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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You heard that right, TSGW is getting updated. This mod is focused on the Second World War, with even more events then before! Brought to you by @Italian PeC, IdiotFBG, @3dddies and me. Special thanks to: @Emir of Granada and @PHZanoniGamer This update was first meant to aim at historical events, but with help of Eddie I am able to add 10+ non-historical paths as well. I will post mod updates here but you will get to see progress quicker in our discord server: https://discord.gg/fDzHXfGnJC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From Italy putting the Pope in charge, America digging up George Washington, Latvia getting couped by the White Army, Monaco couped by Pirates and much more you can have a lot of fun in the next update, with a lot of possibilities. Ai is set to mostly prefer going the historical route but here and then you can see the Ai choose non-historical events. Ideologies have also been buffed, most notably Socialism and National Socialism. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we have finished so far A lot of bug fixes have been made as well, from Italy not capitulating to border gore ( Which is mostly fixed ) Balancing changes have been made for France, Germany and Italy. France and Germany got a slight buff while Italy was nerfed, so now Italy can possibly lose against Abyssinia. New mechanic of requesting help from other nations ( via resources ) has been added which can greatly change the outcome of the Spanish, American or any other civil war in the future. Leaders now have descriptions and some have been buffed, multiple leaders have been added for historical reasons. Map of USGW beta 0.6 We have added more civilizations to the map to make the game more historically accurate. This is the new terrain map We also added new Terrain buffs and debuffs to make it more strategically oriented, with that we also fixed some terrain positions to be more accurate ( like mountains in the Balkans ) New leader images. Every leader will have new and improved leader images in the future A new mechanic that will be used in the future is two leaders leading one nation, one having more power then the other. For example Yugoslavia, Prince Paul is the main leader until Peter II becomes of age. If you decide to go against the second leader or get rid of him, a civil war supporting the second leader would form. In the case of Yugoslavia, if Paul decides to go Fascist the Serbian army will put Peter II in charge If the Serbian army fails to put Peter II in charge a civil war will start When two leaders lead a nation their buffs merge In case of Andorra they lose the Spanish buffs once the Spanish civil war begins Example images Some leaders like Benito Mussolini proceed to change their appearance after a change of Ideology First image is socialist and second fascist Mussolini Every nation formable via event will have custom flags for different ideologies Example Lithuania-Curonia -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What to expect Events will have support for multiple languages, while currently only English in the future Russian, Serbo-Croat and a few more can be expected. Events lasting till 1950 and beyond. After ww2 is done and the allies win, now you will keep most of the territory you conquered if you were on the allied side. ( For example if you won against the Soviets and Germans as Poland, previously you would lose your land, but now you should keep most of it ). Events for most of the countries in the scenario. More mechanics added along the way. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/183258-age-of-history-ii-the-second-great-war-mod-by-italian-pc-🎆version-11-just-released🎆/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The beta version is here! Any bugs that you come across please report. pc: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ct8tHdvTiP_Qzd68mpjKr_Kit4miVjFz/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P4E6Qd4nXxy8fiCuywrofOwfZEJp0L1K/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UstmIxpS-v6mMNvm3JjKiXDTTd-9hxr_/view?usp=sharing Events.rar is for event images Music.rar is for music mobile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gNR-rcb3bMwc--mShfzFzW-1ONNs-MT6/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gX3yLShHom238Fz5z5gAr0cRkn4YE_X4/view?usp=drivesdk "USGW v0.6_musicn't" doesnt have music v0.5 old | 300 new events and new mechanics v0.6 | 100 new events, border and event fixes Android support will not be available immediately, but will be something we will focus on after every update Q: What are our plans for the future of TSGW? 1. Our plans for the future updates of TSGW consist of giving events to almost every country in the game 2. To that we will also work in co-operation with UWUT to bring a better experience to TSGW using the "UWUT engine" 3. To make the events hopefully go up to the year 1964, having endless possibilities for end game maps All ideas and recommendations will be heard out, you can recommend them in the Discord server or here.
  2. Some time ago I worked on a mod for this game called "Gathering Storm", it started in 1936 and aimed to imitate the mechanics of HOI4 as much as possible through events. Obviously it never reached its final version, and as time went by I stopped being inspired to continue as a result of the lack of mechanical possibilities to implement. Uwut engine revived my incentive to return, but this time I'll modify my perspective with the mod, and completely discard the idea of focus trees. My idea is to be able to advance with the development in conjunction with the updates that Uwut engine receives and without rush or pressure from absolutely anyone. Color Palette Dual portraits for most countries Elections for democratic countries according to the historical date Images as terrain for the main capitals New ideologies Authoritarian Oligarchic Moderatism Marxist Leninist Anarchist Fascism Nazism Falangist Conservatism Liberalism Socialism Nationalist New UI Economic, Social and War Events Leaders who change throughout the stage Holy Roman Empire system replaced by League of Nations Events to build/acquire technology or new structures in important provinces Diplomatic events for most countries according to history Possibility of following a democratic, monarchical or dictatorial path (AI will always choose what is historically correct) Capitulation events for most countries World map credit: Simplified Sam / Aka Based
  3. ⚠️THIS MOD IS NOT FINISHED YET, SO PLEASE, DON'T ASK THE LINK UNTIL I RELEASE AN UPDATE⚠️ This mod is easy to understand: "The World, but if it was divided", and by "divided", I mean in all therms (separatist/autonomist movement, ethnicity, hisotry...) It includes: -New Civilizations -New scenarios (Multiple splitted version of the modern world) -New ideologies -New Music -New Map -and maybe more ! Like I said, it's WIP for now, I will release a version when I fully finished the Modern World. Hope you are interested in this, and I just want to say that this is the first time I post an AOC2 mod, so, take it easy. (and sorry for my bad english, I'm french). I really want to hear your opinion on my project. There's my Discord ID if you wanna ask me something: Lucki#7270, but please, be kind. And there's a Discord server too ! The link: https://discord.gg/vub2Z2ezU4 Status: on Discord If you want to see more information about my other projects, or about Splitted world, join the server Discord above !
