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Age of Civilizations

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    • By Mlvluu
      So I have an ally, +100 relations with that ally, and my attempts at uniting with said ally probably number in the double digits.
    • By kr3nzf
      There's no english language, sorry. English version will completed soon.
      Продолжим на русском. Я всё же надеюсь, что на этом форуме есть русскоязычные.
      Представляю вам сценарий о альтернативных событиях 1919 года.

      Начнём со стран в сценарии. Ниже полный список:
      Российская Империя Украина(Республика) Польша Веймарская республика Франция Швейцария Австрия Венгрия Чехословакия Галицко-Волынское княжество Прибалтийские страны Страны Бенилюкса Тевтонский орден Вольный город Данциг Бавария(по ивентам) Бремен(по ивентам) Вольная территория(по ивентам) Югославия Румыния Болгария Греция Италия Вторая Испанская Республика Португалия Дания Великобритания Скандинавские страны Пройдёмся по ивентам. Их пока не так много, в будущем буду добавлять. Страны с ивентами:
      Украина Веймарская республика Франция Польша(с участием Украины) Болгария Британия Хочу также отметить, что за Веймарскую республику можно будет превратиться в Третий Рейх, а вернее, этого не избежать(в будущем исправлю), ивент "Пивной путч" возникнет примерно с 31 по 34 года. К слову, у Германии больше всех ивентов.
      В общем, желаю приятной игры.
      Epic Alternative 1919.zip
    • By setapdede
      This a scenario based on what if korean war happens during the Second World War
      New nations:
      -Soviet North Korea


      You becume North Korea

    • By Chexier
      Are you tired of playing the Modern World scenario which has no relations, alliances or more government types?
      Well, then I present you:

      When I played the Modern World scenario for the first time, I noticed lots of inaccuracies, such as Guernsey being fully independent, Somalia having a fully funtional government and Cuba being democratic. So, I've made this mod to make a realistic modern world.

      What the mod does:
      Adds Transnistria Republic, Somaliland and other independent (but not fully recognized) countries Fixes colonies (France now has French Guyana, for example) Anarchy type of "government" NATO and CSTO NEW UPDATE: 2019/12/30
      Fixed Aaland, Saint Pierre Buffed USA Russia-Ukraine relations Social Democracy and Federal Republic types of government New color palette! Fixed the Middle East (removed ISIS, added rebels in Syria) Nerfed communism NEW UPDATE: 2019/12/30
      Balanced USA Fixed Egyptian-Sudan border Reduced the size of syrian rebels Buffed Social Democracy so it's a little bit less worse France is now a republic Changed the development and tech level of countries to reflect reality Modified Anarchy and Federal Republic NEW HUGE UPDATE: 2019/01/02
      Added lots of new governments (par. republic, confederation, etc) and changed the govt types of lots countries Added Novorossiya Removed Social Democracy Updated flags New leaders for Brazil, South Africa, Cuba, Ukraine and India Renamed some governments (Communism is now Marxism-Leninism, Republic is now Presidential Republic, etc.) Expanded cores and relations between countries in the scenario Updated color pallete NEW UPDATE 2019/01/06
      Added leaders for Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Serbia Fixed flags Added events for some countries, focused on the current geopolitical situation of the world Removed the text file in /game/civilizations_editor due to this advice. NEW UPDATE 2019/01/07
      Fixed flags (again) The text file is back, since it's apparently necessary for the custom civ to work. Added two new ages: Solar Age and Space Age Cancer is no longer a disease Mars colonization events for USA Updated Age of Information to make diseases less likely and to lower game speed Updated Age of Tomorrow to make dieases much less likely NEW UPDATE 2019/01/18
      Updated the mexican president Added real army sizes divided by 50, for 10 countries Added Kurdistan  
      Borders are based on reality (what goverment controls them), not if it's UN recognised or anything. The mod will be regularly updated as time advances and things change.
      Google Drive Download (Recommended Download)
      (ModDB is updated)
      Recommended settings (for more realism):
      AA: 50%
      Game Speed: 50%
      Fog of War: Classic
      The rest is up to you.
      Feedback would be appreciated.
      License: Public Domain

      No Known Copyright



    • By Lucas L
      Hi,i did this map of Europe in August of 1939.It's the same map that World War II,but with some little changes:
      -Germany has conquered Austria and Czechoslovakia (Slovakia is a vassal state)
      -Francisco Franco is the leader of Spain.
      -Italy has conquered Albania.
      -Territories like Greenland,Svalvard,Franz Joseph Land are added in this Europe.
      -Defensive pacts:If you attack Luxembourg,Netherlands,Belgium,France,UK or Andorra,these countries will attack you because of the defensive pacts (I didn't add Poland because the war between the allies didn't really begin after the the invasion of Benelux,and I didn't add Norway because the same motif,and because Norway tried to keep neutral because they feared an invasión for the Nazy Germany or the allies,because their important strategic position)
      -Little changes like Andorra with France and UK in the alliance,the Dodecaneso for Italy and some changes in frontiers,like the Hungary-Slovakia frontier.
      I am from Android and I can't share the map with you, but I share some photos of how It looks.If you see something that it's wrong or another thing,tell me in comments.
      If someone want help me to do the map in PC for share it here,you can write me to my profile,and if you do that,I will give you the recognition of do the map,and if you want it,I will left you publicate in your respective accounts for share the map for more people can play it!

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