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  1. I suggest a new update which makes use of the events system, as the game can be way more interesting with events. It is way too hard to set up events individually, and I just request that this is spread out to moderators and Lukasz Jakowski. Also, a more accurate placement of leaders to their proper timelines would be amazing. Thanks to Lukasz for developing this game(I am aware we demand too much from a one man developer, but I plead in behalf of many others!)
  2. Add multiplayer for the game so it will became more fun! (Sorry if I wrote something wrong)
  3. I don't know if it's just me or a common bug but I added Belarussian cores in Poland so that only Belarus can revolt around Minsk but instead of that I got Lendian revolts...in 2000's. Can you please make that only civilizations that have a core in a province can revolt in it? The other day I also got Slovenian revolts...in Vienna (they didn't cover any Slovenian provinces) which spread up to Berlin - I never added any Slovene cores.
  4. HELLO! I think that the national strength (such as the economy) of the countries in the countryside (western Africa, Central Asia, northern India, etc.) from the 1st century AD to around 1800 BC is a bit too high. So the power of small European countries may be equal to the power of countries in central Africa. I think this may be strange indeed. What do you think? (I'm not familiar with history so I'm sorry if my suggestions are wrong.) As I am not good at English, there may be many mistakes. Sorry Would you mind responding to me? I want to know your idea.
  5. 1. The ability to make custom buildings for mods and stuff. 2. Aircraft. Aircraft would be like the ground army but can only be trained in provinces with an airbase. To attack with aircraft you could go into into a special 'Aircraft' map view. Aircraft can move 2 or 3 provinces at a time and can move through your territory, nations which you have military access to's territory and enemy territory. When over enemy territory there will be two buttons which will be kind of like the 'plunder' button for ground troops. One will commence a bombing raid which destroys population and economy and the other, close air support, kills troops. A random percentage of aircraft get 'shot down' after each turn the bombing or close air support happens. 3. Capitulation. When a country loses a percentage of its provinces, every turn after that there should be a random chance of the country capitulating and surrendering. 4. More types of resources. 5. Better AI. 6. Religions doing something (In the game files there are religion icons and a json file so I think this might come soon) 7. Leaders dying. 8. Elections for new leaders (maybe) that is all my idea so far edit: and also the icon for democracy should be changed. I don't think a crown would be suitable for it
  6. I really enjoy creating scenarios but it becomes a problem when it comes to the Event creator. It's confusing and a bit difficult to learn. Lukasz, you should either add a tutorial or create a better OSD for it.
  7. Dear, Łukasz Jakowski Me and many content creators lack the ability to change leaders using events. Please add this feature. This will greatly expand the possibilities of your game.
  8. This is what I have so far. Im not finished yet, but probably won't finish it. So I figured I'd post it here in the mean time. My Suggestions for AoC2.pdf
  9. So here are my ideas Let us build borders like: Level 1: Iron Fence Level 2: Guarded fence Level 3: A Wall (would be great at east germany and Mexico) Military base: if a nation attacks a province with a military base soldiers by themselves would spawn there Level 1: Military Camp Level 2: Military Camp Level 3: Militarized Zone Weaponized Towers: if a nation attacks it would shoot at them Level 1: Shoot 1 quarter of them Level 2: Shoot half of them Level 3 shoot 3 quarter of them Also ability to build cities in a province Level 1: Village Level 2: City Level 3: Metropolis Level 4: Energy City (Available from 2050) And you could name these cities and only 3 cities max /province. Also cities would make income and population growth bigger and we should be able to build workshop on cities not on provinces
  10. Welllll, these are some of my ideas to improve the game: -better trade request: I was playing with Nazi Germany and I had all provinces of Greater German Reich exept for two siberian provinces owned by British Raj. I was the first in the leaderboard and Raj was 2th. I couldn't risk too much so I asked him to do a trade request: he gave me that 2 provinces and I would gave him 10.000.000 money. He refused.... I asked him another time with more of 10 million but he still refused. So I would like that trade request'll be better. For example with provinces trading. Also I've noticed that AI except for coalitions doesn't do trade request at all -Add a brush tool in the game, so we can select multiple provinces and build buildings/raise happiness/stability ecc in one time -Add a brush tool into scenario editor into relations so we can select a country and raise or decrease relations of multiple countries in one time -better wars: damn... how can it be possible that Pakistan conquers all of China.... or that Poland and Belgium can destroy Nazi Germany -select ideologies of our vassals when we create them -improve the importance of ideologies because sometimes it happens that third reich