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Found 50 results

  1. Global Thermonuclear War It's a mod (mainly focused on the scenario) inspired by DEFCON: Everybody Dies. It's a totally fictional scenario, so it's not meant to be realistic. Global superpowers have tons of nukes. There are 3 major alliances: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Indic Ocean Treaty Organization (IOTO) and the Communist International (Comintern). The World is pretty unified and centralized. There is an event at turn 2 which balances the game. There are 2 new civilisations: United States of America, (Flag is the same as modern day US flag, but with 60 stars, since they annexed the 10 Canadian provinces in this scenario) and URSAL (Union of Republiquetas Socialistas of America Latin), which is a fictional country. (Know your meme page). Can you overcome your enemies? Or will the Earth die out before you manage to do it? Download Link : GTWM 0.1 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1inHTGIV1bGqtjqLpQBWXtV1619Cuvh5W To install, copy and replace the folders/files at their proper directory in your game files. Changelog: GTWM 0.1 - Added mod Feedback would be appreciated.

    1983 Doomsday

    Hello everyone, this topic will be devoted to my modification called "1983 Doomsday". I decided to create it by chance when I found this universe on the site about an alternative history. http://althistory.wikia.com/wiki/1983:_Doomsday. The essence of the story is that in 1983, the Soviet Union attacked the United States with nuclear missiles for false alarm, as a result of which all the great powers of the world "exchanged" with their nuclear arsenal. In modification will be available world map almost 30 years after the conflict, when new civilizations emerged from the ashes. I am also going to soon change the growth rate in accordance with the effects of nuclear strikes, add the leaders for the main countries. In future updates I will probably change the soundtrack, the map, add leaders for all countries, and so on. The modification will be available in February-March and will be fully translated into Russian and English. Throughout the development, I will publish different news here. Also I attached a map to the post, which I will be guided by. That's all for now. I wish everyone good luck, bye!
  3. LildawgGaming

    Small Earth Project

    I decided to start creating large Earth Scenarios on the small earth. Using the 1440 map as a guide, I made a small version of the 1440 map. I plan to recreate small versions of every FULL WORLD start dates. Maps that don’t have the full world is a lost cause. They would be way too small. Sadly, this is android, and if Lukasz doesn’t give an ability to release scenarios from android, then there will be no way for me to release it. Results from test: Also, I fixed Native American placements, it just isn’t shown in these pictures.
  4. Are you tired of playing the Modern World scenario which has no relations, alliances or more government types? Well, then I present you: When I played the Modern World scenario for the first time, I noticed lots of inaccuracies, such as Guernsey being fully independent, Somalia having a fully funtional government and Cuba being democratic. So, I've made this mod to make a realistic modern world. What the mod does: Adds Transnistria Republic, Somaliland and other independent (but not fully recognized) countries Fixes colonies (France now has French Guyana, for example) Anarchy type of "government" NATO and CSTO NEW UPDATE: 2019/12/30 Fixed Aaland, Saint Pierre Buffed USA Russia-Ukraine relations Social Democracy and Federal Republic types of government New color palette! Fixed the Middle East (removed ISIS, added rebels in Syria) Nerfed communism NEW UPDATE: 2019/12/30 Balanced USA Fixed Egyptian-Sudan border Reduced the size of syrian rebels Buffed Social Democracy so it's a little bit less worse France is now a republic Changed the development and tech level of countries to reflect reality Modified Anarchy and Federal Republic NEW HUGE UPDATE: 2019/01/02 Added lots of new governments (par. republic, confederation, etc) and changed the govt types of lots countries Added Novorossiya Removed Social Democracy Updated flags New leaders for Brazil, South Africa, Cuba, Ukraine and India Renamed some governments (Communism is now Marxism-Leninism, Republic is now Presidential Republic, etc.) Expanded cores and relations between countries in the scenario Updated color pallete NEW UPDATE 2019/01/06 Added leaders for Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Serbia Fixed flags Added events for some countries, focused on the current geopolitical situation of the world Removed the text file in /game/civilizations_editor due to this advice. NEW UPDATE 2019/01/07 Fixed flags (again) The text file is back, since it's apparently necessary for the custom civ to work. Added two new ages: Solar Age and Space Age Cancer is no longer a disease Mars colonization events for USA Updated Age of Information to make diseases less likely and to lower game speed Updated Age of Tomorrow to make dieases much less likely Borders are based on reality (what goverment controls them), not if it's UN recognised or anything. The mod will be regularly updated as time advances and things change. Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1To-SpSmkyK4jY_ZNbNyCtAmdzLKmZnS- (ModDB link is not updated yet) ModDB link: https://www.moddb.com/games/age-of-civilizations-ii/addons/present-day Recommended settings (for more realism): AA: 50% Game Speed: 50% Fog of War: Classic The rest is up to you. Feedback would be appreciated. License: Public Domain No Known Copyright Preview: Screenshots: Events:
  5. tizzio12