  4. The grandest project in age of history 2's history yet. This mod, made from the maker of "The Second Great War" will revolutionize and forever change the way you play age of History 2, by making the game into an entirely new experience, more difficult yet more interesting. The mod will focus on the concept of Empire in the modern era's terms, like colonial empires and expansionist states, as well as a new and more in depth look into your country and what events happened to it between the eras. The mod will add over 30 new scenarios, hundreds of new countries, alternate histories, real histories and much more. THE MAIN FOCUS: The main starting date is in 1815, just after the Congress of Vienna. This mod introduces objectives which your nation will need to complete to gain bonuses and the upper hand on other countries of the era, through the new ideology-based system of "industrialization". Following 5 ideologies, the development level of your country will go from uncivilized, to civilized, to non-industrialized (where European and colonial nations start as) , to partially industrialized, and finally industrialized. These ideologies will allow for greater growth and bigger armies as you upgrade them, bringing to armies on the hundreds of thousands being a normality in AOI (Age of Imperialism)'s battles. Aggressiveness has also been reworked, with the minimum now being 0% , which is highly suggested for scenarios with events. Among other things, AOI will include: - a new exclusive map created by the fusion of all terrain maps from the popular game Victoria II👑 - over 200 new provinces to make borders look better and create better "greater countries"⚔️ - 30 new scenarios 💥 - 5 scenarios of the 30 will include events ( for example the highly anticipated realistic world war 1 scenario, and the world war 2 scenario coming straight from The Second Great War mod, so you will be able to delete that mod since this one will include it in it's entirety)⚜️ -1 completely new "CONGRESS OF VIENNA" scenario with objectives, revolutions, industrialization mechanics, new colonial mechanics , historical and alternate history events and much more.⚙️ - A completely new UI✅ - new music🎶 This project is being worked on by a small modding team (Starfruit, Greenlion, James, stefan ecc...) headed by Italian P&C, so the progress, although slow, will keep going forward. It is my intention to release the mod this summer, as soon as it is finished. The only thing asked in exchange for the working on this mod is that you subscribe to the mod's creator on Youtube, Italian P&C: https://youtube.com/channel/UCD-hWGkNIC8PaEEcA2bnV5g JOIN THE DISCORD NOW TO GET MORE INFORMATIONS AND ACHIEVEMENTS:https://discord.gg/H7EEf44QjS PC RELEASE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GXxn9qzyWuryq4p5neKcpUNo4I67UAfj/view?usp=share_link ANDROID RELEASE:https://drive.google.com/file/d/14brcKEZk6manE6Dlm4uWvLYc8fwpCt4Q/view?usp=drivesdk VERSION 1.3 BETA
  5. Hello my name is Barkley Churchill, I wants to ask For real now, to Lucas only one question I have in mind, and I believe that I speaks for all members on Aoh 2 community when I ask this: “Do you have plans to do Aoh 3?” That is the question. In one of the kerem yilmaz post mod if I'm not mistaken, you said next would be Aoh 3 with rts, is this a joke or are you being for real during that time? Please answer Brother Lucas sir, like you rarely answer questions you are getting, [it's felt unfair to gives away likes and yes brother did pins some of the thread by modders, but mostly are silent when it comes to questions like this, I am a huge fans of your works as Aoh 2 is probably gotta be the best turn base strategy game in play store for me ehehe If only brother Lucas or someone managed to add units type availability like hol4, perhaps this goes booming even further lol Which I understand, quite impossible, hence the importance of Aoh 3 I will accept any answer you gave me, as long it's honest, straight up answer, just no bullshit. Brother used to answer questions and chat with us a bit, what's stopping brother from answering now, really? I'm curious So what be your answer Brother Lucas?
  6. AoH2 Red Flood Red Flood is a modification for AoH2 that raises the question "What if no one won the Great War?" The main premise of this mod follows the aftermath of a prolonged and an even more brutal Great War that gave rise to political chaos and extremism throughout the world. Successful Spartakist revolutions seize power in Germany, while France is taken over by futurist-accelerationist Avant-Garde movements. Countries that currently have content: Germany France Japan Russian Empire (and Novorossiya) Zheltorossiya Kavkaz Society Southeastern Union Kazan Military District Grand Duchy of Finland Far Eastern General Governorate Poland United States Download links: Android Link PC Link Important: Play on 0% AI Aggressiveness and 50% Gamespeed otherwise the events will not work as intended. External links: Official Discord Server Credits: AoH2 TNO for several game codes. (Do note that this mod is an AoH2 port of the Red Flood mod for HoI4.)
  7. This simple tool allows to quickly and easily port PC mods to android. (Basically its gradle project, configured to port things to Android) You dont need the code of the mod to port it. Only the jar and some folders from mod's installation folder. DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11XV1Q4sfZWrG_v0qq9V9tLSZTuAxeVvG/view?usp=sharing Features Code portation Automatic portation of Maps/Scenarios/Textures/Sounds Outputs android application, no dex manipulations needed. Instruction: Download and unzip the archive Open «local.properties» file and add full path to «sdk» folder (for example sdk.dir = «C:\\Users\\UserName\\Downloads\\AndroidPorter\\SDK») (Double backslashes are necesseary) Copy jar file of your mod into «libs» folder and rename it into «lib.jar» Copy folders game, map, music, saves, sounds, UI and files ic_32x32.ico, ic_32x32.png from your mod installation folder into «assets» folder. The amount of files in "assets" folder should be less than 65000. Delete some maps if you have over 65000 files. You will also need to remove map related lines from AgeOfCivilizations.json which is located in assets/map folder. Launch «Port.bat» More instructions are in the archive. You can contact me on discord: foxpaw474
  8. Discord server: https://discord.gg/qr9zZpKErP Codex Dacanium: Terra (formerly War of the Eight Continents) is a total overhaul mod for Age of History II, featuring an all-new, balanced world inspired by various popular fantasy series. It is currently under complete remake, with a completely new map with 9,657 provinces, better and more complex history and scenarios, while also retaining the civilizations from before the remake and giving them a whole new lore. Current Codex Dacanium: Terra version: Beta 1.0 (PC), Alpha 1.3.6 (Android) DOWNLOAD LINKS Beta 1.0 files (latest PC): Download mod for PC Release Date: 31 August 2023 (open README.txt file for instructions) (210 MB compressed, 241 MB uncompressed) Alpha 1.3.6 files (latest Android): Download mod for Android Release Date: 16 September 2023 (sorry for being this late!) (160 MB), best played with 8-core devices Beta 1.0 for Android is coming soon, as soon as I receive enough feedback on the new game code for PC. Older versions: Alpha 1.3.5: Download patch for PC Download mod for Android (160 MB) Alpha 1.3.1: Download patch for PC Download mod for Android (160 MB) Alpha 1.3: Download mod for PC (171/195 MB) Download mod for Android (160 MB) Alpha 1.2: Download mod for PC (12/03/2022, 169/191 MB) Alpha 1.2.1 patch (13/03/2022) Download mod for