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Found 6 results

  1. Crowns Of Iron IV 3.0 Coming Soon ꖦ New Systems ꖦ Ⓐ | New Trading System Ⓐ | New Soldier , Aircraft , Tank , Shipping System Ⓐ | New Party System Ⓐ | New National Idea Systems Ⓐ | New Capitulate System Ⓐ | New Mechanics ꖦ Dlc System ꖦ Ⓐ | By Adding Dlc System to the Game, Script Complexity and Beautiful Appearance Was Obtained in the Game Ⓐ | Added "Real World" Dlc Ⓐ | Added "Unexpected End" Dlc ꖦ Scenarios ꖦ Ⓐ | Starting from 1900, there will be at least 70 scenarios that will go until 2022. Ⓐ | There will be 20 scenarios in the "Unexpected End" DLC. ꖦ Events And Events ꖦ Ⓐ | There are Events in the Main and Necessary Scenarios of the Mod Ⓐ | There are Trade and Event Chains Provided with Events in the Mode. ꖦ New Party System And National Focus System ꖦ Ⓐ | A New Party System has been added to the mod, increasing the variety of the mod Ⓐ | An Idea System With Hoi4 TE Has Been Added With The National Focus Added To Fashion Ⓐ | The Leader's Ideology Has Been Determined with the Ideology Indication System Added to the Fashion ꖦ Icons And Fonts ꖦ Ⓐ | The Font of the Game is 100% Hoi4 Font Ⓐ | Icons Are Icons in Hoi4 ꖦ Sound And Music ꖦ Ⓐ | Modified Most Sounds in the Mod Ⓐ | There Are About 30 Music In The Mode. ꖦ | Stand By For More BatheniX And Milliyetsiz , Oğuzhan | ꖦ
  2. Age of Civilizations II - Crowns Of Iron IV Mod Modified by bpm Crowns Of Iron IV is a Hearts Of Iron IV patch for Age of Civilizations II. This mod adds new features to the game. Updates or magazines every month in bimonthly mode. So what are the features of the mod? FEATURES: -+170 model -Party system is added -Ideological system Adding - HOI4 - Map of Europe (+4500 States) -+1500 City Name for HOI4 Map - Newly improved HRE (Holy Roman Empire) System - New Formattable Systems Some Countries - Over 431 New Leaders -43 Formable Civilizations -HOI4 Civilizations Colors for all scenarios -HOI4 Extended Timeline Scenarios -Improved Graphics -Faster Rotation Transition Speeds -HOI4 Interface -HOI4 Icons -HOI4 Music -HOI4 War Announcement Sound -Improved WW1 Scenario - Improved WWII Scenario -New Flag Effect -New Type -New Game Logo -Compatible Versions for Windows and Android RESİMLER-VİDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynVk-6uxyLM YouTube Kanalı: https://www.youtube.com/c/BatınBurhan Discord Sunucusu: https://discord.gg/aSUy4rZTPM
  3. TR Herkese merhaba. Türünün tek örneği bir Avrupa modu olan Crowns Of Iron IV şu anda güncellenme sürecindedir. HOI 4'ten sonra modellenen bu mod ilerlemeye devam edecek. mod Avrupa'yı içerir Toplamda 4.000'den fazla il bana ulaşın yardım(discord) :Batın Burhan #8314 Youtube kanalı: https://www.youtube.com/c/BatinBurhan/featured özellikler -yeni yazı tipi - Daha Yüksek Tur Dönüşü Hızları - Yeni Oyun Logosu - yeni müzik - Yeni Savaş Sesi - yeni HOI4 Panelleri - 60'tan fazla senaryo - 1. 2. Dünya Savaşı etkinlikleri - Dönüş yolu seçimi - yeni savaş Seçenekleri - yeni uyarlanabilir uygarlıklar - yeni lider resimleri - yeni arazi türü resimleri - yeni renk paleti - windows için uyumlu sürümler Mod hakkında yorum yapın veya bana tepki verin. Görüntüler yapımcılar 1.BATIN BURHAN
  4. Mobil Kron Demir IV çıktı. Videonun açıklamalarıyla ilgili linkten indirilenler.
  5. Bu video daha Heaarts of Stone modunun %10'udur bu size modun nasıl olacağı hakkında ufak bir fragmandır Hearts Of Stone'un amacı size harika bir aoh2 deneyimi sunmak ve size HOI4 oynuyormuş gibi hissetmektir bundan dolayı senaryolar az ama kaliteli olacaktır Modda Olacak Özellikler +Hearts Of Iron 4 simgeleri +Hearts Of Iron 4 sesleri ve müzikleri +Yeni ideolojiler ve ideoloji simgeleri +5 tane Hoı4 senaryosu olacak +Tüm büyük devletlere fokus ağacı Modda olacak Senaryolar +The Great War +The Gathering Storm +Cold War +Millenium Dawn (2000 ve 2018) Eğer mod beğenilirse V1.5'le yeni senaryolar eklenecek
  6. ENG Hello to everyone. I started launching an unprecedented European mode. This mode is a mode that continues to move forward, modeling the HOI4. mod includes Europe More than 4,000 provinces in total If you want to help, you can reach me without conflict (Batın Burhan # 5278) Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BatınBurhan/featured features -new font - Faster Turn Transition Speeds - New Game Logo - New music - New Battle Sound - new HOI4 panels - very realistic HOI4 interface -60+ scenarios - 1st and 2nd world war event - Way return path selection - new leaders newly shaped civilizations -New terrain type visuals - brand new color pack - Compatible Versions for Windows and Android -You can comment or react to me on fashion. Current states Small view of the developing interface. PRODUCERS -Batin Burhan
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