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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You heard that right, TSGW is getting updated. This mod is focused on the Second World War, with even more events then before! Brought to you by @Italian PeC, IdiotFBG, @3dddies and me. Special thanks to: @Emir of Granada and @PHZanoniGamer This update was first meant to aim at historical events, but with help of Eddie I am able to add 10+ non-historical paths as well. I will post mod updates here but you will get to see progress quicker in our discord server: https://discord.gg/fDzHXfGnJC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From Italy putting the Pope in charge, America digging up George Washington, Latvia getting couped by the White Army, Monaco couped by Pirates and much more you can have a lot of fun in the next update, with a lot of possibilities. Ai is set to mostly prefer going the historical route but here and then you can see the Ai choose non-historical events. Ideologies have also been buffed, most notably Socialism and National Socialism. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we have finished so far A lot of bug fixes have been made as well, from Italy not capitulating to border gore ( Which is mostly fixed ) Balancing changes have been made for France, Germany and Italy. France and Germany got a slight buff while Italy was nerfed, so now Italy can possibly lose against Abyssinia. New mechanic of requesting help from other nations ( via resources ) has been added which can greatly change the outcome of the Spanish, American or any other civil war in the future. Leaders now have descriptions and some have been buffed, multiple leaders have been added for historical reasons. Map of USGW beta 0.6 We have added more civilizations to the map to make the game more historically accurate. This is the new terrain map We also added new Terrain buffs and debuffs to make it more strategically oriented, with that we also fixed some terrain positions to be more accurate ( like mountains in the Balkans ) New leader images. Every leader will have new and improved leader images in the future A new mechanic that will be used in the future is two leaders leading one nation, one having more power then the other. For example Yugoslavia, Prince Paul is the main leader until Peter II becomes of age. If you decide to go against the second leader or get rid of him, a civil war supporting the second leader would form. In the case of Yugoslavia, if Paul decides to go Fascist the Serbian army will put Peter II in charge If the Serbian army fails to put Peter II in charge a civil war will start When two leaders lead a nation their buffs merge In case of Andorra they lose the Spanish buffs once the Spanish civil war begins Example images Some leaders like Benito Mussolini proceed to change their appearance after a change of Ideology First image is socialist and second fascist Mussolini Every nation formable via event will have custom flags for different ideologies Example Lithuania-Curonia -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What to expect Events will have support for multiple languages, while currently only English in the future Russian, Serbo-Croat and a few more can be expected. Events lasting till 1950 and beyond. After ww2 is done and the allies win, now you will keep most of the territory you conquered if you were on the allied side. ( For example if you won against the Soviets and Germans as Poland, previously you would lose your land, but now you should keep most of it ). Events for most of the countries in the scenario. More mechanics added along the way. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/183258-age-of-history-ii-the-second-great-war-mod-by-italian-pc-🎆version-11-just-released🎆/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The beta version is here! Any bugs that you come across please report. pc: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ct8tHdvTiP_Qzd68mpjKr_Kit4miVjFz/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P4E6Qd4nXxy8fiCuywrofOwfZEJp0L1K/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UstmIxpS-v6mMNvm3JjKiXDTTd-9hxr_/view?usp=sharing Events.rar is for event images Music.rar is for music mobile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gNR-rcb3bMwc--mShfzFzW-1ONNs-MT6/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gX3yLShHom238Fz5z5gAr0cRkn4YE_X4/view?usp=drivesdk "USGW v0.6_musicn't" doesnt have music v0.5 old | 300 new events and new mechanics v0.6 | 100 new events, border and event fixes Android support will not be available immediately, but will be something we will focus on after every update Q: What are our plans for the future of TSGW? 1. Our plans for the future updates of TSGW consist of giving events to almost every country in the game 2. To that we will also work in co-operation with UWUT to bring a better experience to TSGW using the "UWUT engine" 3. To make the events hopefully go up to the year 1964, having endless possibilities for end game maps All ideas and recommendations will be heard out, you can recommend them in the Discord server or here.