Android (158 MB) Alpha 1.1: Download mod for PC (08/01/2022, 158/178 MB) Download mod for Android (147 MB) Alpha 1.0: Download mod for PC (05/12/2021, 156/175 MB) Download mod for Android (145 MB) (OLD) Demo 1 + Demo 2 Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qOYpnWU8OKhY_3mdCYg9Eh5KLnn8T8yG/view?usp=sharing Release Date: 5 August 2021 (OLD) Demo 1.1 Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12AWkjeYdRBsEpANeAM6xW4V7oq9mfKs-/view?usp=sharing Release Date: 4 July 2021 (OLD) Demo 1 Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N7MGP961tQ1R2g2f4CtmtsZ4_2yTRe7A/view?usp=sharing Release Date: 24 June 2021 Post bug reports in the comments. (version color markers): Demo 1, Demo 2 Pre-Alpha Alpha Beta Final Candidate Final CURRENT MAPS First Demo Map (551 provinces, 7 scenarios) (select "War of the Eight Continents (Demo 1)" map) Second Demo Map (1,091 provinces, 15 scenarios) (select "War of the Eight Continents (Demo 2)" map) The Known World/War of Six Continents/V2 World Map (9,657 provinces, 55 scenarios) - 321 super-regions, ~1,120 regions (select "The Known World" map) PLANNED MAPS Simple V2 World Map (~1,350 provinces planned) - V2's regions as provinces Complete World Map/War of Eight Continents (~12,000!!! >14,000!!!!! provinces planned, maybe ~14,000!!!!! just to beat Project Alpha's 13,316 provinces) CIVILIZATIONS 147 civilizations in the First Demo and 619 in the Second Demo, over 2,300 in Alpha 1.3.5! 420 formable civilizations in Alpha 1.3.5 5 new ideologies (Imperial Core, Imperial Province, Kaal and Socialism are already in Alpha 1.3.5 scenarios, rest will come in subsequent versions) FUTURE: Over a dozen new ideologies, many with unique playstyles GAMEPLAY Post update: more detailed Increased population and economy growth for higher realism More realistic populations, with province growth rates up to 200% New government types, and adjustments to existing ones More terrain types, with more powerful modifiers HRE replaced with Empire of Dacanium Capitulation system, based on that of Bloody Europe II Global events, prototype for future super-events Other minor code changes, as well as a color randomizer for game civilization editor: Ultimatum max relations changed from -10 to +25 Increased minimum army to attack from 10 to 50 Miscellaneous general changes FUTURE: Overhauled game mechanics, extended settings, super-events, restored features*, including: Major bugfixes, for things like self-warring (i.e. two countries from the same alliance at war with each other), army disappearances, Improved modding and event tools Army mechanics changes, armies now have subdivisions (increasing in size with later eras), and inclusion of basic combat mechanics to make battles more than just throwing soldiers at each other FUTURE: Empire of Dacanium has actual gameplay effects FUTURE: Move to more RTS-style gameplay, with simulated battles (not just units throwing each other to deal damage), sieges of fortified areas, and time-based unit movement * Talking about spies and nukes, the localization for which still exist. And making an unofficial patch to fix many of the game's bugs TOTAL REMAKE IN PROGRESS ETA: Released! (first demo), Released! (second demo), Released! (Alpha 1.0-1.2), ~6 months? (Beta 1.0), unknown (Final 1.0) < all subject to change! First demo: the first playable demo of the new world map encompassing a few super-regions, with a few hundred provinces and a handful of scenarios. Second demo: a larger-scale demo with parts of one continent playable (around 1,000 provinces), more complex scenarios, new biomes and other improvements Alpha 0.1: the first "true" version of the new mod, with 1/3 of the provinces complete (~3,500), a few major, event-including scenarios and several smaller scenarios, beginning of mechanics overhauls Beta 1.0: completion of the new world map (all 9,424 provinces done), development of first full-feature scenarios, completion of important civilizations, implementation of mechanics overhauls, addition of super-events Final 1.0: the final version of the mod, with complete set of full-feature scenarios, civilizations and new game mechanics, development will continue from here on, adding more scenarios and civilizations over time Beyond: a walk to oblivion begins here... maybe the FULL world map will be turned into a Hearts of Iron 4 mod? Or the subject of a recoded, AoH-like RTS game? Remake progress articles: Sunset on the Old World January 2020 - June 2021 Map Sectioning: How to Balance and Beautify a Map (24/05/2021) Test World: the first New Generation map* (24/05/2021) Preliminary Map Statistics (27/05/2021) The World of Six Continents: A 7,500-Province Pipedream (27/05/2021) A 13,600 Province Map - The Reality (WIP) (27/05/2021) More, Yes, MORE Biomes! (28/05/2021) Changes to War Mechanics: The Plan (29/05/2021) Heightmap of the World (31/05/2021) Climates of the World (05/06/2021) T.O.R.: The Definitive Edition (05/06/2021) - END OF OLD MOD DEVELOPMENT A New Dawn Begins June 2021 - August 2021 First Demo: Province Map (11/06/2021) - BEGINNING OF NEW MOD DEVELOPMENT Rainbow of Random Civ Colors (11/06/2021) New Mod, New Name (13/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 1 (14/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 2 (16/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 3 - Map Complete (17/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 4 - Connecting the Dots (18/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 5 - Testing, Testing, Testing... (18/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 6 - A Lot of Flags... (20/06/2021) First Demo Progress: Part 7 - Almost Done... (24/06/2021) First Demo: Released! (24/06/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 1 - More Background Completion (29/06/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 2 - A Darkness Falls on the World... (30/06/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 3 - Background Complete! (01/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 4 - Province Drawing 2 Electric Boogaloo (02/07/2021) First Demo: Scenario Update (04/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 5 - Still Scribbling... (05/07/2021) A Time-Based Solution for Province Movement (06/07/2021) The Technology Question (09/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 6 - Too Many Provinces... (13/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 7 - The Province Genocide (16/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 8 - Provinces in the Map Editor (17/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 9 - Nearing Completion (18/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 10 - Province Statistics (19/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 11 - A Civil War of Sorts (19/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 12 - The World in 2021 (20/07/2021) Second Demo Progress: Part 13 - Divide and... Conquer? 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Beta Progress: Part 1 - Vivat Aeterno Codex Dacanium! (20/03/2023) Reaching the Finish Line (progress towards Final version) ? - ??? * New Generation: maps made using map sectioning (splitting maps into multiple layers of provinces, regions and super-regions) and more careful province drawing Statistics below for the old, pre-remake version. Current old mod version: FINAL 2.0 (The Definitive Edition, OLD VERSION/T.O.R. Mod) FINAL 2.0 (The Definitive Edition) download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rYAY2SdzSD6rx0iL8nqHH9D9g6yB9fKx/view?usp=sharing (backup your game first) FINAL 1.0 (pre-Definitive Edition) download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18ptLK3ulpRbviU86PevUwgHNRHudW1ZD/view?usp=sharing (backup your game first) Features of Old FINAL 2.0: MAPS V1 World Map (1617/~1750-1800 provinces) (select "ToR" map) Map of Ravenfield (WIP, 1890 provinces) (select "ToR Ravenfield" map) Test Worlds (60 and 205 provinces) (select "Map Sectioning Test" and "Map Sectioning Test - Expanded" maps) CIVILIZATIONS Over 200 new civilizations (over 800 planned) 31 formable civilizations GAMEPLAY Increased population and economy growth for higher realism New government types, and adjustments to existing ones HRE replaced with Ravenfielder Empire LANGUAGES - English (always complete) - Russian (incomplete and undergoing major revisions) - Lithuanian (incomplete)