    WW2 (1942) v. 1.02

    In this scenario you can start in 1942, there are all faction and some events. I make other events in the future every advice is welcome DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OUxRWGq8FVHeUS_D2N_xUkhDxzFKlUUX Please rate my work 🙂 My other scenarios :
  6. Dcethe

    Dark Ages - Rise of Islam

    Hello There! I love to make my own scenarios in my free time. while they might not be 100% accurate i still learn a lot from doing them while having fun. I am releasing this mod mainly so people can offer suggesting to it, or even help me out with events, cores, or other minor problems. Here is the Scenario: The year is 640 Anno Domini, 8 years after the death of the Great Prophet Muhammad. Caliph Umar Ibn Al-Khattab is the current Caliph who is leading the war against the Byzantine and Sassanian Empires, The Byzantines have lost parts of Egypt and Jerusalem, Yet they still retain control over Africa and Anatolia. This is the major turning point in History, Will this world follow the Real World's footsteps and have Islam conquer Africa and Persia or will the world see a new Alternative history with new Empires taking over the Story? Europe As of Now Middle East/Asia as of now Possible things to be done. Add in Custom Leaders - Umar - Rashidun, Rothari - Lombardy, Ect. Work on spawning in various tribes / kingdoms as the game goes on. Rise of the Kingdom of Asurias The Umayyad Caliph Collapse and the Abbasids Rise Alternate history where Rashidun Caliph stays in power Current Features A new Government Currently there is a expansion event For Rashidun Conquest on Persia and Africa Rise of the Umayyad Caliphate and the Expansion under its time. various nomadic tribes can migrate - to be expanded upon later The Download If you want to help support the mod either by having suggestions ( like adding in specific tribes to an area ) just PM me on this account.
  7. Lonno

    900 AD Scenario

    This is my first scenario and probably isn't completley correct so apologies for any mistakes. Download Link Leave some criticism so I can possibly improve. Have fun! Pictures:
  8. I want to do a automated Peace deal but if i want them to Annex a occupied Nation it does not work
  9. Spartan Assassin

    Romance of The Three Kingdoms(Beta)

    Hi guys, back with a new scenario. This time is Romance of The Three Kingdoms: Coalition Against Dong Zhuo. Set in the fall of Eastern Han Period. Still in beta version as I need to add faction leader pictures. But it will take some time for the final release. Below is the map and link for both civilization, scenario and flag. As for flags_editor.rar, just extract and replace it with the flags editor. It gives one new flag which is the flag used in this scenario. But I do need your help to improvise this scenario especially the events cause I'm still struggling on the events. 1546779848459uehnlido.rar ROTK civ.rar flags_editor.rar
  10. PLe2

