spread it to the community. Thank you for reading this topic!
  7. Chexier

    Events auto-corrupting

    In a sunny day, I was making my WW2 scenario. But then I exit the game and entered it again. I started my scenario in specator mode, waited a few turns and realised my events stopped working, even though I didn't modify anything. The events auto-corrupted! Lukasz, you gotta fix those bugs fast.
  8. Dulmassia

    Can't load game with adding province

    Hello I have passed hours of work to understand why when I add a province in update folder after using map editor. I am largely done and I don't want to continue. the game don't run and crashe at beginning when I edit this and adding 4270 instead of 4269 ... { Map: [ { MapName: "Earth", Author: "Łukasz Jakowski", BackgroundName: "AoC2", ContinentsPackage: "Earth6", RegionsPackage: "Earth_AoC2", NumberOfProvinces: 4270, MapScale: 5, WorldMap: true, Scenario: "1440", Wiki: "Earth" }, ], Age_of_Civilizations: Map } If you have reason to explain something I don't understand completely, I will be inactive here.
  9. Strangefancypants

    Military access bug

    So picture this, your playing aoc2 and you get military access to France because you need to attack Aragon. But as your travelling through French land, but apparently Castile also has military access to France. And as your moving through French land a Castilian army moves into the same province that your army is stationed in, now your entire army is just simply gone and now your at war with Castile. Lukasz please fix this
  10. Hiking1

    Weird Name Province

    Meanwhile i was recruiting troops, the name of the province Brighton started to glitch [see pic 1], if i stopped dragging the bar the name doesn't suffer nothing [ see pic 2] pic 1 pic 2 [Offtopic: about the war, yes i won]
  11. Mulky

    Diplomacy not working

    Cannot enter the diplomacy settings on my country and cannot proceed to nest turn. I've tried starting new games but it is still stuck
  12. Tomi

    Alt + Tab glitch

    I found a glitch. When you do Alt + Tab you can't just go back to the game. Game is running in background, but it's impossible to come back 😕
  13. Alongi

    Color Bug in AoC II Android

    Hello guys! I have a problem that annoy me during I play AoC II, if I zoom the map game change color.
  14. the conquest lower

    Save bug (android)

    I played as palestine i saved the game but when i try to load the show blackscreen
  15. Hiking1

    Phantom Troops

    Sometimes troops show up, but when you try to interact with them, the game tells you "No armies recruited here" I see this happens when you are in a massive war and troops are all the time moving in the same direction.
  16. princedemchugdongrub

    Able to colonize without having the right Technology

    So i was playing England in the 1440 start date, and when i was discovering africa i noticed that i could colonize without having the 0.7 Technology, I don't know if this has been noted yet but i hope it is fixed soon.
  17. Maby Baby

    Strange right of passage

    If you give the right of passage to the country with which you are at war, the enemy troops will just walk through your provinces.