  9. I have decided to restart this project BUT FOR REAL THIS TIME !This will NOT be rushed I will be taking my time with It this time! Things I want to add: Different Scenarios Events or MAYBE a focus tree if someone could help me with that New Civs New Civ Colors New Ideologies Then maybe some other misc. stuff And I have modified the map to have some more provinces. I've done some stuff just as a start point:
  10. Age of Civilizations 2: Ultimate Overhaul It's been a while! Welcome, dear people, who are still interested in the Development of UO! I do not know why the discord invite is invalid, i set it to forever, lmao. So, I'm back. (Again), and we are still working on the mod. But due to the current situation of the Virus in europe, this all can just crumble down. I am happy, that I didn' t stop development, because these last time were incredibly harsh. But I'm back. (Fixed the Discord server link.) We need Scenario & event creators! Age of Civilizations is a game that focuses on grand strategy, politics and other government driven elements. Łukasz Jakowski however, included something in the game that is rare in other grand strategy games. Customization. Customizing civilizations, leaders, maps, Whole scenarios, events in these scenarios, etc, etc... This, i think is a very good thing. The only bad thing about this, is that the game focuses more on the custom creative aspect than the realistic grand strategy one. This mod is going to be an overhaul for both these things. Unfortunately, a mod with the same goals named Addon+ is being created right now. My mod is still in a Debug alpha phase, and i can't release it in a state like this. This mod will include the following list of things: Translated Loading Screens Scenarios: The Great War (World War I) With historical events, leaders and custom civilizations, starting in 1st of January, 1914. (I've started doing it, The events are halfway done!) Overhauling the World War II Scenario in the following ways: Adding historical events with descisions. Setting an other start time for the Scenario for better readiness. Giving More corresponding bonuses to leaders given by their personality. Scenario "Die Folge" (The aftermath) happening right after the first world war, (Yes, believe it or not, lots of stuff happened after the first world war) containing a variety of events. Scenario "A Modern Mona Lisa" Containing the events of mostly Hitler taking control over germany (1920-1930). If you want to play as a country, that is falling apart at the moment, this is for you. A Cold War Scenario is also being made, but i'm not promising anything for this one. Backgrounds: Including a large variety of backgrounds, from a realistic one with every little mountain on earth, to a low resolution one for computers that can't handle the mod that good. Government, ideologies: From the leftist Communism the the Extreme right Fascism there are an estimate of ~15 ideologies being made right now including governments that are only avalible on 1 country in real life, or none anymore such as Patriotism (Hungary) Democratic Republic, Despotic Monarchy, so on and so forth. Planning on creating an election system for democratic countries just like in Hearts of Iron IV. Languages: Yes, every Scenario, Custom Leader, Loading screen and such will be translated into other*1 languages. Custom Maps: Custom Maps will be added to the mod, with custom scenarios, so people can create something new on a new map. Current map plans include Hungary, Austria, Germany, Washington, Budapest and The map of Graz. Leaders: Of course, if we make scenarios, we need to make sure, that we have good leaders for each scenario. From a Revolutionary Gavrillo Princip to an alternative timeline Franz Ferdinand, there will be as much leaders as possible. Thank you for reading! Current Status: Started with V0.0.4.8 on 22nd of january 2020 Systems: -A HOI4 style focus tree, but in this mod, it's called "Descision Tree", to avoid being sued by Paradox. (I can't show you the whole thing just yet.) -There will be lots of new stuff in the game, as we just decompiled it. These new system include: -More types of Vassals (Dominion, Colony, Crown Colony, State, Soviet Socialist State, etc, etc...) -Democratic elections all four years, if the country is: Democratic, Republic, City State, Patriotism -Ideological support system (See: hearts of iron 4) as you do your actions -Changing the values of terrains, planning before war nescessary -Adding seasons, each one having it's own effects on attacks, income and happiness -Adding religions -Adding a "secret service" action, where up to 400 people can work on a specific assignment, such as: Assasination Espionage Capture Recapture Special Operations *1: Other: This mod will not be translated to all languages, as that would be pretty hard to make. If you'd like to translate to your own, come to our discord! If you want to help me create the mod, or get a look in the development diary with more images about the mod, feel free to join our discord server!: https://discord.gg/MnYRMxh
  11. The Ultimate Mod for AoH2! (PC ONLY) Alright the title might be a bit deceiving, this is defenitely not the ultimate mod for AoH2, but I think it's cool either way! I started working on this mod after temporarily cancel my other two mods: Shop Soy: Der Kalter Krieg and Vive la France! This mod will work as a base for me to remake those previous mods and hopefully other people too! There is not a download link yet but I should get a demo ready to publish soon enough! It's also important to mention I used @Chairman Baad's The Lost Update mod to make a base since I don't know how to program... He said on the mod's page that I didn't need to give credit but I want to make him smile ^^ Warning: This mod is only available for PC Discord: https://discord.gg/MFbpY2Vu Features: -A bunch of new ideologies -Improved suggested owners -New historical civilizations -Slightly better UI (can't promise) -Some extra scenarios -Updated flags for some countries -A couple of new provinces DEMOv6 Features: • Slight changes to the ideologies • New scenarios were added, some old ones were removed and still haven't been added back • A bunch of new formable civilizations • A bunch of new civilizations • A bunch of new leaders • A new background I stole from @HawkerSP • Probably some other things I don't remember Download (MEGA): https://mega.nz/file/u2RlhIyb#silCzUUKAI3d0KvZvqGqtzFmJ6CTua0uen2COcN1MRY Download (DRIVE): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Waw6k0ttHqjg6t2clI4eUljJBzmoHGv0/view?usp=sharing Pictures: New ideologies New scenarios