  2. Hello my name is Barkley Churchill, I wants to ask For real now, to Lucas only one question I have in mind, and I believe that I speaks for all members on Aoh 2 community when I ask this: “Do you have plans to do Aoh 3?” That is the question. In one of the kerem yilmaz post mod if I'm not mistaken, you said next would be Aoh 3 with rts, is this a joke or are you being for real during that time? Please answer Brother Lucas sir, like you rarely answer questions you are getting, [it's felt unfair to gives away likes and yes brother did pins some of the thread by modders, but mostly are silent when it comes to questions like this, I am a huge fans of your works as Aoh 2 is probably gotta be the best turn base strategy game in play store for me ehehe If only brother Lucas or someone managed to add units type availability like hol4, perhaps this goes booming even further lol Which I understand, quite impossible, hence the importance of Aoh 3 I will accept any answer you gave me, as long it's honest, straight up answer, just no bullshit. Brother used to answer questions and chat with us a bit, what's stopping brother from answering now, really? I'm curious So what be your answer Brother Lucas?
  3. Here's Rise of Worlds revived, the demo telll us what to change Only PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E9KR8fQpKW5bTDFmm93_v4Ayb-29Fims/view?usp=drive_link Mod is low key dying cuz theres not enough provinces and cant be bothered to re do the whole map so here it is before it dies for real Don't forget, if you want something just ask for it in the comments or join our discord were active most the time. We will do your requests Discord for suggestions:https://discord.gg/tVkUcktH3Z
  4. Divisons : Colonial Flags , Texas Flags Overlays : Nazi Symbol Other : Government Languages : Arabian , Bosnian , Bulgarian , , Belarusian , Chinese (Simplified) , Chinese (Traditional) , Croatian , Catalan , Czech , Deutsch , Finnish , French Version 0.05 Added Some Translates
  5. The Ultimate Mod for AoH2! (PC ONLY) Alright the title might be a bit deceiving, this is defenitely not the ultimate mod for AoH2, but I think it's cool either way! I started working on this mod after temporarily cancel my other two mods: Shop Soy: Der Kalter Krieg and Vive la France! This mod will work as a base for me to remake those previous mods and hopefully other people too! There is not a download link yet but I should get a demo ready to publish soon enough! It's also important to mention I used @Chairman Baad's The Lost Update mod to make a base since I don't know how to program... He said on the mod's page that I didn't need to give credit but I want to make him smile ^^ Warning: This mod is only available for PC Discord: https://discord.gg/MFbpY2Vu Features: -A bunch of new ideologies -Improved suggested owners -New historical civilizations -Slightly better UI (can't promise) -Some extra scenarios -Updated flags for some countries -A couple of new provinces DEMOv6 Features: • Slight changes to the ideologies • New scenarios were added, some old ones were removed and still haven't been added back • A bunch of new formable civilizations • A bunch of new civilizations • A bunch of new leaders • A new background I stole from @HawkerSP • Probably some other things I don't remember Download (MEGA): https://mega.nz/file/u2RlhIyb#silCzUUKAI3d0KvZvqGqtzFmJ6CTua0uen2COcN1MRY Download (DRIVE): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Waw6k0ttHqjg6t2clI4eUljJBzmoHGv0/view?usp=sharing Pictures: New ideologies New scenarios
  6. Welcome to New Napoleonic Reich ! What is the story of the Kaiserreich? The Great War known as Weltkrieg ends on November 6, 1921 with victory of German Empire and the Central Powers. It would seem that Germany, which is a superpower, will never fall, but a series of syndicalist revolutions changed the whole view of situation of all states. Nationalist and revanchist sentiments are growing faster and faster, and the workers are eager to start another revolution to create a socialist utopia. New powers are emerging in the world that can achieve dominance or simply fall and become another pawn in the big game ! What does the mod guarantee ? -New Civilizations -New Flags -New Leaders -New Provinces -New Background -New Provinces -New Font -New UI (for now in future) -A Lot of Various Scenarios -New Game Code -New Music What does the mod look like ? The appearance of main menu and kaiserreich scenario is shown below You might be wondering who rules the major countries of world, here's a quick summary ! However the mod doesn't just a scenario with civilizations and leaders - there are also events ! There will be more than 2000 in the upcoming version ! And here are some of them... Do you want to download a mod or find out about new things/leaks from mod ? Here's link for our discord ---> https://discord.gg/cRWXkPkHfr If you want our can share here opinion about mod ! Hugs and Kisses yours Winicjusz !
