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Found 16 results

  1. Chexier


    Tired of playing the vanilla WW2 scenario which has no events or proper balancing? Well, thankfully you've got... WW2-Enriched is a mod focused on the Second World War time period. It's currently very early in development, so expect bugs or missing events. Currently the mod includes: A brand new color pallete New civs (colony vassals, reskinned Germany and Francoist Spain) More flags divisions Leaders for reskinned countries "Second World War" scenario Currently the scenario includes: Spanish Civil War Aftermath of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War Remilitarization of the Rhineland (incomplete) Fixed borders More relations Colony vassals to improve balancing Indian princely states Fixed colonies NEW UPDATE 2019/01/05! Added lots of events to make the game somewhat historically accurate until 1939 Modified Allies Fixed bugs Fixed flags for colony vassals Added more colony vassals NEW (minor) UPDATE 2019/01/07! Balanced some european colonies through events Balanced countries development Removed princely states NEW UPDATE 2019/02/17! Removed puppet SSRS Added more events Imported features from Present Day, such as the UI. Added a soundtrack (Credits to SABATON!) You can use this mod the way you please. Feedback would be appreciated. Google Drive Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rmKhcV-JV5Wc0IB-BYKJIIcc90RGin0K ModDB Link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/ww2-enriched How to install: README.txt! Some photos from the scenario (may be outdated): Events: Preview:
  2. FDrizel

    Seven Years' War 1756

    A scenario involving the world in 1756, just before the start of the Seven Years' War. I have tried my best to recreate the world of 1756, but if I have made any mistakes please feel free to point them out and I will try to correct them. UPDATE 1: First events added -American revolution event for Great Britain in 1776 -Latin American independence events added for Spain at the start of the 19th century -Added an event for Caucasus expansion for the Ottoman Empire -Added cores for more countries (Poland, Lithuania, Catalonia, Gran Colombia, United Provinces of Central America, Mexican Empire, Hungary, Chile, Argentine Confederation, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, United States, Ireland) This is not the final product, still planning on adding more events and still taking suggestions for any events that should be added. New Events: Updated download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ibW3c9KtbFSfDMxeGDdc_s0q5QZOmtkg
  3. gaboemi

    Help with a trigger for events

    What does "Controls Provinces" does? Because i don't seem to understand as what im trying to do doesn't work.
  4. Hello everybody! This is my Scenario, Europe in 1989. I have made events all the way up to 1993 currently, my plans are to have at least a Europe starting in 1989 with events that lead up to a decently accurate modern day scenario, so you can practically watch it in spectator mode like one of those History of Europe - every year videos with little to no interference. How I do this is make an event to create a large non - aggression pact, so the AI doesn't go crazy and make horrifying border gore. Future Updates: More Yugoslav Wars (Yugoslav Wars are actually not finished yet) Expansion of EU alliance events Russian annexation of Crimea events Collapse of the Soviet Union event chain Making it a bit easier to survive and not collapse as the USSR Syrian civil war Pictures: My main goal here is to make the most historically accurate events possible. So if you find any errors, or have any suggestions, PLEASE tell me! In some ways, this can be considered a little less player friendly as not all but a few events may be forced upon you. Want to download it now? http://www.mediafire.com/file/cv14vn98pcixwb4/scenario.rar/file
  5. setapdede

    WW2 Korean War

    This a scenario based on what if korean war happens during the Second World War New nations: -Jeju -Soviet North Korea Events: Effects: You becume North Korea Screenshots: Download WW2KW.zip
  6. Dear, Łukasz Jakowski Me and many content creators lack the ability to change leaders using events. Please add this feature. This will greatly expand the possibilities of your game.
  7. Beter Griffin

    Post apocalypse - 2120

    December 22, 2050, a cold winter day, the very peak of human civilization for centuries to come. But then at 15:30 UTC, tensions over the recent Russian invasion of the Baltics the day before caused NATO to declare war on Russia when Narva fell, Russian predident Alexander Vykov earlier that day warned of 'nuclear interventon' if NATO went to war, but at about 15:51, Russia deployed the nukes, causing America to do the same a few minutes later. by about 17:30, the last nukes hit and the governments hid in bunkers. 300 million died that day. And the nuclear winter and fallout caused 5 billion more to die and for the entire planet to collapse. It wasn't until the mid 2060s that people started getting out of their bunkers and creating new civilizations. the former nations left their bunkers but all but a few were quickly overwhelmed by local powers. by 2120, society was starting to normalize. As usual, many countries went to war. humanity was set back to the industrial age. some former US state governments managed to survive and declare independence. Who will you pick to lead out of the dark age? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Europe Middle east and North africa South asia China Eastern North America ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Link to deeper lore coming soon... Note that you will need WinRAR because I can't convert it into .zip Extract postapocalypse2120 into map/Earth/scenarios Extract civilizations_editor into game/civilizations_editor Extract leaders into game/leaders Might update soon! :) 2120.zip civilizations_editor.rar leaders.rar
  8. AreenLord

    Scenario Ideas!

    Dear Emperors! I want to start making a new scenario and I want your ideas! Tell me which scenario would you like or think would be cool? Just reply and if your idea is already there just upvote it! Your Emperor -AreenLord.
  9. Awesomer2715

    Event shown to every player?