  12. AGE OF DOMINATION -RISE OF AMERICA- Hello my friends, this is a mod that I have been thinking about for a few months, it is about a "what if" located in the Victorian era, specifically in the year 1866, after the American civil war, in this mod a world is established in which various things diverge from our reality, for example, the British managed to invade the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata, the Confederates managed to emerge victorious, France seeks to specify the "natural borders", Germany began to unify thanks to the initiatives of the central states, Italy manages to unify, France helps to give the final blow to the Qing Dynasty, with the help of the Russian empire and the newborn Japanese empire, which was unified in a different way, Simón Bolívar managed to liberate America, among many other things. -On how the mod has to be made and characteristics that it will have: I plan to make this mod alone, I have been working on my personal AoC II, I have it for quite some time and it has been modified, frankly I don't remember what mods it will have, but that is something for another time, for now we will focus on the characteristics. The mod will have: -New Music. -New Civilizations. -New Graphic Section. -Special Color Palettes. -Multiple events for these civilizations from 1866 to 1900: Russian empire Japanese Empire United Kingdom Second French Empire Deutsches Reich Osterreich Sweetsealand Colony (United Provinces of the Río de la Plata) Confederate States of America United States of America (Union) United States of New Grenada United States of Peru Brazilian Empire Portugal Spain United States of Mexico Kingdom of Italy Ottoman Empire Federation of China Netherlands -Possibly the nuclear mod of (Mega4oSS), I must speak personally with him to find out if he will allow me to use his mod and modify it a bit if possible), and others mods. -New governments. -New disasters. Among other ideas that I have in mind, work hard to make this mod come true, and I will give you images as soon as possible, without further ado, thank you very much for reading this mod, I would love to see the interest in this mod proposal, as much as I have. 😄 First update! I have been working to create an interesting graphic section, although I still have to fix some things, it is possible that this is the final one, as soon as I start working with the leaders and events of minor nations, I assure you that soon I will bring more information, I will get to work 100% with this mod. UI Realized by: special thanks for urdekreiz Backgrounds: special thanks for ↑(world map, I am looking at how to make new provinces, frankly I have never done it, my interest is to make the following, "Suez Canal", "Panama Canal" and the "Kiel Canal")↑ ↑(new graphic section)↑ ↑(new governments)↑ ↑(new wonders, wonders have special benefits!)↑ I am seriously working on events, I want each decision to have an impact, I will also seek to create a system for the colonization of Africa by events! ATTENTION! (I clarify that I have worked on only some aspects of the UI, for example, crowns, constructions, etc.) For this reason, any authoring problem please contact me and I will fix it immediately, I am not looking to benefit from any other people's work. Without more to say, I thank you for reading, and I hope that the next updates of my work arrive very soon, I will be looking at the way to place a new construction as "infrastructure", this will seek that the investigation makes your country grow faster.
  13. These are some portraits that I have done for my mod, which is Hearts of history, although I have a few more I am only going to reveal these few. I have only remodeled two portraits, which are that of the Duce and Fuherer
  14. Welcome to ottoman mod, one of the best historical mods you can play. Get ready to feel like Magnificient Süleyman and put on your sword! 🤴🏻🗡⚔ Now, Our March To The Wien Is Started! 🕍 Here Is The Features Of Mod: 🏴🏴‍☠️🌍🗽🔥 - New Sounds👨🏻‍✈️ - New Color Palette - New City Names🗡 - New Background👊🏻 - Achevements✔ - New UI🐱‍🐉 - Missions🌍 - New Musics🤳🏻🎵 - Power Balance💪🏻 - New Civilizations🌐 - Cores - Leader Changes🏴‍☠️ - Random Events🔥 - New Ottoman Leaders☪ SCENERİOS 1282: Dead of The Ertuğrul Bey 1299: Birth Of The Ottomans 1302: War Of Koyunhisar 1326: Conquest Of Bursa 1329: War of The Pelakanon 1352: Ottomans On The Europe!(düzenlendi) 1362: Age of The Jannisarids 1371: Battle of Çirmen 1389: First Kosovo War 1396: Battle of Nicopolis 1402: The Ankara War 1402 (Ottomans vs Timurids vs scenerio) 1404: The Ottoman Civil War 1420: Comeback Of Ottomans 1444: The Treaty of Edirne Segedin 1453: Fall of Constantinopole 1463: War of Otlukbeli 1480: The Italian Campaign 1511: The Revolt Of Şahkulu 1514: Battle of Çaldıran 1517: War Of Ridaniye 1526: War of Mohaç 1529: First Siege Of Wien 1538: War of Preveze 1566: Death Of The Magnificient Sultan(düzenlendi) 1590: In The Peak 1606: Peace of Zİtvatorok 1638: The Siege of Bağdad 1663: War of Saint Gotthard(düzenlendi) 1683: Second Wien Campaign 1697: Fail of The Ottomans 1700: Peace of Karlofça HERE IS THE END OF THE SCENERİOS, WİLL BE CONTİNİUED ON OUR NEXT MOD💂🏻‍♀️💂🏻‍♂️👳🏻‍♂️👳🏻‍♀️🤲🏻 HERE IS MY USERNAME ON DİSCORD Eric Cartman#2754. And here is our discord community (it is building now) https://discord.gg/dH9JuQG2
  15. Tired of Bloody Europe and 4 year old Addon+? Bored of the same mods, that add nothing other than making the game even more of a mess, while giving false promises and then just fading away? Tired of wars looking like a child's painting? Wishing Addon+ kept getting updates? LOOK NO FURTHER! The mod is still in development, glitches can happen! Make sure to report them here CHANGES: -AI no longer acts like barbarians (plundering is much more expensive) -Only Great Powers or nations with a high military score can travel across the sea -Fixed the combat to adapt it to the game's turn-based system (no more chasing and random chaos on the map) -Eternal Wars in some scenarios -Only superpowers can fight big wars in Modern World scenarios (no more chaos in modern world) -Removed rebels (the mechanic is utterly broken and makes no sense, if you've ever seen any youtube video, due to rebels the game turns into a mess, especially on high aggression values) -Technology has been replaced with a Military Scores mechanic (allows you to tune how powerful militarily different nations are) -Fixed the game fog (it now works properly for each scenario, no more fog of war in modern world) -You can no longer change ideology (necessary change to prevent chaos) -Game optimized (removed metadata from lots of images, reducing the game's space) in the future I will implement more optimizations like file compression -It is now harder to attack (necessary change to fix the game) -You will no longer have a restriction on distance for making Alliances in modern world (having it included made no sense at all) -Added new Civilizations, Scenarios (I will add more in the future, plus DLCs) -Modern Day Scenario with accurate representation of the world -Some Addon+ Scenarios have been ported to this mod and had lots of mistakes and issues fixed in them -Replaced some flags to make the game look more appealing/historically accurate in some cases -Lots of translation fixes (August bug, some civilizations untranslated, consistencies, better to understand text) -Font and UI changes -Economy reworked (I might change it later, for now you will not be able to increase your economy) What will be added in the future: -Translations to other languages (if you wish to help, go to /game folder/languages/Bundle.properties, copy everything and paste it into Bundle_yourlanguage.properties then translate everything into your language and upload the bundle file here, I'll be sure to add your language) -DLCs (Scenarios extended with events, I already have a test version of this and it seems to be working pretty well) -No longer being able to declare wars on your allies if someone helps me with their code wizard wisdom -Formable civilizations reworked (I did not touch them yet) -New Scenarios and fixes to current ones if I find any issues -Maybe more stuff, depending on your suggestions CREDITS: I can't credit everyone, but these are most places i got things from: Addon+ mod was the original base (even though it's barely Addon+ anymore) TNO mod for sounds, map and music @Apple for the Classic map Redditors for so many cool flags (especially you, r/vexillology) Łukasz Jakowski for creating this amazing game SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD: PC (Windows/MacOS/Linux): CLICK Android (No Music due to Music not working on newer phones): CLICK INSTALL: PC (Windows/MacOS): Open the archive and put the game folder wherever you want the game to be. Then, simply run the jar file. (the game runs natively on every PC platform, but you will need Java) Linux: Android: Simply install the .