is friend with UK and France but is enemy with Italy, or that USA and URSS are friends -to add new editors like the goverment creator or to add suggested owners into a province instead to do it into AOC files because it's easier to make mistakes -better alliances: I've noticed that AI never makes alliances with 3 or more members. Also In the game you can't edit the name of your alliance (I think) -better colonies: as others have already said to give a name to your colonies like name of the nation + name of the region colonized like: Italian Guyana or Belgian South East Asia. Also to create a new tipe of vassal (the colony) -and lastly to add revolutionary risk into the scenario editor instead to set to 0% the level of happiness I hope you enjoyed at least one of these ideas and that at least one of these will be done. Sorry for mistakes
  11. Have you ever found the wrong leader shows up for the wrong scenario? The current mechanic the game uses is that is chooses the leader born closest to the date of the scenario. However, I suggest introducing Reign Dates - start and end dates for a leader's reign. Say, for example, you had Wilhelm II of Germany as a leader. Wilhelm was born in 1856, but you had a scenario set in 1880. In real history, Wilhelm didn't come to power until 1888. However, in this scenario, Wilhelm would be the leader of Germany due to his birthdate. However, if you set the begin of his reign to 1888, then he wouldn't come to power until 1888, just like real life. Say you also wanted to add the end of his reign to be 1918 - come 1918, his reign would end. With the reign system, the problem of having the wrong leader for the wrong scenario would end. You could add ever US president, and because of the Reign system, they would each be able to take power in order. Tired of having Abraham Lincoln in charge of the US in 1836? The Reign system can end that! Now, what if you don't enter a start date or end date? The game could simply resort to its original design, that being the system of choosing a leader based on their birth date. I, personally, think this is a good idea, and I hope Lukasz sees it and considers it.
  12. We have already talked a lot about the chance of setting our own events. Now, the majority of players know how to do it, but what about decisions in the game? I'm talking about general/global decitions (mainly related with economic, demographic or technologic prosperity, spending "X" amount of money), and some others single decisions depending on the country and the era you're playing with. At the moment, the onliy possible decisions of this kind are "formable nations", but there's an example: General/global decisions: Great investment in technology, economy, population growth --- Devaluate coin (increases the treasury, but dicreases global economy efficiency) ---- Found an international art exposition ( it implicates a huge expense, but helps the player to increase relationship with neighbour countries) ----- Potence assimilation in ocuppied or recently annexed provinces (huge expense of money in difference of the classic way, but it would be faster) ----- Movilization! (in the beggining of the war, it would increase immediately the number of reclutable population, in return for less happiness and a greater expense in basic life products) Special decitions: Germany/France/England/USA/Italy/URRS --> (WW2 scenario): ·Invest in social work (money expense) ·Quinquenal plans (just for communist countries) ·Overforced work (Just for fascist countries) ·Plan against de Maginot Line (just for Germany) · Invest in army research (Fascist and Communist countries) ---> sounds strange, but it would be logical, as in the beggining of the war, the german army was farly more prepared than the allies, so it would give germany a huge advantatge against enemies, even if both sides have the same amount of trops. These are just some suggestions I wanted to show, above all considering tha Lukazk hasn't appeared anywhere for a while. I'm sure that it would be much easier having our own steam workshop, but what can we do?. I hope you agree with it.
  13. Dear Lukasz. Almost everyone appreciates your work. Especially when working alone on this game without any team, I understand that there are many issues. I shall compile every MAJOR issue I've heard of and have come across. Starting with my suggestions. 1. Diseases need more depth. 2.development doesn't have any effects. 3. I can hold an occupied province for 200+ turns without any revolts, 4 the AI doesn't match up with my own nation. Some countries have 0 to very little technology or military power(ex:40000+ units can easy conquer all of the British Empire in the 1840 scenario.) 5.colonies and overseas provinces should realistically have their own names(such as french Canada, or British Canada, or Mittelafrika.) 6.battle aftermath is almost non-existent. 7. An easier form of province editor needs to be created for mobile, and more nations are required (especially when I almost made an 800 AD scenario on PC ) 8. Flag editing for my own nation. (When I from unions, ugly flags form and it can never be edited for roleplaying.) Now moving on to the bugs and other problems. 1. Diplomacy tab breaks randomly 2. Infinite turn skip 3. Screen with 0 gold, 0 diplomacy points, 0 military and no province can be Interacted with. That's it for now. Thanks for the game. It's been great. Just.. some tweaks will get this game to good shape. God bless.