  7. Welcome to ottoman mod, one of the best historical mods you can play. Get ready to feel like Magnificient Süleyman and put on your sword! 🤴🏻🗡⚔ Now, Our March To The Wien Is Started! 🕍 Here Is The Features Of Mod: 🏴🏴‍☠️🌍🗽🔥 - New Sounds👨🏻‍✈️ - New Color Palette - New City Names🗡 - New Background👊🏻 - Achevements✔ - New UI🐱‍🐉 - Missions🌍 - New Musics🤳🏻🎵 - Power Balance💪🏻 - New Civilizations🌐 - Cores - Leader Changes🏴‍☠️ - Random Events🔥 - New Ottoman Leaders☪ SCENERİOS 1282: Dead of The Ertuğrul Bey 1299: Birth Of The Ottomans 1302: War Of Koyunhisar 1326: Conquest Of Bursa 1329: War of The Pelakanon 1352: Ottomans On The Europe!(düzenlendi) 1362: Age of The Jannisarids 1371: Battle of Çirmen 1389: First Kosovo War 1396: Battle of Nicopolis 1402: The Ankara War 1402 (Ottomans vs Timurids vs scenerio) 1404: The Ottoman Civil War 1420: Comeback Of Ottomans 1444: The Treaty of Edirne Segedin 1453: Fall of Constantinopole 1463: War of Otlukbeli 1480: The Italian Campaign 1511: The Revolt Of Şahkulu 1514: Battle of Çaldıran 1517: War Of Ridaniye 1526: War of Mohaç 1529: First Siege Of Wien 1538: War of Preveze 1566: Death Of The Magnificient Sultan(düzenlendi) 1590: In The Peak 1606: Peace of Zİtvatorok 1638: The Siege of Bağdad 1663: War of Saint Gotthard(düzenlendi) 1683: Second Wien Campaign 1697: Fail of The Ottomans 1700: Peace of Karlofça HERE IS THE END OF THE SCENERİOS, WİLL BE CONTİNİUED ON OUR NEXT MOD💂🏻‍♀️💂🏻‍♂️👳🏻‍♂️👳🏻‍♀️🤲🏻 HERE IS MY USERNAME ON DİSCORD Eric Cartman#2754. And here is our discord community (it is building now) https://discord.gg/dH9JuQG2
  8. Friends, I have big news for you all! *One of these days I want to talk about a big partnership we're going to do: This could even lead to the best of the best mods for the Age of History II community. Me and @Lim10 (TWoR) have been talking about this since the very first release of our mods, and this is what we are talking about: merging our mods! Yes, you didn't hear wrong, we have been thinking about merging Colonial Wars and The War of Revolutions for a while. Our mods have good and bad sides, and with such a merger, both sides will be able to gain great benefits. As it is known, our mods have very close dates and can be combined to a certain extent. Our goal will be to take the good parts of our mods and blend them. We also plan to do things like partnership via Discord and Youtube. This partnership is a huge step forward for the Age of History II community, and we are excited to see what the future holds. We believe that this merger will not only improve the quality of our mods but also bring our communities closer together. We can't wait to share more details with you all soon, so stay tuned for updates!* This page is a collab with TWOR! Welcome to Colonial Wars! So you might ask wtf is colonial wars? Colonial Wars is a mod that I've been working on for a long time, but due to some problems, it was dead. But it's once more alive! What is the story of this mod? It has been a long time since the style of government and management of the rulers of the world has been the same, it has not changed much, but these years, the world is changing. in the east, the islands of Japan have been united under the control of a unified government. In India, many new colonial companies are emerging. In the Middle East, Persian fortifications are weakening. In America, the indigenous people have left no choice but to cooperate with the Europeans, and they are in danger of extinction and the European colonies in Africa are progressing. But most importantly, frightening conditions have arisen in Europe. Since the beginning of the 17th century, Europe is undergoing a drastic and revolutionary transformation, and a new era is coming. People call these changes and evolution "The Enlightenment movement" The thoughts of Protestantism are progressing, the freedom of expression and the media is greatly increased And they are competing with Catholic Church. The volume of accusations towards the Pope and the Vatican has greatly increased. all the people have lost their trust and belief in the Catholic Church. The class distance in European societies is increasing and a new level of classes ie aristocratic families entered the society and they have established a new system of modern slavery... In the meantime, there have been major wars between the governments of Europe and they have caused many deaths, feudalism is on the verge of extinction. The colonial rivalry between France and Great Britain has grown and the relations between these two countries are very frightening. In Central Europe, a new German kingdom of Prussia is setting foot among the European powers and, Silesia, one of the most important lands of Habsburg Austria, was annexed under their control. The Austrian Empress is thirsty for war and revenge against Prussia, a huge