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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. Y por último, el último vídeo de AOC2 que resubiré. Un video en el que daba mi opinión sobre el juego (y parece que no ha cambiado nada). En el post original fue tema de debate, y me gustaría que en este también lo sea y dejéis vuestra opinión en los comentarios. Un saludo! https://youtu.be/twjJl99JcUw
  2. Hola a todos, os comparto por aquí un vídeo que hice dando mi opinión sobre el juego en estos meses. Me gustaría saber la opinión de otros jugadores y por eso, me gustaría que me respondieseis en este post o en los comentarios del vídeo si estais de acuerdo con mi opinión o no y porder así debatir sobre que se debería mejorar del juego. Un saludo! https://youtu.be/twjJl99JcUw
  3. Bueno, entonces, ¿Qué opináis sobre la fecha para las primeras elecciones del consejo? A mí me parecería bien cualquier día,siempre y cuando no sea muy tarde (por ejemplo más de una semana) o muy pronto (antes de tres días,y de darle tiempo a la comunidad hispanohablante a que se entere) ¿Qué opináis al respecto?
  4. I saw that some people is talking about their opinion of the game. And why not, why not me? Where can I start. I want to say first that the work that this game has is a lot. A team by only 1 person and get this great community, is very good. Now, my opinion. The game for me is ok. Is not a bad game, I only see it so much arcade, and it has no realistic things. To take my example, I will explain my first saved game and then, read my suggestions. I took Spain in my first and actual game and I have +1500 turns and +60 game years. I select Spain and I start. I saw only 51% of people happiness. First problem. Why I can do +20 parties on a single turn to increase happiness? In 3 months, I pass from 51% to 85% of happiness and 0% of Rebellion probabilities with Catalonia and only 3% of Catalonian people on Catalonia provinces. Wth. Ok, first thing done, then, I want to increase my economy, I put the taxes and investigation higher. Wait, why are Germany and France fighting? Germany destroyed France, 4 turns after, Germany destroyed Poland. Lol. Without talking about the unrespectful words of countries. Why is my diplomacy with Italy of -56 suddently and why USA is a friendly nation suddently? Ok, everything is happening very fast. I gain a lot of soldiers and rich provinces, and I will focus on North Africa. Ok, Gibraltar is independent, obviously destroyed in a turn. I go for Morocco, I simply destroy a half of the country and Algeria attacks me Idk why. With 75% of Morocco I attack Algeria after a 2 years war. Algeria is destroyed and I get it as a Vassal, Tunissia attacks me, I get an alliance with Portugal and the territory is 50% mine 50% him. Ok. In 15 years of war, only wanting Morocco, i gain 75% Morocco, Algeria as a Vassal and middle Tunissia. After Tunissia, France attack me, I was scared. It was a great power. It was attacked by Germany a couple of turn before. Is destroyed and I get all the provinces ending on Montpellier. Top 15 best power of the world. Great. Suddently Pakistan has all the provinces of China. China is destroyed. Russia and USA are doing nothing. Ethiopia conquers 30% of Africa beating South Africa in no more than 5 turns. Lol After 30 turns of being neutral, suddently Belarus and Ukraine attack me. Ukraine has no options of get into my territory because of not sea (IA Bug). I conquer 50% of territory of Belarus. Why no more, because the was fatige was of 100% and I want some piece for a couple of turns. Greece goes to North Africa to conquer Libya, he almost done it. Declares to me and Portugal war for Tunissia. He lose 2 provinces with me carrying 2000 soldiers only in 10 provinces. Suddently Egypt attack me, another war. He lose provinces. I want to gain the other four provinces of Morocco, wait, what. Why is Cambodia there and not Morocco. I fight with Cambodia for the Morocco territories. I conquer then. In the peace treaty I only win two Morocco provinces and Laos as a Vassal, why? Because Cambodia don't accept losing the 4 provinces left of Morocco. Then, Finland and Norway attack me. I win almost all Norway and I got it as a vassal and Finland and suddently Top 5 of better countries. After some turns, I improve my soldiers quantity, arriving at 60000. With +57 of Diplomacy, Uk attack me. UK lose. In 1500 turns, I have 4% of all the world provinces, top 5 powerful nations and 3 vassals, Algeria, Norway and Laos. Is so random and easy. It needs more realism. And the end of the turns, at the moment I'm now, France has 1 province, Reims, and total economy of 99 in all the country, inside Germany. Then, Switzerland lose vs Algeria and has only 6 provinces. The rest of France is mine. In economy I'm with +300.000 which is Top 10 globally and Top 1 of Technology ---) Me: 0.96 China (Taiwan): 0.90 Lol. France was with 0.59, worst than a lot of African countries. What I want to say is that is so random. The game has to be more relaxed. The cool thing is improve your economy and soldiers, and then, attack to gain more territories, not trying to save your life everytime. Is a great game Lukasz, it simply has to improve. Suggestions: Make it more relax to play not only 5 wars in 10 years trying to survive everytime. Make the ideologies more important. Improve the IA intelligence. If China is better than Pakistan, normally who has to win is the most powerful one. My wars on the game: 1st Morocco war: Huge win, 75% of the country for me. 1st Algerian war: Huge win. First Vassal. 1st Tunissian war: Huge win. Tunissia dissapears. 50% of Territory for me. 100% of territory for Alliance. 1st French war: HUGE WIN. More than 40% of the country for me. 4 provinces for Algeria close to Mónaco. 1st Belarus war: Huge win. 50% of the country and second Vassal. 2nd Tunissian war: Win. Greece lose 2 provinces and Egypt lose 3 provinces too. 1st Egyptian war: Huge win. We win +10 provinces. 2nd Morocco war: Win, two provinces for me and Third vassa who was Laos, conquered by Cambodia years before. 1st Finland and Norway war: Huge win. All Finland and third vassal, who was Norway. 1st British war: Win. We defend oUr colonies. This was the hardest one, and we won it. Is not hard. Is very easy, at least on the modern world. Let's see on the old world one.
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