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Age of Civilizations
  1. Ilovethisgame2


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    • By Rivinick
      In the image its possible to see all the civilizations 

    • By TheTyler123
      I was playing a 1000-year campaign (From 1200-2200) as England and I was messing around in the Balkans and see not one, but three Bulgarias appearing. I think I have an idea over what would have caused this, but I don't know how exactly to put it into words. All I can say is... Insert confused Pikachu face

    • By AgerioPH
      Hello! My name is AgerioPH on youtube and Rainezzz in discord and im showing my nation philippines its lands and economy are big if you saw screenshots below soo ya enjoy and bye from pinoy mobile gamer 🙂
      This is The fullest extent of lands that my nation conquered using scaring tactics or simply conquering. 

      I'm also showing my countries Economy which is Strong and big 😄

    • By Your leader kimmy the fat
      You can post Screen Shots must be ON topic or you will go to the labor camp AND get nuked on south korea
    • By Basilio Paleologo
      Viva el Imperio Romano de Oriente!
      The Byzantine Empire is a true Roman Empire.

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