war is coming... Fedualism is dying... How does this mod work? This modification for the age of civilizations called "Colonial Wars" adds a new scenario for 1746. In this scenario, Great Britain, the Kingdom of France, the Kingdom of Spain, Austria (the kingdom of Habsburg), the Kingdom of Prussia, the Swedish Kingdom, the Russian Empire, the Afshariyeh dynasty (Iran), and the Viceroyalty of Bengal have complete and interesting content. Alongside, we have created relatively smaller content for Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Portuguese kingdom. Now you may be asked how the Event system of this mod works. Well, we have designed two main Events trees. The first tree is "National Reforms", in these events, as a leader of a country you must make reforms to the development of your army, technology, economy, and the society of your country. however, there is a small chance for your reforms to fail and will hit your economy. In the second root, we have "The Diplomatic Focus Tree", in The Diplomatic Focus Tree you have to make decisions related to your country's diplomacy that will give you Buffs or Change Your Relations With Other Countries... Currently, I and my discord modding team are working every day on the mod, even though we have a big modding team the progress is slow because of the high amount of research and writing that we must do. Countries that are planned to have full content: -Spanish Empire: 100% done (Available in beta) -Kingdom of France: 30% done (In full release) -Great Britain: 30% done (In full release) -Kingdom of Prussia: 100% done (Available in beta) -Kingdom of Sweden: 10% done (In full release) -Habsburg Monarchy: 30% done (In full release) -Russian Empire: 40% done (In full release) -Viceroy of Bengal 100% done (Available in beta) Features of this mod: -New songs! -New Leaders! -High-resolution leader portraits! -New map background! -Historical accurate borders! -More than 200 new provinces! -New user interface! -New icons! -New Scenarios! -New font! -Accurate world population (1746)! -New civilizations! -Diplomatic event tree for major countries! -National reform events for major countries! -Instruction events for countries! -Alternate path's! -Seven years of war events! -A lot of new government types! -Leader buffs and de-buffs1 -Historical diplomatic relations and alliances -African/American Tribes and their alliances with colonial powers -Colonial governments and Puppets -World news events -Removed liberty desire codes Here we have some Screenshots And Teasers about the mod! National reform events Colonial Governments Instruction events Diplomatic event tree Diplomatic Revolution Large-resolution leader portraits --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to contact me and give me ideas for the mod? Well, we have a discord server that we put the lastest new's and teaser's about the mod in it, we have a big community of more than 450 members that are giving us idea's and opinions. you can also join the server using this link: https://discord.gg/dfJd3rfd7F Sadly our android developer wasn't able to convert the mod to android, and I also tried and it's not working. There probably some bugs with the mod's map. If you think you are able to make the android version please contact me in dms because I REALLY need it. Pc version (Google drive): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SWUllv2nwcZYKxmXhtHg3o-Jvzwq98Op/view?usp=drivesdk Make sure you give me your opinion and idea's about the mod down here in the comments! ❤️
  9. The Old Era Hello, Im relatively new to the modding community here, but I have been working on a project... actually more of a fever dream. That project is The Old Era, a mod which asks the question "What if a mod creator threw a bunch of formable nations on a map and made a story around it?" Im proud to say that the answer to that is something completely nonsensical, but something I hope has a good story and will make people scratch their heads at. Because of this, i am looking for ideas for country event trees, with more info on the discord: Mod Download (Sorry for No Events, I had an Issue with the mod. Also the link works now): Sorry for the lack of Hype, my scenario isn't showing up and I need to fix that. Discord: https://discord.gg/E7ZNZQQEPJ Currently, Action and Echo is 75% complete. [Pyroitz!] Nestor Makhno Sneakpeaks of the more recent variety
  10. Does anyone have an idea how to Play PC Mods at an Android Phone?
  11. RealJusDen

    Donbass Mod

    Hello everyone. I'm once again back. Presenting to you my mod about Donbass. There is some screenshots and download link: PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kUT_15euQ1dzmZET6O8aaurNMvj_tktE/view?usp=sharing Also, dev(me) of this mod is 🇺🇦, and I'm pro-🇺🇦 living in 🇺🇦. So, ruzzians in comments can go f yourselfs.
