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Age of Civilizations
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    • By Kierov2
      Witam, mam problem - po utworzeniu mapy gdy chcę ją wczytać w grze (edytor map w grze) gra się crashuje. Usunąłem pliki cities oraz scales tak jak pokazano w tutorialu. Background jak i wszystkie czynności pokazano w tutorialu wykonałem tak jak pokazano. Proszę o pomoc
      Welcome, i have a problem - after made my own map when i load map in game map editor my game is chrashing. I delete "cities" files and "scales" how in tutorial. Please help
    • By Frio
      Hello everyone. I have been playing AoC2 since its launch. Everyone that played the game, had the problem of the provinces with 10 of economy. I always try to not invade the provinces with 10 of economy because they are not useful. I'd never known how to increase the economy on provinces with 10 of economy, because I can try to improve the economy and says "4 turns to finish" but then in the next turn the inversions are ended and the province still with 10 of economy. I tried with the development too, but nothing. I play on Legendary difficult, so, idk if that difficult make that provinces impossible to gain economy. Anyone has done it?
      If you done it, pls told me how you make it. Thank you.
      Lukasz should fix that, but, we know that he is a little bit inactive.
    • By SES
      Quisiera duplicar el mapa de la tierra para cambiale los terrenos y esas cosa pero ni idea de como hacerlo xd.
      Les agradeceria si me dijeran como hacerlo.
    • By RentedDog3942
      Hey Guys,
      I started playing AoC 2 today because I loved the first game and played it hours and hours on my phone, now I'm playing on PC. I started my game with Germany with our Muddi Merkel as leader and I quickly consumed Poland, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Now I'm afraid of war between me and Italy because they don't like me and denied a request for a non-attack-Treaty. I wanted to fortify my Borders in Switzerland but heres Problem:
      I can't recruit any Troops in occupied Provinces, so, do I have to get my troops from Bayern and Baden-Württemberg (I don't know the english name) or is there any way of making occupied countries a part of my country, so that I can recruit troops? Or are they occupied forever?
      Please help me, Merkel wants no war^^
      Greetings, your Dog3942 from Germany!
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