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About Me

Found 18 results

  1. JeongHun-Seo

    Korea Map Version 0.2

    Korea map Version 0.2 Incheon,Seoul and Gyeonggi is complete. and now beta version is open. province name reading Si = city Gun = county Gu = district Line Red Line = State Line Pink Line = province Line Korea.zip
  2. JeongHun-Seo

    korea map

    Korea map Version 0.1 Incheon complete.
  3. Simon

    San andreas: battleground gang 18+

    Карта игры GTA San Andreas. У нас будет множество сценариев о бандитских войнах
  4. Dulmassia

    A bit different earth map

    Hello all I me ask if someone would like that I create a fictive map inspired from earth but with few different details. As you can see I began to do provinces but I will like to get experts for my modding. It's a mod collab, just for a new map. propositions: - new pangea : - earth map with separated shield ( keep the shields/craton and change randomly their positions ) - a little different earth map map test : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tCFoXDj1JU5GPGFKl-PatBeIUdTGnpp1 cordialy
  5. WIP The idea is to make the ck2 map with ALL its provinces and transfer its bookmarks, minimum High Middle Ages (1066) I need help with the scenarios, so i will leave the work i have available for download for bug reporting and support Provinces done: 15% 301 / 1994 Screenshots Download Recommended Mods: Update Log:
  6. JeongHun-Seo

    Android AOC2 map add

    I want android AOC2 add map, but I don't know that. If you know, pls help me.
  7. BrakeCoachStudios

    LESS Provinces(AOC2 Medium Map Project)

    This Medium Map project was started in Google+ after the Mars Project. It's objectives were to extend the historical border accuracy in the original map of AOC1, while creating some actual provinces or countries merged with other provinces/countries in the original AOC map. This project started when I noticed that there was no territorial changes between Germany and Poland before/after WW1. I also noticed the lack of Konigsberg/Kaliningrad in the map. That lead me to draw new province borders to create more historic accuracy in original AOC scenarios. First was Poznan, then Austrian Galicia, East Prussia, Pre/Post WW1 borders, the borders after the Vienna Award, along with making new provinces to balance the province amount of the countries. As you can see, this map not only has minimum provinces, but you could also create scenarios like WW1/2, 1440(mostly), 5AD, the American Civil War, Ancient Korean Kingdoms, the expansion of the US, the European Colonialism Era, and other historic events. This would not only create simple gameplay but also revive the old AOC map with better border accuracy. This was initially called the Medium Map Project, but I am changing the name into LESS Provinces.
  8. Lexus

    Blank new map

    Have someone blank map with actual provinces?
  9. BrakeCoachStudios

    Mars Project - The Beginning

    At last, Ive found my old map of Mars. But I don’t know if this is copyrighted or not, so I will ask the original creator when everything is set. So here is my whole concept of this map/scenario I will upload a test version of this map which is basically just a map with minimum provinces Civilizations included: Mars -Martian Republic(Original vertical flag) -Martian Republic(Horizontal flag) -Mars(Monarchy) -Mars(Fascist) - (will get up with a better flag later) -Mars(Communist) Earth -Federation of Earth -(the US, European Mars(EU flag), China, Russia are just in the game so I would not be posting it here) You could form the Republic of Mars(or any idealogy) when you conquered the whole planet, or you could just simply start as it. Thank you for viewing. Updates will be announced HERE.
  10. ' New Map mod! (in development)
  11. Hello, I've made a map of Silesian Voivodeship for Age of Civilizations II. I'm still working on it, and yet it's not finished so you can except some problems. In case of such please let me know. Things to-be-done: - province names - more civilizations - better background image Here is the link for download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/j2sl40m5jn99mb0/UpperSilesia_v0.4.1.rar/file WARNING: Dont use version 0.4 as it has no background and may cause unwanted effects. Installation is very easy, just unpack rar file in Age of Civilizations II folder. In case it doesn't work, please tell me. Thanks in advance for any opinions 🙂
  12. faqgriezz