  12. こんにちは、みなさん。 エースコンバットワールドを作ります。 エースコンバットって何ですか? 戦争だよ。でも、とてもゲーム面白い世界です。 したがって、このゲームを知らない場合は、購入する必要があります。
  13. THIS PROJECT IS DEPRECATED UNTIL FURTHER ADVICE TL:DR Dead mod. Disclaimer: This mod doesn't aim for a realistic prediction of the future, neither tries to offend a specific group or promote any ideological agenda. It's just a work of my retarded imagination, and it will always be. bun_dha3 introduces: Rise of the Phoenix is a dead mod. And that's it. Mod's Characteristics The World in 2037 (BETA 0.3) Mod Summary (WARNING: GRAMMAR IS AWFUL + ZOCROTISM INCONSISTENT + DEFINITELY 30 CLICHES) Mod Features Event Features Another Features Mod Plans Event Progress (pretty much 4-6%) Known Bugs Languages supported Links PC (BETA 3) Patch Version 0.3.1(Install BETA 3 First) I will eventually upload the files for the in-between 0.3.5 version. Android No official port, that's it. I also have zero plans of porting the scrapped files eitherway. IOS April Fools. Discord The Discord Server has been deleted. Questions nobody asked, yet important. Submods Want to have more fun? Try an alternative experience. New Horizons Credits
  14. ENGLISH I recently wanted to play the Conquerors 2.0 mod by a Turkish producer named Kerem Yilmaz because I liked version 1.5.1. When I started testing the mod, I found that the Bloody Europe codes were tried to be stolen, but The game is full of bugs and it came out weeks or months after it was supposed to. I'm on his discord server and on the last day of making the mod 14 kids were randomly recruited. And if you think I'm slandering them, no. Because I realized that this was not noticed by anyone. And I don't think it's right that the labor of the Russians should be stolen and looked at. According to the information given by a friend working in the mod, the map was finished in the last 3 weeks, you can understand how sloppy it is from here. The release date was postponed 4 times, they could not make the mod for about 2 years, and the user interface of the mod is exactly the same as 1.5.1. And while playing this mod I encountered all the bugs from all the old versions I played in bloody europe. They stole Bloody Europe features from old and new updates. Other than the features, the code is exactly the same as the old versions of Bloody Europe. When I told my friend that I wrote this blog about the mod, he said complete fall. When you took 50% of the country from Bloody Europe, the whole country was stolen. Please let's not steal people's work. You can test it if you don't believe me. RUSSIAN (РУССКИЙ) Недавно я захотел поиграть в мод Conquerors 2.0 от турецкого продюсера по имени Керем Йилмаз, потому что мне понравилась версия 1.5.1. Игра полна ошибок и была выпущена через несколько недель или месяцев после того, как должна была выйти. Я нахожусь на его сервере discord и 14 случайных детей были взяты в последний день производства мода.И если вы думаете, что я пытаюсь оклеветать их имя, то нет.Потому что я понял, что это не было замечено никем.И я не считаю правильным воровать и заботиться о труде русских. По информации от друга, работающего в этом моде, можно понять, насколько небрежно была закончена карта за последние 3 недели. Дата релиза переносилась 4 раза, они не смогли сделать мод примерно за 2 года, а UI мода точно такой же, как 1.5.1. И я столкнулся с ошибками во всех старых версиях, в которые я играл в кровавой европе, пока играл в этот мод. Они украли функции Bloody Europe в старых и новых обновлениях.Кроме функций, коды точно такие же, как в старых версиях Bloody Europe.Когда я сказал своему другу, что я написал этот блог об этом моде, он сказал, что полное падение страны, когда Bloody Europe захватила 50% страны, было полностью украдено.Пожалуйста, давайте не будем красть труд людей.Если вы не верите, вы можете проверить это. TURKISH (TÜRKÇE) Geçenlerde Kerem Yılmaz adlı Türk yapımcının Conquerors 2.0 modunu oynamak istedim çünkü 1.5.1 sürümünü beğendim. Modu test etmeye başladığımda Bloody Europe kodlarının çalınmaya çalışıldığını ancak Oyun buglarla dolu ve çıkması gereken tarihten haftalar hatta aylar sonra çıktı. Onun discord sunucusundayım ve modun yapımının son gününde rastgele 14 çocuk alındı.Ve onların adına iftira attığımı düşünüyorsanız hayır.