арk file and play (if your phone complains about it being dangerous or from a third party source, click on the settings button on the installation screen - Allow from this source ON) IMPORTANT! The game's арk is based on Addon+, so delete Addon+ before you install this! Also, Version 1.1 and higher will have some things changed that will make version 1.0 and 1.0.1 incompatible! JAVA INSTALLATION GUIDES: WINDOWS: MACOS: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/how-to-install-java-on-macos/ LINUX: https://opensource.com/article/19/11/install-java-linux
  16. Friends, I have big news for you all! *One of these days I want to talk about a big partnership we're going to do: This could even lead to the best of the best mods for the Age of History II community. Me and @Lim10 (TWoR) have been talking about this since the very first release of our mods, and this is what we are talking about: merging our mods! Yes, you didn't hear wrong, we have been thinking about merging Colonial Wars and The War of Revolutions for a while. Our mods have good and bad sides, and with such a merger, both sides will be able to gain great benefits. As it is known, our mods have very close dates and can be combined to a certain extent. Our goal will be to take the good parts of our mods and blend them. We also plan to do things like partnership via Discord and Youtube. This partnership is a huge step forward for the Age of History II community, and we are excited to see what the future holds. We believe that this merger will not only improve the quality of our mods but also bring our communities closer together. We can't wait to share more details with you all soon, so stay tuned for updates!* This page is a collab with TWOR! Welcome to Colonial Wars! So you might ask wtf is colonial wars? Colonial Wars is a mod that I've been working on for a long time, but due to some problems, it was dead. But it's once more alive! What is the story of this mod? It has been a long time since the style of government and management of the rulers of the world has been the same, it has not changed much, but these years, the world is changing. in the east, the islands of Japan have been united under the control of a unified government. In India, many new colonial companies are emerging. In the Middle East, Persian fortifications are weakening. In America, the indigenous people have left no choice but to cooperate with the Europeans, and they are in danger of extinction and the European colonies in Africa are progressing. But most importantly, frightening conditions have arisen in Europe. Since the beginning of the 17th century, Europe is undergoing a drastic and revolutionary transformation, and a new era is coming. People call these changes and evolution "The Enlightenment movement" The thoughts of Protestantism are progressing, the freedom of expression and the media is greatly increased And they are competing with Catholic Church. The volume of accusations towards the Pope and the Vatican has greatly increased. all the people have lost their trust and belief in the Catholic Church. The class distance in European societies is increasing and a new level of classes ie aristocratic families entered the society and they have established a new system of modern slavery... In the meantime, there have been major wars between the governments of Europe and they have caused many deaths, feudalism is on the verge of extinction. The colonial rivalry between France and Great Britain has grown and the relations between these two countries are very frightening. In Central Europe, a new German kingdom of Prussia is setting foot among the European powers and, Silesia, one of the most important lands of Habsburg Austria, was annexed under their control. The Austrian Empress is thirsty for war and revenge against Prussia, a huge war is coming... Fedualism is dying... How does this mod work? This modification for the age of civilizations called "Colonial Wars" adds a new scenario for 1746. In this scenario, Great Britain, the Kingdom of France, the Kingdom of Spain, Austria (the kingdom of Habsburg), the Kingdom of Prussia, the Swedish Kingdom, the Russian Empire, the Afshariyeh dynasty (Iran), and the Viceroyalty of Bengal have complete and interesting content. Alongside, we have created relatively smaller content for Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Portuguese kingdom. Now you may be asked how the Event system of this mod works. Well, we have designed two main Events trees. The first tree is "National Reforms", in these events, as a leader of a country you must make reforms to the development of your army, technology, economy, and the society of your country. however, there is a small chance for your reforms to fail and will hit your economy. In the second root, we have "The Diplomatic Focus Tree", in The Diplomatic Focus Tree you have to make decisions related to your country's diplomacy that will give you Buffs or Change Your Relations With Other Countries... Currently, I and my discord modding team are working every day on the mod, even though we have a big modding team the progress is slow because of the high amount of research and writing that we must do. Countries that are planned to have full content: -Spanish Empire: 100% done (Available in beta) -Kingdom of France: 30% done (In full release) -Great Britain: 30% done (In full release) -Kingdom of Prussia: 100% done (Available in beta) -Kingdom of Sweden: 10% done (In full release) -Habsburg Monarchy: 30% done (In full release) -Russian Empire: 40% done (In full release) -Viceroy of Bengal 100% done (Available in beta) Features of this mod: -New songs! -New Leaders! -High-resolution leader portraits! -New map background! -Historical accurate borders! -More than 200 new provinces! -New user interface! -New icons! -New Scenarios! -New font! -Accurate world population (1746)! -New civilizations! -Diplomatic event tree for major countries! -National reform events for major countries! -Instruction events for countries! -Alternate path's! -Seven years of war events! -A lot of new government types! -Leader buffs and de-buffs1 -Historical diplomatic relations and alliances -African/American Tribes and their alliances with colonial powers -Colonial governments and Puppets -World news events -Removed liberty desire codes Here we have some Screenshots And Teasers about the mod! National reform events Colonial Governments Instruction events Diplomatic event tree Diplomatic Revolution Large-resolution leader portraits --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to contact me and give me ideas for the mod? Well, we have a discord server that we put the lastest new's and teaser's about the mod in it, we have a big community of more than 450 members that are giving us idea's and opinions. you can also join the server using this link: https://discord.gg/dfJd3rfd7F Sadly our android developer wasn't able to convert the mod to android, and I also tried and it's not working. There probably some bugs with the mod's map. If you think you are able to make the android version please contact me in dms because I REALLY need it. Pc version (Google drive): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SWUllv2nwcZYKxmXhtHg3o-Jvzwq98Op/view?usp=drivesdk Make sure you give me your opinion and idea's about the mod down here in the comments! ❤️