    1299 Years

    No Event, Diplomacy,Development,Holy Roman Empire 1299.zip civilizations_editor.zip
  11. Do you look at the weird scenarios and regular history for AoC2? Do you look at all the brain dead mobile peasants with disgust? Do you want an Alternate history scenario that's real, that's actually good and detailed? Well this is for YOU! SPQR2 features an event tree for Turkey, events relating to cuban dictator fulgencio batista, and the abandonment of Japan, moon nazis, a nuke system new governments, diseases and MUCH more! Planned features: -nuke events going all the way to 2019 -reskin the HRE into the Blackshirt league -flavor for most countries SPQR2 Alpha 0.03 Beta 1 Recommended nations: Turkey- the only nation with an event tree, and the most fleshed out nation at this point Italy- They're the main characters in the book, so it's appropriate Murica'- They have nukes. Nuff' said UNRECOMMMENDED NATIONS Luxembourg- If you want the ULTIMATE AoC2 challenge, play them........ SPQR2_Alpha_0.03B1.zip
  12. Hi,i did this map of Europe in August of 1939.It's the same map that World War II,but with some little changes: -Germany has conquered Austria and Czechoslovakia (Slovakia is a vassal state) -Francisco Franco is the leader of Spain -Italy has conquered Albania -Little changes like Andorra with France and UK in the alliance,the Dodecaneso for Italy and some changes un frontera,like the Hungary-Slovakia frontier. I am from Android and I can't share the map with you, but I share some photos of how It looks.If you see something that it's wrong or another thing,tell me in comments. Photos:
  13. Chexier


    Tired of playing the vanilla WW2 scenario which has no events or proper balancing? Well, thankfully you've got... WW2-Enriched is a mod focused on the Second World War time period. It's currently very early in development, so expect bugs or missing events. Currently the mod includes: A brand new color pallete New civs (colony vassals, reskinned Germany and Francoist Spain) More flags divisions Leaders for reskinned countries "Second World War" scenario Currently the scenario includes: Spanish Civil War Aftermath of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War Remilitarization of the Rhineland (incomplete) Fixed borders More relations Colony vassals to improve balancing Indian princely states Fixed colonies NEW UPDATE 2019/01/05! Added lots of events to make the game somewhat historically accurate until 1939 Modified Allies Fixed bugs Fixed flags for colony vassals Added more colony vassals NEW (minor) UPDATE 2019/01/07! Balanced some european colonies through events Balanced countries development You can use this mod the way you please. Feedback would be appreciated. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rmKhcV-JV5Wc0IB-BYKJIIcc90RGin0K To install, simply extract the .zip file and replace the files/folders at their proper directory. Some photos from the scenario: Events: Preview:
  14. GyLala

    Chess Map

    Download : https://mega.nz/#!BhE2WKBI!ShNE93JCpVIya2SkN12ROEMbOeKgEItHrC5WD8akifE Enjoy Have fun!
  15. Lativ

    1700 scenario

    Enjoy :) 1543435806027xuhvpfzq.zip
  16. Hi,I did this map of the Spanish-American War (1898) I added two new leaders: William Mckinley and the queen Maria Christina Thanks to my partner krauser3ful,( I am from android,but he is from pc) I can give you a download link of the map,so I hope you enjoy the map! Credits to krauser3ful for copy my map on pc,add leader images and send me the rar archive! Spanish-American War.rar
  17. Spartan Assassin

    Three Kingdom

    So I've played a little of the three kingdoms scenario, and I was wandering if I could make one starting from the anti Dong Zhuo campaign to the Jin unification🤔🤔🤔. How I wish I could unite China with Lu Bu🤔🤔🤔.
  18. Это сценарий который переносит вас в день подписания Версальского Мира, 10 января 1920 год, год неопределенных границ и продолжительный войн... (При создании этого мода использовался материал с Wikipedia и с сайта GeoCron) Как установить: 1). Скачиваете файл "Версальский мир" (в самом низу синим шрифтом как ссылка) 2). Дописываете к нему .zip и он становится архивом 3). Открываете архив 4). Файл 1546851698729mpccoxtd кидаете в C:\Program файлы (для x86)\Стим\выйдите\общие\возраст цивилизаций второй\игры\civilizations_editor 5). Файл worldwar1 кидаете в C:\Program файлы (для x86)\Стим\выйдите\общие\возраст цивилизаций второй\карте\Земля\сценарии 6). Можете играть! -> Версальский Мир <-
  19. fermland