Çünkü bunun kimse tarafından fark edilmediğini fark ettim. Ve ben rusların emeğinin çalınıp bakılmasını doğru bulmayın. Modda çalışan bir arkadaşın verdiği bilgiye göre harita son 3 haftada bitti ne kadar özensiz olduğunu buradan anlayabilirsiniz. Çıkış tarihi 4 kez ertelendi yaklaşık 2 yıldır modu yapamadılar , ve modun kullanıcı arayüzü 1.5.1 ile tamamen aynıdır. Ve bu modu oynarken kanlı avrupa'da oynadığım tüm eski sürümlerdeki tüm hatalarla karşılaştım. Bloody Europe özelliklerini eski ve yeni güncellemelerden çalmışlar. Özellikler dışında kod Bloody Europe'un eski versiyonları ile birebir aynı. Arkadaşıma mod hakkında bu blogu yazdığımı söylediğimde komple sonbahar dedi. Bloody Europe'dan ülkenin %50'sini aldığınızda ülkenin tamamı çalındı. Lütfen insanların emeğini çalmayalım. İnanmıyorsanız test edebilirsiniz. NEW EVIDENCE AND CONVERSATIONS FROM MOD WORK:ADD This image is from 1 day before the mod was made and is proof that on the last day, a team of 20 people gathered and asked for 20 scenarios to be made per 3 people and made people make 60 sloppy scenarios in one day. Proof that the video below is not a fake bandicam_2023-04-23_18-40-26-614.mp4 Proof that the technology map was drawn in a sloppy and inaccurate way on the last day is below: "When you make Iberia, the technology of the whole world changes.By the way, the game came out on the 18th of that month and the messages are from the 17th. The following conversation belongs to one of the 14 people who were taken on the last day, he actually wrote a comment on this post, but he deleted it to avoid being banned from kerem yılmaz's server. This is Kerem Yilmaz's friend named Ulutas, who was a friend of Kerem Yilmaz in the old times, and later Ulutas, when he approached Kerem Yilmaz, he sent a keylogger by a friend and deleted his videos. His friend did not accept this because he loved Kerem Yilmaz very much, and we made him accept it at the last moment while talking to him. Apart from that, this friend said that Kerem Yilmaz was looking for a paid map maker in the last day, but only 1 person other than him deleted the messages because he knew. I WILL ADD THE EVIDENCE AS I FIND IT! April 25, 2023 New Evidence If you do not understand the proof that he is looking for a paid cartographer for the mod map that he has not been able to grow for 2 years in recent days, you can translate it through translate.
  15. Age of democracy 4 is a hoi4 style ww2 addon + mod FEATURES: 300+ new leaders Working elections (for the United States, China, Germany, British raj, Spain, etc New focus trees for thee united states (normal hoi4 focus tree), the soviet union (new no step back focus tree with new democratic focus trees), united kingdom (new fascist monarch tree), Japan, British raj(whole new focus tree), Communist China, France, Spain, Poland (new no step back focus tree), Austria, China, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, etc Discord:https://discord.gg/C3zA5hAtBx New ideologies like Falangism, Anarchism, Democratic Socialism, National Bolshevik, Rexism, National solidaritism, Falangism, Mladorossi, Strasserism, etc leaders will change when they change ideologies through focus or puppeted UPDATE:I just added all the reichskommissariat leaders (you can form the reichskommissariat after you have done the "form the reichskommissariat" focus) 21|1|22 UPDATE:I have started adding the soviet union focuses and starting to add the democratic tree (kerensky portrait is from new ways mod for hoi4) 23|1|22 UPDATE:I have added the german british puppet portraits (also bukharin portrait that i forgot about it in the last update) 26/1/22 UPDATE:I have started work on the communist Chinese focus tree30/1/22 BIG UPDATE:choose wisely Soviet national bolshevism sorry for not uploading for a alot of days I will start adding the napoleon focus trees and french puppets (such as Quebec,Louisiana and French raj when franch puppets them) 1/2/21 UPDATE:I have added some new stuff I have updated the previous gfx 4/2/21 UPDATE:(Sorry for not updating you before) so I have added the napoleon focus tree and many other UPDATE:I need help. It's probably going to take me alot of time to finish this mod alone so if you can help pls tell me Mod wise I have been finishing the british raj focus tree and the german focus tree More on the pakistani focus tree after you have done the civil war you will get this event If you select the "united hindu-Muslim state" you will get abdul ghaffer khan as the leader of Pakistan as he was a non-violent secularist there would be no focuses that will declare war on nations but you can still expand but in non-violent ways like referendum on unionizing with