  17. KAISERREICH: LEGACY OF WELTKRIEG Kaiserreich is one of the most popular mods for HOI4. And it is a popular scenario for AoH2 too. But I am tired of bad Kaiserreich scenarios in this forum so I decided to make a Kaiserreich mod. This Mod Will Include: -Ideologies from Kaiserreich -Different Paths for Different Countries -A Great Kaiserreich Experience Progress will be updated regularly. AoC2ModdingTR
  18. Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe. In these mod is: -Giant map of Europe (4434 provinces) + big map of Europe (2637 provinces) + large map of German Empire (937 provinces) -Large count of scenarios from ancient times to alternative future -New fonts and music -Plenty of new civilizations, form civs and union -You will see changes in the game code that will change the game significantly Actual version - 1.1.8/1.1.7What's added in version 1.1.8: Update for Bloody Europe II - 1.1.8 • Vassals Changes: - Vassals will now be less likely to declare war on other countries - Making it harder to keep a vassal with more provinces - Diminished effect of attitudes on vassals' desire for freedom mechanics - Countries with more military/economic power will now have easier control over vassals • Changes in the battle system: - You can now summon more troops per call. - You can now call up more collaborators from an occupied province. - You can now summon more troops from an occupied ally's territory. - Decreased economic losses during looting - Population losses during looting increased - Changes in technological attack - Population losses during battles increased • Changes in Peace Conference: - Vassalization in peace conferences now costs less - Reparations lengthened • Alliance changes: - Reduced the effect of the "Strength of Civilization" modifier for joining an alliance • Economy: - Global change to the tax system in the game/mod: Taxes ( as a separate mechanic in the country's balance sheet ) now bring in a very large amount of revenue. - Reduced income from citizens - Now there will be no restrictions when investing in provinces. Development will continue even after 1.0. - Changed effects of buildings - Now the level of provinces on the special map shows a more accurate figure • Change of stability: - Happiness now has a stronger effect on stability. - Increased the maximum value of stability in the game - Population now gives less of a stability buff - Sickness now takes 20% of stability. Previously it was 35%. - Stability for provinces is 20% instead of 25%. - Armies in provinces now give 45% instead of 65% - Now army spreads stability to other provinces by 25% instead of 18% - Stability is now affected by buildings, each building is different, e.g. farm gives +3% to stability • Formable nations: - Added over 40 new formable nations - Changes in some of the conditions for creating formable nations • Forms of Government: - Balance changes - Added new flags and civilizations • AI(Artificial Intelligence) changes: - AI will now agree to peace talks if there is no fighting for 10 turns - AIs are now more likely to form large alliances with each other - Now the AI is better at leading armies - AI can now better manage their country's economy • Interface changes: - The army in the capital is now displayed in black - Added links to mod groups in the main menu - Renewed icons for social networks and Aos groups in the main menu - New boot menu design - New loading color changed - Added new interface elements, by adding new icons without replacing the old ones • Scenario: - Added a test scenario to test various mechanics - Removed the "World War 6" scenario - Fixed growth rates and economies in the "Modern World - Real Population" scenario • Bug fixes: - Partially fixed a visual bug with incorrect display of diplomacy points in the assimilation menu - Fixed a visual bug with incorrect display of the sign for "Education" technology - Fixed a visual bug, now 10000 coins are shown in the nation formation menu • Miscellaneous: - Now in the game start settings menu, you can set the relationship between countries to +250 (maximum in mod) - Technology attack and defense bonuses now give 0.65% instead of 0.55% - Time interval per turn will now be the same for all eras - Localization Changes - Changes in English localization - Relationships with neighbors are now even worse with aggressive expansion - Fixed some connections between provinces - Changes in military fatigue - Fixed errors in regions on the map - Weakened rebel reinforcements - Increased army attrition in encircled provinces - Start value of AI aggressiveness is now 50% - AI aggression in the "Age of Civilizations" mode is now 325% instead of 125% List of innovations in update 1.1.7: Changes in AI (Artificial Intelligence): - The AI is now better at assimilating provinces. - The AI is now better at allocating money to budget spending - The AI now sends fewer troops to the border with an unintended enemy - The AI now makes better use of festival mechanics - Now the AI is better at offering alliances and unions - The AI is now better at spending points in peace conferences - AI can now build larger alliances with each other more often Interface update: - Changed the load indicator interface - Added a volumetric flag to all interface types - Changed the color of boot menu lettering - Changed boot color to another Changes in Sandbox mode: - Now the maximum number of coins given out in the mode is !1! - Now the maximum number of action points given out is 1000 Vassal Changes: - The game now automatically puts 18% in the "tribute" tab for vassals. - The minimum value to increase a vassal's desire for freedom now starts at 20%. Changes to Buildings: - Port will now be built 1 turn - Changed cost of some buildings Console commands: - Localized commands into Russian - Added ability to open console by pressing "`" [PC] key Changes in the budget menu: - The research color in the budget menu is now white - Expenditure colors in the budget menu are now brighter. - Increased the efficiency of getting technology points through the budget menu - There will now be no limit when investing in a province, and development will continue even after reaching 1.0 Other changes: - Fixed mechanics of declaring independence - Wars can now only be declared after 10 turns - Population losses during battles increased - Technology fixes - Changed localization - Changes in military fatigue - Fixed errors in regions on the map - Fixed some connections between provinces - Changes in "technological" attack troops - Changed in ideology bonuses We hope you enjoy it! Here you can download the new versionPC:Google - Link - PCAndroid:Google - Link - android Installation:PC Installation instructions for the mod:move the folder from the archive to the desktop. To start the game, go to the folder and run Bloody_Europe II.jar (there are changes to the game code on the jar).Android1.Download and run the file;2. Install as normal game;3. (Recommended) Delete the game cache if another mod or original game is present on the device;4. Start the game (if the game freezes at 49% load, then turn off the game and start again).