  14. 1. To make revolutions in other countries. That is, to create revolutionary, insurgent movements in the country, spending money. 2. Allocate several provinces and issue actions for them (for example, the call of troops in several provinces at once, rather than allocating each province and setting it action) or building farms, factories, libraries for several provinces at once. 3. To set the path for the troops, for example, from one province, the troops must go to the capital to the enemy, but I want to be able to set the path for the troops. 4. AND MULTIPLAYER
  15. Could be good to have spies, maybe in the form of units (between 1 and 50) invisible to the enemy unless you're discovered. Spies efficienty would be based on tech level, the higher your dev is, the most undetectable they are. Could be presented as below: -building : spying center where you could hire spies. -spying treaties between civs : they both let spies pass in their territory and both recover the informations. Note: this is a secret alliance. Spying actions : -sabotage : destroy a building -informations : removes the fog in some provinces around them. And, if in the capital, infos about the budget and all troops. (High tech level to enter the capital) -assasinations : kill the leader, will result in less hapiness, would require a high dev tough. -organize a coup : change the government/ideology of another country to yours and improves relations, will depend on hapiness, economy and diplomacy of the country. It will have a high chance of sucess if the country, is ruined or losing at war. If it fails, relations will decrease. -liberate other spies that have being captured. Counterespionage : it would be too hard if you could'nt protect yourself, as much your spies are undetectable as much you counterespionage is efficient and so you could see enemy spies and kill or arrest them with your own (arresting by encercling) you'll then know who was spying on you and keep spies as prisonners, enemy will have to pay a a ransom to recover them. There would be a rate of sucess for missions : even if you have a better tech level than a civ you're spying on, you could be discovered and this civ would maybe have a low but not impossible possiblility of accomplishing a mission without being seen. what do you think ?
  16. Hello, guys! This is mein first topic on this forum. Dear, developer. Can you add political parties system like in Hearts of Iron IV? Or can you add Parliament System like in Victoria II? So, I'll suggest you my own parties system. I borrowed it from HOI and Vic. Parties mechanic: You will hire an advisor, which will boost popularity of each party. Each advisor - 1 party. Also, you can arrange elections like in Victoria II. You will boost the party popularity in other countries or arrange coup d'etat and set the ally government.
  17. 1. 시나리오 시작하기 전 커스텀 국가 생성&삭제, 영토 수정 (절대 에디터를 말하는 게 아닙니다) 예를 들면, 게임을 시작하기 전에 1200년 시나리오를 선택하고, 아나톨리아에 한국을 추가, 튀르크의 영토를 전부 한국에 통합하는 기능. 1440년 시나리오 중 오스만(혹은 오스만의 일부 영토)을 제거, 빈 영토를 비잔티움에 추가할 수 있는 기능. 2. 명령어 추가 예를 들면, 명령어에 money 50000을 입력하면 50000원의 국고가 채워지는 것. Europa Universalis 의 yesman 명령어에 대응하는 명령어. 3. 문화 추가 오스만을 예로 들면, 유럽 쪽에는 그리스 문화가 있고, 아나톨리아 쪽에는 터키 문화가 있음. 주 문화를 터키에서 그리스로 바꿀 수 있는 기능. 문화를 자국의 문화로 동화 시킬 수 있는 기능. 타 문화를 수용할 수 있는 기능. (현재 AOC II에는 코어만 있음) 4. 종교 오스만을 예로 들면, 유럽 쪽은 정교회가 있고, 아나톨리아 쪽은 이슬람이 있음. 국교를 바꿀 수 있는 기능. 지역 종교를 국교로 바꿀 수 있는 기능. 만약 할 수 있다면 위 내용들이 추가되었으면 좋겠습니다.