pakistan Also I have added falangism into the mod 9/2/22 UPDATE:I have added national bank communist focus tree for mexico Huge credit to franco19391 for helping me make the focus tree It probably would have took a lot of time without him UPDATE:I'm currently adding the spanish focus tree and also my friend franco19391 needs help for his mod so help will be very appreciated 13/2/22 UPDATE:(probably my biggest update) I'm have completed the no step back monarchist and fascist focus trees for Poland MONARCHIST FOCUS TREE: I wanted the polish focus tree to be as vanilla hoi4 like as possible so after you have done Assemble the regency council sejmik council will become leader of poland and you will get the event "the habsburg candidate" FASCIST FOCUS TREE: 20/2/22 UPDATE:i have added the carlist and falangist focus tree of spain FALANGIST FOCUS TREE: CARLIST FOCUS TREE: 26/2/22 UPDATE:I have added the iran focus tree Mohammad mosaddegh:with mossadegh you can go democratic or become fascist THE fascist focus tree:You can go fascist there are 4 leaders you can have first is Mohammad reza Pahlavi: Fazlollah zahedi: Hasan arfa: Davud monshizadeh: Mohammad ali foroughi:The second democratic leader you can have is foroughi You can stay democratic or go communist: The communist focus tree: I am not going to be updating on post now I am making a discord where I will update the mod Hey if you want to help in development you can send a friend request to uagquq#4216 on discord Hey just a quick update I have added fascist and communist sweden focus tree and my friend Naryaser#2059 made the fascist belgium focus tree and monarchist austria and fascist and communist Sweden focus tree added new ideologies like rexism and national solidaritism
  16. A simple mod that allows you to set the AI aggressiveness to 0. To do this, simply obtain the Java executable and place it in your game folder. Then, execute it and you're ready to set the aggressiveness to 0. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17rwXyPHsuMGGb4RTlHomgBZuKDcdjdzp/view?usp=share_link
  17. This mod name Code Geass Plus and it was made based on Project "Hybrid": Code Geass |+| Add a lot of new civs (Russy Federation, Unified States,...) Change status of terrain (Now you can build farm on all terrains) UPDATE v1.1 (23/5/2023) 1. Add 3 new civs Union HRL AEU 2. Change color of some civs UPDATE v1.2 (5/6/2023) 1. Add Suez canal and Panama canal 2. Fix some scenarios UPDATE v1.3 (22/6/2023) 1. Fixed some civs didnt show name in some ideologies 2. Fixed some flags of ideologies 3. Add 2 scenarios WW1 WW2 UPDATE v1.4 (23/6/2023) 1. Add 10 Vietnam dynasties UPDATE v1.5 (10/7/2023) 1. Add music 2. 100 turn assimilate DOWNLOAD ( Android ) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ziN8oywQXfYIwyeOl_5er5AB6zfUobzL/view?usp=drivesdk
  18. This mod aims to replicate The Greater Flavor Mod Map from Victoria II into AoC2. It has 3100+ provinces (99% of them have it's cities) A very detailed map of the world in 1836 Custom wonders added Another scenarios: 1861,1870,1914,1961, 48 states USA and 2023 The mod is here, thanks for the support 🍞👍 Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uMLH8TZj5mjMRAlEpKGUAkqiW41fQ5he/view?usp=sharing Preview:
  19. Hola Comunidad!!: Les comparto este increible mod que he estado haciendo para el juego de Age of History 2, el objetivo de esta modificacion es explotar todo el potencial que este juego tiene, con nuevas funciones, formas de gobierno y otras cosas para hacerlo más interesante: ¿Que contiene este mod? Alpha 1.0: * Nuevo Soundtrack "Dystopia" de Kevin Macleoud * 28 Nuevos líderes para añadir al juego (comparto imagen) * Agregué los mapas de Papers Please y de la primera guerra undial (los mapas son de otros creadores que veran en el video) * 10 nuevos escudos, 8 de ellos en alta resolucion para mejorar el apartado del editor de bandera * 11 nuevos tipos de gobierno/ideologías con sus respectivas mejoras para crear mapas mucho mas realistas, estos tipos de gobierno son Socialismo, Monarquía parlamentaria, Monarquía absoluta, Dictadura militar, República Presidencial, República Semipresidencial, República Federal, República Parlamentaria, Nacionalismo, Teocracia y Anarquismo (cabe aclarar que las nuevas monarquías no se adaptan a las banderas monarquicas de los paises, se adaptan a la bandera usada por la ideología "democracia" No parece un gran avance, pero en el futuro se añadiran nuevos escudos, ideologías, induatrias, y si es posible nuevas unidades, todo para ser más entretenido y completo el juego. *La modificacion solo esta disponible para Android* Les dejo un link al video donde se muestra más a detalle estas nuevas características, y se incluye el link de descarga al mod (y aclaro que si tienes instalado el juego original, el juego modificado lo reemplazará) Video de review y descarga del mod: Cualquier sugerencia para añadir, modificar o corregirlr al mod, comenten porfavor
