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  1. ENGLISH I recently wanted to play the Conquerors 2.0 mod by a Turkish producer named Kerem Yilmaz because I liked version 1.5.1. When I started testing the mod, I found that the Bloody Europe codes were tried to be stolen, but The game is full of bugs and it came out weeks or months after it was supposed to. I'm on his discord server and on the last day of making the mod 14 kids were randomly recruited. And if you think I'm slandering them, no. Because I realized that this was not noticed by anyone. And I don't think it's right that the labor of the Russians should be stolen and looked at. According to the information given by a friend working in the mod, the map was finished in the last 3 weeks, you can understand how sloppy it is from here. The release date was postponed 4 times, they could not make the mod for about 2 years, and the user interface of the mod is exactly the same as 1.5.1. And while playing this mod I encountered all the bugs from all the old versions I played in bloody europe. They stole Bloody Europe features from old and new updates. Other than the features, the code is exactly the same as the old versions of Bloody Europe. When I told my friend that I wrote this blog about the mod, he said complete fall. When you took 50% of the country from Bloody Europe, the whole country was stolen. Please let's not steal people's work. You can test it if you don't believe me. RUSSIAN (РУССКИЙ) Недавно я захотел поиграть в мод Conquerors 2.0 от турецкого продюсера по имени Керем Йилмаз, потому что мне понравилась версия 1.5.1. Игра полна ошибок и была выпущена через несколько недель или месяцев после того, как должна была выйти. Я нахожусь на его сервере discord и 14 случайных детей были взяты в последний день производства мода.И если вы думаете, что я пытаюсь оклеветать их имя, то нет.Потому что я понял, что это не было замечено никем.И я не считаю правильным воровать и заботиться о труде русских. По информации от друга, работающего в этом моде, можно понять, насколько небрежно была закончена карта за последние 3 недели. Дата релиза переносилась 4 раза, они не смогли сделать мод примерно за 2 года, а UI мода точно такой же, как 1.5.1. И я столкнулся с ошибками во всех старых версиях, в которые я играл в кровавой европе, пока играл в этот мод. Они украли функции Bloody Europe в старых и новых обновлениях.Кроме функций, коды точно такие же, как в старых версиях Bloody Europe.Когда я сказал своему другу, что я написал этот блог об этом моде, он сказал, что полное падение страны, когда Bloody Europe захватила 50% страны, было полностью украдено.Пожалуйста, давайте не будем красть труд людей.Если вы не верите, вы можете проверить это. TURKISH (TÜRKÇE) Geçenlerde Kerem Yılmaz adlı Türk yapımcının Conquerors 2.0 modunu oynamak istedim çünkü 1.5.1 sürümünü beğendim. Modu test etmeye başladığımda Bloody Europe kodlarının çalınmaya çalışıldığını ancak Oyun buglarla dolu ve çıkması gereken tarihten haftalar hatta aylar sonra çıktı. Onun discord sunucusundayım ve modun yapımının son gününde rastgele 14 çocuk alındı.Ve onların adına iftira attığımı düşünüyorsanız hayır.Çünkü bunun kimse tarafından fark edilmediğini fark ettim. Ve ben rusların emeğinin çalınıp bakılmasını doğru bulmayın. Modda çalışan bir arkadaşın verdiği bilgiye göre harita son 3 haftada bitti ne kadar özensiz olduğunu buradan anlayabilirsiniz. Çıkış tarihi 4 kez ertelendi yaklaşık 2 yıldır modu yapamadılar , ve modun kullanıcı arayüzü 1.5.1 ile tamamen aynıdır. Ve bu modu oynarken kanlı avrupa'da oynadığım tüm eski sürümlerdeki tüm hatalarla karşılaştım. Bloody Europe özelliklerini eski ve yeni güncellemelerden çalmışlar. Özellikler dışında kod Bloody Europe'un eski versiyonları ile birebir aynı. Arkadaşıma mod hakkında bu blogu yazdığımı söylediğimde komple sonbahar dedi. Bloody Europe'dan ülkenin %50'sini aldığınızda ülkenin tamamı çalındı. Lütfen insanların emeğini çalmayalım. İnanmıyorsanız test edebilirsiniz. NEW EVIDENCE AND CONVERSATIONS FROM MOD WORK:ADD This image is from 1 day before the mod was made and is proof that on the last day, a team of 20 people gathered and asked for 20 scenarios to be made per 3 people and made people make 60 sloppy scenarios in one day. Proof that the video below is not a fake bandicam_2023-04-23_18-40-26-614.mp4 Proof that the technology map was drawn in a sloppy and inaccurate way on the last day is below: "When you make Iberia, the technology of the whole world changes.By the way, the game came out on the 18th of that month and the messages are from the 17th. The following conversation belongs to one of the 14 people who were taken on the last day, he actually wrote a comment on this post, but he deleted it to avoid being banned from kerem yılmaz's server. This is Kerem Yilmaz's friend named Ulutas, who was a friend of Kerem Yilmaz in the old times, and later Ulutas, when he approached Kerem Yilmaz, he sent a keylogger by a friend and deleted his videos. His friend did not accept this because he loved Kerem Yilmaz very much, and we made him accept it at the last moment while talking to him. Apart from that, this friend said that Kerem Yilmaz was looking for a paid map maker in the last day, but only 1 person other than him deleted the messages because he knew. I WILL ADD THE EVIDENCE AS I FIND IT! April 25, 2023 New Evidence If you do not understand the proof that he is looking for a paid cartographer for the mod map that he has not been able to grow for 2 years in recent days, you can translate it through translate.
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