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Age of Civilizations
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    • By Kierov2
      Witam, mam problem - po utworzeniu mapy gdy chcę ją wczytać w grze (edytor map w grze) gra się crashuje. Usunąłem pliki cities oraz scales tak jak pokazano w tutorialu. Background jak i wszystkie czynności pokazano w tutorialu wykonałem tak jak pokazano. Proszę o pomoc
      Welcome, i have a problem - after made my own map when i load map in game map editor my game is chrashing. I delete "cities" files and "scales" how in tutorial. Please help
    • By pastelynn
      I just lazy to change name of PROV file so I create this file to save my time.
      thing that it this is just create province files for who missed the PROV file and who want to save time (like me).
      How to use:
      this is an python script so you must have python installed. place my 0123.py file at same folder as mapAoC2_v2.txt or \editor_data\Provinces (I named this way because province files name is 0, 1, 2, 3...). run it and type file name (without .txt) if file name is mapAoC2_v2.txt just type enter. enjoy! Download:
      Mega: https://mega.nz/#!eVYnRCqJ!n8JHcOzv7WFU_hYcKkxHJMrfb_0PkaMsQjIVbEGLOxw
      or below this post
      If you have download problem you can just create python script by using code below:
      filename=str(input('filename (without .txt): ')) if filename: filename = filename + '.txt' else: filename = 'mapAoC2_v2.txt' f= open(filename,'r') num_lines = sum(1 for line in open(filename)) line = 0 print(0/2) while line < num_lines: fo = open(str(int(line/2)),'w+') lin1 = f.readline() if line == num_lines-2: lin2 = f.readline()+'\n' else: lin2 = f.readline() fo.write(lin1[:-1]+';'+lin2[:-1]) fo.close line = line + 2 print(str(int(line/2)),'done') f.close Isn't you post this before?:
      Yes it is, but I noticed that my file have a problem (last province, last point, last digit just disappear) so I fixed it.
      I'm bad at coding but I think this would help some people (like me). also sorry for my grammar, i'm not a native English speaker.
    • By SES
      Quisiera duplicar el mapa de la tierra para cambiale los terrenos y esas cosa pero ni idea de como hacerlo xd.
      Les agradeceria si me dijeran como hacerlo.
    • By Heidelmann
      I request that a Viking Age scenario be added to the game.. I've tried, but on mobile, it is painful. 
      I ask a map of the world during the Viking Age. Im so sorry to ask, and I feel very ashamed to ask, but it is a very significant time in history, and it will be fun. If someone does this, god bless you.
      Thats it thanks!
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