  18. Age of Civilization 2 is a great strategy game and with that there can be improvements to enhance the playing experience. War Gameplay, Let's start with the War aspect of the game. This is basically a Numbers game when it comes to war, the bigger your army the more likely you would take over the smaller armies. Now I feel there should be some changes to make War more realistic. 1. Mobilising the army, A tool in which you can select certain provinces to build up a army. Say, if you selected 5 provinces with about 30000 population and you need a army of 15000. The tool would evenly or proportionately take units out of these provinces and you would also select where you want them to meet at. The tool should also say how long it would take it to mobilizes the army. 2. War Tactics In war, just because you have a bigger army does not mean you have guaranteed victory. A.Territories should make a bigger differences in the outcome of battles. Armies attacking Enemy armies in mountains or on hill's should suffer higher casualties. This would make provinces with mountains hard to take and if a castle built would be a challenge as well. B. Entrapment The moment a army is surround by all side should be debuffed or have a penality when in battle. This is needed when war is wage is a much larger scale. Armies that are entrapped are penalize and will suffer if they don't break out. Armies that are surrounding a entrapped army will gain a bonus in offensive attacks. For example, you surrounded a army of 3500 with a army of 3000 but spread out. Your 3000 army would have the offensive bonus which would make your 3000 units turn into 4000 units. The army of 3500 would be weakened to 3300 when trying to break out or 2900 if attacked by all sides. This would allow a smaller armies to create higher casualties to invading armies. Depending how big the army is will determine how long they can go with being entrapped. Say a 5000 army is entrapped in a 20000 population province they will run out of supplies in 2 turns. Any bigger army will only have 1 turn. C. Flanking Bonus to offensive army attack from 2 sides or more. D. Quick retreat Allows your army to retreat from the front lines to a selected provinces this will cost less movement points but you will suffer penalties until your army finally retreated to the location you want them to be. 3. Army types, This is something that would add a nice touch to the gameplay. These army types can just be color oriented to make things simple. A.Having Calvary units/ tanks (depending on the timeline) The limit should be base off of new Buildings Such as Stables, and Factories. They would take longer to mobilize but they do more damage base on the territories. Plains would give it a 50% bonus. These armies would need time to build, the Stable building will provide horses over time and using that with population cost, so every Calvary unit it would cost 3 population and 1 horse. Tanks would need a Factory which will build the tank and using 5 population for every 1 tank. If combined with standard army it gives the army a bonus. B. Navy units. Warship/Battleships: They are restrict to the sea and cost money to upkeep it. Would only be built with port in province (battleships would need factories also) Cost about 10- 25 population. This would be great to allow Some naval battles in certain wars or allow nations to really defend their coasts. They would be in low quantity but they can devastate a army trying to invade. C. Air force Would need a Factory and a Runway. Basically a port but in land. They would only support armies in battles. Would need more time to build but gives a great bonus to armies in defense and offense. For example, your army of 1500 invades a province of 2500 but with 500 airplanes will cost your army as 3000. If you are defending a province these units will give your defending army a bonus to to cause more casualties. They would be mainly for supporting of armies not replacing it. 4. Infrastructure Roads/ railroads. These would be a great addition to the gameplay. These would improve developing and the economy of the provinces. Army movement would be cost less. This would make the player choose where the roads will go and such allowing for better strategic location in defense. Having all your railroad and roads lead to your capital may be your strength and your biggest weakness because it would mean the invading army only needs to take your capital to ensure victory. 5. Use army for assimilating After a war there should be a tool to use your army to cover the newly conquered lands to control it and keep the peace. My guess in cost would be movement points and money. So far this is what I can think of, thank you for your time
  19. So you could give someones scores to you so you could annex a country or just prevent border gore. Also that option should be like optional.
  20. There needs to be an update where you can import Scenarios from the internet to android
  21. So right now colonies are really dumbed down and inaccurate. What Lukasz should add is: Have actual colony countries (like in EU4 where after a while of colonising you get to form one big vassal that can colonise and is less autonomous than a regular vassal). Have said colonial countries declare independence after a while (Have the liberty desire tick slowly up, and as you enter the 1700s and 1800s have the liberty desire tick up more faster). Let that liberty desire rate vary from continent and historical period (like having Africa not really want independence till the 1960s) I think this list is pretty good, you would say?
  22. There should be in game folders to organise custom civilisations incase you have many
  23. I think the game should have more advanced economic systems. We could have primary resources like food, iron,oil,etc... depending on the age. that would be needed for the industry and so the economical developpement : -food that let population grownth, happiness and health stay constant. Lack of food will result in death of population, easier dieases and revolt risks. Availaible in regions that can support agriculture ( not in toundra, jungle, desert or mountains for exemple) -rescources that will come from you're territories ( ex : steel, wood, oil,...) depending on the landscape - manufactured goods : with industrial zones you could make, thanks to primary rescources,goods that will increase population's happiness and tech development or you can sell them to others civs. -more realistic trades, you could buy primary resources or manufactured goods or sell ones, same for food. A trade would last at least for 10 turns and will require roads : land or sea (so you could do some embargo with your army) -migration treaties, you could gain and lost citizens and you'll earn a bit of money thanks to tourism, that'll also improve relations between the two civs. That's a lot but it would be awesome ! Let me know what you think
  24. I like to use the scenario editor. The events are by far the best tool for scenarios. You can make historical outcomes and fun gameplay. Still, the events needs some important options. One is the possibility to add description to events. You can put custom images to your events, yes. But a event needs a backstory or a explanation of what is going on. This can't be simply explained with a title. Other option is to add a "if AI controlled" condition. This is a important condition because if one, for example, wants to make an historical ww2 scenario with events, it would be annoying to be messed by AI-aimed events with nations that have those. This can be fixed with a "Turn AI-based events on?" event at the start of a scenario, but imagine just all the events you'll have to make, for every nation that needs some. I will keep commenting on this post as i think of more ideas. Happy conquering.
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