  19. RealJusDen

    Donbass Mod

    Hello everyone. I'm once again back. Presenting to you my mod about Donbass. There is some screenshots and download link: PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kUT_15euQ1dzmZET6O8aaurNMvj_tktE/view?usp=sharing Also, dev(me) of this mod is 🇺🇦, and I'm pro-🇺🇦 living in 🇺🇦. So, ruzzians in comments can go f yourselfs.
  20. Crimson Skies "What if the D-Day failed and Soviet Union marched on to Europe" The basic concept is that USSR marched into Europe and even occupied Paris. With that USSR put its main focus on Europe, colonial empires suddenly collapsed and Africa and Asia were left in Chaos. Meanwhile United States experiences a right-wing extremist momentum with an even bigger red scare. The entry was about my old mod TRO but since it got a bit, dead. I needed to restart with a new mod with the same concept. It is Crimson Skies and it's year 1971. Are you going to save Europe from the Soviets or establish the Red Order all across the globe. The Mod will have a main scenario based in 1971 with rich and well-written events telling a story of a different earth. First update will probably be focused on Arab states but it may be on the Commonwealth too. So why don't we unite again to rebuild TRO into a new glory and gift a new mod to our struggling community. I will be sharing regular content on reddit and discord. I will try to keep here updated. I am going to use vanilla provinces but with a custom gfx. I am making all the portraits myself so I would be glad if you could support me. IT IS IN DEVELOPMENT DO NOT ASK FOR A DOWNLOAD LINK, I WOULD PUT IT IF I HAD ONE. Don't forget to join our discord https://discord.gg/BHUzh9A7ta
  21. こんにちは、みなさん。 エースコンバットワールドを作ります。 エースコンバットって何ですか? 戦争だよ。でも、とてもゲーム面白い世界です。 したがって、このゲームを知らない場合は、購入する必要があります。
  22. The mod will have a 4k- province map and with lot of scenarios Some features: New font New musics 120 or more scenario Leader features (buff-debuff) New wonders Bloody Europe 2 the newest version mechanichs not made by us (We are not Kerem we are saying we took from BE2 lol) A full world map it has Antarctica and includes all of Canada, Greenland and Russia Also thanks for: Help in wonders and background : @Çağan Ayyıldız If you want to help me in scenarios or other staff my discord acc: uwut#2896 discord server:https://discord.gg/xaEZJ8fC5s province progress: 4376 provinces completed
  23. The year is 1991, 4 years after the end of World War III. Communism has become truly global as NATO sits shattered and broken. America has collapsed, with many breakaway states forming as the true government struggles to maintain its remaining power. Communism now spans from Vladivostok to Paris, with almost all of Europe falling under communist rule. Africa and Asia have further descended into chaos. Nationalist and separatist movements have grown in popularity a significant amount. The world us a shell of it's former self. Will you restore peace and democracy to the world, or will you help it descend further into chaos and anarchy? This is: In the United States, the Union has never been at a lower point. Only occupying the Mid-Atlantic and Rust Belt regions, the United States is a shell of its former self. With elections being suspended for the past 3 years, Reagan is becoming increasingly unpopular in his efforts to keep peace in America. But with a new global conflict on the horizon, the US may have an opportunity to reclaim their territory and their position as the most powerful nation on the Earth. In the Soviet Union, all seems to be well. Under the leadership of Dmitry Yazov, resistance to the government seems to have been quashed. But a different story is told in their puppet states. Resistance is widespread across Europe, with Vietnam level conflicts occurring in almost every occupied country. Soviet troops are taking heavy casualties fighting partisans in their fellow Warsaw Pact countries. Tensions with China are threatening to ignite yet another global conflict. And with NATO rising from the ashes, the Union must find a solution before they exact their revenge on the Warsaw Pact and liberate Europe once and for all. In the Republic of Cascadia, the former rebel leader Layne Staley has brokered an uneasy peace between rival political parties after gaining independence from the People’s Republic of California. But with the first Cascadian elections fast approaching, and the shady actions of their leader being exposed, the residents of Cascadia may have to fight each other as the country tears itself apart. In the Union of South Africa, a transition to democracy may soon be coming. Apartheid is ending, and free elections have been scheduled to decide the new leader of the republic. But, not all under the flag of South Africa support this change. Extremism in the republic is rising, with insurgency from all sides continually getting worse as progress on democratization is obstructed by a series of horrifying events. It’s not a matter of if the republic will fall. It’s a matter of when. In the Republic of Brazil, the military junta is cracking at the seams. Communist insurgency across the country has progressively worsened, as regional nationalism grows along with disdain for the junta. The crackdown on dissent is only giving more people motivation to resist against the junta. If this crisis is not resolved quickly, Brazil could tear itself apart from the inside. Democracy must return to Brazil, but at what price? Features Flavor events for many international happenings Post WW4 Content for both NATO and the Warsaw Pact Accurate cores for most separatist movement A soundtrack mostly based around 80s and 90s music Code changes from the BE 1.2.3 base The map from Project Vita Multiple "Endings" for the game And much more! RELEASE DATE PLANNED IN JUNE-JULY 2023 IMAGES:
  24. I'm gonna create mod about Ukraine and its nearby countries.Currently there are some historical borders but not alot, maybe i will add more in future FEATURES: • A huge map of Ukraine • Less provinces map • Alot of new civs • Couple of scenarios • Events • and many more Special thanks to: @Comrade_Parrot Join discord to see more progress: https://discord.gg/gkk8vCr8cm CURRENT PROGRESS: RELEASE: Late July - Early August
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