    Hello, I'm creating a great mod for AOC2 called "faqgriezz's civilizations 2 mod". It'll consist of few little mods (made by me): -Blue & White UI style (ready) -Brighter Water (ready) -New Ideologies (in development) -New Scenarios (in development) -New Civilizations (in development) -New things in editor (in development) -New audio mod (in development) -New fonts (ready) There are instalation tutorial of ready mods: Blue & White style:ENG1.Open Steam folder, then Steam->steamapps->common->Age Of Civilizations 22.Make a backup of "UI" file if you'll want to turn on old style back3.Paste "UI" file with mod to Age Of Civilizations 2 folder4.It should work now, enjoy your new AOC2 Style!download link:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1do--kuF_MbBewZfozcPuuERDFaaYUCmlP.S. REMEMBER TO CHANGE UI SCALE TO 1!POL1.Wejdź w folder Age Of Civilizations (czyli musisz wejsc tam gdzie zainstalowales steama, potem Steam->steamapps->common->Age Of Civilizations 2)2.Zrób sobię kopie folderu UI na wypadek gdyby coś nie zadziałało lub chciałbyś odinstalować moda3.Plik UI który pobrałeś ode mnie wklej do folderu Age Of Civilizations 2 (podmień go za poprzedni)4.Teraz wszystko powinno już działać, odpal grę i ciesz się modem!link do pobrania:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1do--kuF_MbBewZfozcPuuERDFaaYUCmlP.S. PAMIĘTAJ ZMIENIĆ SKALĘ UI NA 1! Brighter Water: ENG 1.Open Steam folder, then Steam->steamapps->common->Age Of Civilizations 2->map 2.Paste "backgrounds" file with mod to "map" folder 3.It should work now, enjoy! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dD4IrsSYY5WY0aSEcvysyDHYjlVV5Usi?usp=sharing POL 1.Wejdź w folder Steama, potem steam->steamapps->common->Age Of Civilizations 2->map 2.Wklej folder "backgrounds" który pobrałeś do foldera "map" 3.Powinno już działać, odpal grę i ciesz się modem! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dD4IrsSYY5WY0aSEcvysyDHYjlVV5Usi?usp=sharing New fonts: ENG 1.Open Steam folder, then Steam->steamapps->common->Age Of Civilizations 2->game 2.Paste "fonts" folder with mod to "game" folder 3.It should work now. Enjoy https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1B1amTWnKUN9CzwcdJB6ZvKI2vqOInsBY?usp=sharing POL: 1.Wejdź w folder Steama, potem steam->steamapps->common->Age Of Civilizations 2->game 2.Wklej folder "fonts" który pobrałeś do foldera "game" 3.Już powinno działać, odpal grę i ciesz się modem! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1B1amTWnKUN9CzwcdJB6ZvKI2vqOInsBY?usp=sharing
  13. trainhead1201

    Elder Scrolls

    UPDATE: The map is finally done. Here are the links for the things and how to put them in your game. The Civilization folders: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yE3CkCa0FHAqAHWcWWBxbid6jDX7R4uu?usp=sharing Put these in Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Age of Civilizations II > game > civlization_editor The actual map: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Zl9jf8v-y14diR_CEng8VCT9Lqi2RjJi?usp=sharing Put this in Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Age of Civilizations II > maps Also, in that location, there is a JSON file called Age_Of_Civilizations. In that JSON file, you can see that it contains all of the Map folders. You will need to do the same with the Elder Scrolls map; { Folder: "elderScrolls" }, Enjoy!
  14. BrakeCoachStudios

    Terraformed Mars Project

    So basically I was the first one who was working on this project from the community in Google+. I was working on it, and stopped. After someone copied exactly what i was doing and pretended that he didnt understand what i was saying, I kinda stopped there. But I think I could make a new one again I didn't delete the older map, but I don't know if I could use that in AOC2, so I am going to trace the map into a new one. I hope there is no map of mars made yet. Is there an any "official" program for drawing AOC2 maps? Thank you. Updates will be up after I get the map again.
  15. Dulmassia

    Can't load game with adding province

    Hello I have passed hours of work to understand why when I add a province in update folder after using map editor. I am largely done and I don't want to continue. the game don't run and crashe at beginning when I edit this and adding 4270 instead of 4269 ... { Map: [ { MapName: "Earth", Author: "Łukasz Jakowski", BackgroundName: "AoC2", ContinentsPackage: "Earth6", RegionsPackage: "Earth_AoC2", NumberOfProvinces: 4270, MapScale: 5, WorldMap: true, Scenario: "1440", Wiki: "Earth" }, ], Age_of_Civilizations: Map } If you have reason to explain something I don't understand completely, I will be inactive here.
  16. ageofpartan

    map editor

    I do not know what to say, but my game keeps closing. I can not put my provinces in the game. ;-;
  17. Strangefancypants

    Can you make your own map?

    I want to make a map of westeros and I've tried the "edit province background" tool but it dosn't work well. Is there any good way to make your own map