  20. Would you like to know how to make mods for AOCII for PC? I already know how to create maps, custom scenarios, change icons, but I wanted to learn how to make mods that change other aspects of the game, for example, building names, recruiting values, AI, etc. Citing examples: Age of Imperialism, Bloody Europe, AOH Elder Scrolls, etc. From what I've seen in the few posts and videos that you have, it seems that you should change the game's code or install a program for that, but I never found a link or a clear indication of how to do this procedure If anyone can help me, I really appreciate it
  21. NEW MOD: Here Some Screenshots: In The Name Of Tsar (Default Aoc2) Small Fixes For Scenarios Dark Background (From tno by Aren) Better Graphic (bold and soft Borders) Some small bug fixes and better Economy Management (Talirian Codes) Better events (Talirian code) THE PROJECT IS DONE AND WILL RELEASE SOON! ANDROID VERSION COMING SOON! Reza Shah#4307 Download Link: [PC] https://drive.google.com/file/d/10CrYKe1rc4iSgqrRHqsBpqNe2IVp8_PA/view?usp=drivesdk Download Link: [BETA] [Android] Huge thank to @PHZanoniGamer ♥️ Side note: Removed Music in android version so It can run faster (some bugs) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LgtDzPWr8oQdCzrNbkBLeLbG0eyOverR/view?usp=drivesdk Background submod: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VjE81H5L_JgFIa5WC0RyRa9SS83s25Na/view?usp=sharing Bloody Europe Version under development!
  22. SGamer

    AoH2 Mod Maker

    Guys i remember few months ago i saw a topic on forum about and Mod Maker or whatever you call it in which the guy said that this tool can help to simplify modding such ass Easy GUI modification Palette Changer Civilization/Country creator etc. guys if you help me find that tool i will be thankful 🙏 (btw sorry for being too much emotional xddddddd)
  23. Helo thare! I started to make a map in AoH2 called Alavida. Don't forget to follow and share your thoughts in the comments! I'll be also adding a lot of scenarios, that's a thing! Don't forget to follow to never miss an update! Download Latest Version (PC Only): https://bit.ly/ageofalavida_1_2 Support me on patreon please (click here) Join my discord server if you want news: https://bit.ly/kingpvzdiscord PROVINCES: 2565 NATIONS: OVER 150! (but i stopped counting because) SCENARIOS: Test Scenario; 2023; 2013; Venostanian Civil War I; Mauritovanian Civil War; 1518; Stanovia; First Alavidian War 1946; Poprattian Civil War; First Alavidian War 1647; Second Alavidian War 1979; Second Alavidian War 1981; Second Alavidian War 1985; Second Alavidian War 1987; 1969; 1919; 1933; WW1; WW2 1939; WW2 1945; 1990; Help Fakoslovakia regain it's territories!; ok wtf; Venostanic Civil War II - Phase 1; Venostanic Civil War II - Phase 2; Venostanic Civil War II - Phase 3; Venostanic Civil War II - Phase 4; 864; 984; 1021; 1274; Johan-Lapytovian War; War of North Zuzanovian Empire; Divided Stanovia; Terrorist Attack in Martinovia; 2021 but Everything is Independent; ALT 2021 (If Venovenistan won AW2) PROVINCES DONE: New in 1.2: - 12 New Scenarios - Many new nations. A lot. Too many. Bye. Some useless population stats (2/28/23) Stanovian Federation + Retwonia: https://alavida.fandom.com/wiki/Stanovian_Federation#States Martinovia: 480k - Tromp Province: 154k - Southern Province: 28.2k - Guinea: 27.1k - Province of Kadiaen: 271k Venostan: 13.8M - Tzie Kakükm': 7.5M - Tzie Be'trkom: 1.4M - Piskowsze Region: 3.4M - Letran Bë'ge: 625k - Nakaii Bë'ge: 841k Other Countries - Jurovia (without Avar): 25.3M - Avar: 25.2M - Zuzanovia: 101.7M - Venistan: 3.8M - Venestan: 1M - Suchovia: 351k - Slovakoria: 846k - Slovakioria: 591k - Johanca: 24.1M - Ukrevol Kingdom: 1.4M - Retwonia (with Stanovian Retwonia): 3.2M - Zelavian Empire (without Colonies): 1.9M - Zelavian Empire (only Colonies): 711k - Scann': 3.2M - Mauritovania: 10.6M - Martinovian Kingdomen: 994k - Venostan Kingdom: 1.7M
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