    So I'm creating a mod, which relies heavily on events. So I need to create this one event, which is supposed to be seen by every player, but there's no way I know of in which I can show an event to every player nation. Is there a way to do this?
  10. CassalettIV

    Events doesn't work? (Ver. 1.0.1415)

    Hello everyone. I'm having an issue with the editor. The events doesn't work. They don't show up in-game and they don't appear in the scenario selection screen (where it says "events: yes/no") Anyone knows if i have to turn something on? Without events the scenarios feel boring 😞
  11. Jaggwagg

    Copy and Paste Events

    I have noticed that while making tons of events, there is not copy/duplicate event button. This would be extremely helpful in creating multiple events of the same type.
  12. Simon

    Non-working events

    I and many of my friends who play on Android do not have events.In the editor I put the events and the start date when the events are coming, they do not work.
  13. Chexier

    Events auto-corrupting

    In a sunny day, I was making my WW2 scenario. But then I exit the game and entered it again. I started my scenario in specator mode, waited a few turns and realised my events stopped working, even though I didn't modify anything. The events auto-corrupted! Lukasz, you gotta fix those bugs fast.
  14. Note: Some terms such as boolean and condition are used interchangeably. Option is used to describe a button that appears underneath an event. Currently, the event editor is the only way that a modder can actually mod in new mechanics into the game without reverse-engineering the game by extracting the .jar, decompiling all the classes in it, editing the .java files within the .jar, then re-compiling the .jar, and then repackaging it within the exe. Thus, a number of things would be proposed: 1) The Event Editor will now have multiple scopes, for instance, each event will be capable of having multiple recipients, and the following scopes would also be added: Any Civilization - Any country that fulfills the booleans set forth in the event. All Civilizations - This would be useful for historical flavour/news events, and it would send the message to all countries that meet the booleans. Random Civilization - This would get sent out to a Random civilization. 2) New condition(s) to preclude the scopes aforementioned. A new suggested condition/boolean gor the aforementioned scopes would be the following: Is Civ - Checks if the event recipient is a corresponding civilization. Civ - A civ could harbour sub-booleans/conditions, such as what its' government is, what decisions it took, etc. This would be used to differentiate the condition in order to ensure that it was applied locally, and not globally when needed. 3) Bug-fixing the event editor and event checking processes. Currently, the event editor is bugged in some respects. For instance, the description text field will simply run off the screen and you can no longer see what you're typing, without exiting the description keyboard input, and then waiting for the entire message to scroll by. Secondly, the events need to be checked every turn. Right now, this is not happening, and thus when all the booleans of an event have been fulfilled, they shall remain rendered as true, even when player or AI actions have now turned the booleans false. For instance, if I have a condition that is repeatable, and it checks if I am at war with the United States, and then popup, it will continue popping up even after I am at peace, or even allies with the United States. 4) Event Organization. Right now, there seems to be absolutely no event organization, except for event chains, and that rarely. The problem with this is once you start having 100, 200, 300 events, you can't find the event you need to alter very easily. Therefore, event organization must exist. I personally proposed that it be organized in a likewise manner to the Add Civilizations dialog: In an alphabetical manner with a search box. This would also apply to the Decision Taken effect, and the Trigger Another Event effect, and also the variable effects mentioned below. 5) Variables. Imagine how much potential for modding there would be with variables. This would come with new effects, such as mathematical operators on variables. Add to Variable, Subtract from Variable, Multiply a Variable, Divide a Variable. Numeric variables are fine for now, but Strings and Arrays should be Considered for adding in the future. Of course, variables could be checked as a condition or boolean. A variable could also be set to a selected province and refer to a province. Variables would also be able to be shown in event descriptions. 6) Options having Conditions. An option would only show up if all the conditions set forth in its' conditions field are fulfilled. This would be useful in cases such as a decision mechanic, where people could only see the decisions they could actually take. 7) Static modifiers. Static modifiers would be similar to the modifiers added or applied to leaders or technological buffs provided by invested technology buffs. This would come with an array of new effects, namely things like attack bonus, defence bonus, economic growth, et cetera. 8 ) Build <Building> effect. This would be a dynamic effect that added the ability for an event to build any building, either a custom building, or a default building in a province. Examples would include Build Fort, Build Port, Build Farm, et cetera. 9) Buildings Editor. This would allow you to modify, create, and delete buildings. Buildings would then be provided User defined buffs. Building names for different levels of a building could be defined. 10) Selected province scope. This would be used in conjunction, or be a valid input for effects such as Build <Building>. It would be into two effects: Selected Domestic Province, and Selected International Province. Selected Domestic Province would only be appli cable if the player selected a province under his control, whereas Selected International Province would only be applicable to a province not under the Player's control. 11) Change Leader effect. Enough of immortal President Donald Trump being El Presidente for life in the year 2472. A Change Leader effect would allow the leader to be changed to somebody else. 12) Technology Editor. This would allow for new technological categories to be user-defined.
  15. CassalettIV

    Suggestions for Events

    I like to use the scenario editor. The events are by far the best tool for scenarios. You can make historical outcomes and fun gameplay. Still, the events needs some important options. One is the possibility to add description to events. You can put custom images to your events, yes. But a event needs a backstory or a explanation of what is going on. This can't be simply explained with a title. Other option is to add a "if AI controlled" condition. This is a important condition because if one, for example, wants to make an historical ww2 scenario with events, it would be annoying to be messed by AI-aimed events with nations that have those. This can be fixed with a "Turn AI-based events on?" event at the start of a scenario, but imagine just all the events you'll have to make, for every nation that needs some. I will keep commenting on this post as i think of more ideas. Happy conquering.
  16. Der Kaiser

    Country Decisions

    This game needs something like an event but it would be optional if you would want to trigger it. It would make the game more interesting and easier to make historical scenarios like ww1 or ww2. It could also be a cost of taking a decision (adjustable in editor whether it would be diplo points , gold , movement points or all). Could work as events but optional.