    1984 George Orwell

    Hello fellow Civers! This is a simple 1984 scenario complete with custom flags, a custom scenario and my interpretation of the 1984 world of George Orwell. To give you some history, the year is 1984 (who knew) and the world is split into three major factions. After a nuclear engagement between the powers of the world, the three super powers left are Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia. Oceania, which was formed out of the remnants of the United States of America, is a fascist world leader which relies heavily on propaganda and mind manipulation. Eurasia, formed out of the former Soviet Union, is a communist land making up most of Russia and the rest of Europe. And finally, Eastasia, formed out of the states of China and Japan, is (most likely) a brutal monarchy with totalitarian values. Each country is forever fighting over the disputed lands of the Middle East and Africa, each side never getting closer. The age of Humanity looks dim to many, and brightly for few. 1546478887988hmxaqhzp.zip please leave any comments or questions as I want to improve this scenario. 1546478887988hmxaqhzp.zip
  20. brejas

    MOAR provinces mod

    Im starting a mod which aims to increase the number of provinces right now i finished Ireland with 82 provinces instead of 15 and more
  21. krauser3ful

    1066 (upgrade 2)

    English: This scenario is based on the year 1066. Contains new content such as: New Formable Empires based on the CK2 game with their respective flags. New civilizations Map Data territories of the map: entire world. Events: None Starting year: 1066 bugs fixed. Civilizations without a name. Civilizations that do not appear on the map. If the map presents some kind of error or if you have any suggestions to improve the map please report it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Español: Este escenario esta basado en el año 1066. Contiene nuevo contenido como: Nuevos Imperios Formables basados en el juego CK2 con sus respectivas banderas. Nuevas civilizaciones. Datos del Mapa territorios del mapa: Mundo entero. Eventos: Ninguno año de inicio: 1066 errores corregidos. Civilizaciones sin nombre. Civilizaciones que no aparecen en el mapa. Si el mapa presenta alguna clase de error o si tienes alguna sugerencia para mejorar el mapa porfavor reportalo. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- imágenes/images: Download/Descargar: 1066.rar
  22. Jaggwagg

    Futura Mod - A Futuristic Mod

    ~ A mod that aims to bring the future into Age of Civilizations II ! About: Futura is a total conversion mod that aims to bring the future into Age of Civilizations II. New scenarios, events, UI, music, and so much more has been added to Age of Civilizations II. Let the future be in your hands with this mod. Remember, this mod is realistic, and all features are based on today. However, this is based purely on political standpoints (obviously climate change and other drastic effects could or would have happened). Also, these scenarios might change based on current political standpoints. These scenarios are also based on the idea of no more global conflict in the future (which is the realistic option, but things can dramatically change). Keep in mind the supported scenarios are 2050, 2100, 2200, Machine War, and Machine War Aftermath. Any other scenarios might make the game crash or cause unexpected behavior. Download: It is important to backup your current Age of Civilizations II folder as this mod will change many files. AoC2 - Futura Mod - v0.2 Mod DB Page Features: • 2050, 2100, 2200, Machine War, and Machine War Aftermath scenarios • United Nations • Completely new futuristic looking UI • New countries • Current and future canals (Panama, Suez, Kiel, Thia, and Mexico) • New music (all music by Kevin MacLeod) • New governments • New diseases • New ages Planned Features • New events and formable countries • Decision system • AI and nuclear warfare • More scenarios Images: 2050 Scenario: 2100 Scenario: 2200 Scenario: Machine War Scenario: Machine War Aftermath Scenario:
  23. PLe2


    No event, diplomacy, HRE, core 1546653595167sftviioa.zip civilizations_editor.zip
  24. daboss12

    The Second American Civil War

    I created a mod fir aoc2 featuring The Second American Civil War, also with mexico. Enjoy modernworld modernworld_A modernworld_C modernworld_D modernworld_HRE modernworld_INFO.json modernworld_PD modernworld_W
  25. This is basically one of the much scenarios where the central powers win the first world war, but this one is based on the mod for the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV. For now, I've only added the necessary countries and made the map, but in the future I'll work on leaders and events. This is the folder that contains the mod. I also recommend doing a backup. Kaiserreich.zip