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Found 1 result

  1. setapdede

    Norwigean Empire (1440 Story)

    I decided to make a norwegian empire! This story is inspired by goktug14's one. Episode 1: Conquering Lands 1440 We started to move our troops to sami territories to annex them START: T: 1441 Our troops are almost to their bordersafter we recruited some troops however we allredy have 2 years from our plan 1442 Finallity on july we get to start the invasion of Sami and allredy in september we conquered most of their land SEPTEMBER: In december we finnality conquerd them 1443 They made pace whit us in February FEBRUARY: 1444 We tried to make the new people in our lands more happy and to prepare of invasion of denmark 1445-1461 In August we manage to have all of our army to the borders of denmark. The Naval invasion was a failure but we recrited over 3000 army in Olso. Our troops that had succesfuly landed did well in denmark outil the reinforcments came. Now the reinforcments came and we did pretty well but denmark had more we tried to make a pace whit them but they refused. Now we recruited over 4000 in olso so we can prepare in any case of invasion. We dint do that well Olso was taken and we colnt have stoped them so we retreated to north. Then we seen that they only have armies under 100 so we started an attack. They seem that they had millitary acees from sweden but we dint care about it. But denmark had a lot of tricks. It semed a stealmate . Denmark had a lot of troops but we still made no advances. We tried again and it worked! No not rally danish took it back. We dint wanted pace over dis eaven was a losing side for us. we had over 6000! But denmark HAD TO ENTER TROGH SWEDEN!? The we asked sweden for millitary acess. They acepted! But we still were in losing side. THE END OF EPISODE 1!!!